Airs de concert --- Soprano / Piano by Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Online

Airs de concert --- Soprano / Piano
Title : Airs de concert --- Soprano / Piano
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Language : Allemand
Format Type : Broché
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Edition no.: BA 9182ISMN: 9790006541317Editor: Seedorf, ThomasArranger: Beyer, ChristianLanguage(s) of text: English, GermanProduct format: Piano reduction, Urtext edition, AnthologyBinding: PaperbackPages / Format: V, 137/40 S. - 30,0 x 23,0 cm These vocal scores (BA9181, BA9182, BA9183) of Mozart?s concert and insert arias are based on the ?New Mozart Edition? (NMA). The first three volumes comprise all arias for soprano and orchestra. They are classified according to voice type (high soprano, soprano, low soprano and alto) and arranged chronologically within the volumes.Unlike the NMA the musical text presented in these editions is free from practical references on performance aspects or suggestions on performance practice. Instead, each volume contains a comprehensive supplement, with detailed explanations on the execution of appoggiaturas and other performance practice phenomena which are relevant to every aria. In addition, there is a choice of suggestions for the performance of cadenzas and lead-ins as well as a suggestion for the ornamentation of dal segno parts, which are often found in the early Mozart arias.? Arrangement of arias according to voice type? Underlaid text presented in the original language only? All aria texts are translated into German and English and are printed seperately? Idiomatic piano reductions to the individual arias? Clear and legible layout of the musical text as all additional notes and suggestions on performance practice appear in the supplement published with each volume? Performance material on hire to each aria(Please refer to the relevant volume for further information)ContentsConcert Arias II for SopranoAria ?Per piet, bell?idol mio?, K. 78 (73b)Recitativo ?Oh, temerario Arbace!? ? ?Aria Per quel paterno amplesso?, K. 79 (73d)Recitativo ?Misero me!? ? ?Aria Misero pargoletto?, K. 77 (73e)Aria ?Se ardire e speranza?, K. 82 (73o)Aria ?Se tutti i mali miei? (first...

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