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Title : पानिपत
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Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 613

This is a detailed story about the battle between Marathas (of India) and Afghan Emperor Ahmedshaha Abdali. The battle took place at a village called Panipat near Delhi (India)in 18th century. Though originally written in Marathi language, this book has got translated in several other Indian languages including Hindi & English.

पानिपत Reviews

  • Avadhut

    avadhutrecommends.wordpress/Summary –“Two pearls have been dissolved, 27 gold coins have been lost and of the silver and copper the total cannot be cast up” – These words describe the outcome of the Third Battle of Panipat fought between Marathas and Ahmed Shah Abdali. The epic battle, considered as one of the largest in the 18th century resulted in a disaster for the Marathas and had long lasting ramifications on India’s politics.Review –Panipat. The word invokes such strong memorie [...]

  • Sarvesh

    This book should be a mandatory read. The battle saga humiliated me, made me proud,I felt love, anguish & respect and many a time's experienced pain. The reasonfor Panipat's battle, the outcome and various factors for the same. You willfall in love with the character's and curse yourself for being such an ignorant fool,I did!

  • Kaustubh Gavhane

    पानिपत�च्या लढाईबद्दलची नकारात्मक भावना दूर करून या लढाईला इतिहासात मानाचे स्थान मिळवून देणारी कादंबरी प्रत्येकाने वाचावी अशी

  • Sanket

    best war ever described!!!!!!

  • Nitin

    Classic on fall of maratha empire

  • Pankaj Patil

    मराठ देशातील असा एकही उंबरठा नव्हता जिथे बांगडी नव्हती फुटली, या एका ओळीतच पानिपत च्या ३ऱ्या लढाईचे वर्णन.अफगाणचा बादशाह अहमदशाह अब्दाली आणि दिल्ली रक्षणाची जबाबदारी स्वीकारलेले छत्रपती [...]

  • Archies Nayak

    I tried very hard to read it, after hearing much about book. I also knew whats in it (my friend told me). however, I just hate the way he writes. why one needs flowery language ? why cant history be written in simple language? Probably , I will not read any of his other books.

  • Shailesh More


  • Sushant Penshanwar

    "Two pearls have been dissolved, 27 gold coins have been lost and of the silver and copper the total cannot be cast up"

  • Shrinivas Devshatwar

    Different angle to Maratha battle.

  • Pallavi


  • Pratik

    पानिपताचा प्रसंग म्हणजे मराठी मातीच्या सर्वोच्च सद्गुणांची आणि दुर्दैवी दुर्गुणांची निशाणीच !! मनापासून धन्यवाद विश्वास पाटलांना अशी कलाकृती मराठी साहित्याला अर्पण केल्याबद्दल.

  • Kapil Koli

    There is a proverb in Marathi "Panipat hone" (turning into a complete ruin) But this book redefines the phrase and glorifies one of the greatest wars India has witnessed it takes the timeline back and showcases the events on larger than life screen the cause, proceedings are very well described Politics in the time of Peshwai, their riches, bravery, various sardars and all wards are detailed out neatly Pages on the actual war are the most captivating part of the book It make you wishing you to [...]

  • Jyotsna

    Many thanks to the author for making aware of this historical battle fought with extraordinary spirit & skills by our great Maratha warriors. A salute to all these heroes who fought till their last breath even when they were encountered with all negative circumstances like betrayal, heavy casualties, loss of key soldiers, severe malnutrition due to ration cutoff by Afghans,diseases, non co-operation from the other rulers & so on Panipat in Marathi has become a synonym for defeat, but aft [...]

  • Aditya H

    I could not fathom the marathi literary crowd going gung-ho about this book, until i read it. I can surely say this is a literary masterpiece and ranks very high on my list of books. The book exemplifies the painstaking efforts the Author has put to recreate the events of one of the greatest battles ever fought in history.

  • Amit Saraf

    "Panipat" is an excellent book about historical war where entire Maratha empire fought for the country against the invaders. It's a true spirit of "shrimant bhausaheb peshva" who led his life for our own country. The pace & excellence of writer is so great where you can even involve into those days. Salute to the great Marathi people their dedication & courage.

  • Vijay Rayasam

    This book is a complete masterpiece work done by the author. This is second book of this author which i read, first being Sambhaji. Again I found the same things attracting me. The details which the author provided are extraordinary. We can feel the scenes running in front of our eyes, while reading them. A must read book for all history lovers.

  • Priti

    This is one of my favorite book so I can't resist to have my own copy of it. Till now I read it two times and it brings tears in my eyes at the end of this book whenever I read it. It is a must read book.

  • Aditi

    This book has a power to take you right in the middle of the battle of Panipat! Every emotion is captured very well by author. By the end of the book, I was ashamed of the mistakes but at the same time extremely proud of Marathas for putting up a brave fight when everything was going against them.

  • डॉ. मदनजाधव

    खूप छान लिहिलंय हे पुस्तक परंतु हे पुस्तक वाचणार्या इतिहासप्रेमी मराठी वाचकांना माझी विनंती आहे कि आपण यानंतर "पानिपतचा विजय" हे प्रा.नामदेवराव जाधव लिखित पुस्तक जरूर वाचावे. आपले संभ्रम द [...]

  • Rohit Chauk

    full of Travel, Sorrow, Joy, Religion and History no need to use any reference

  • Pawan

    must read.


    i love this book

  • Vinod Dadhe


  • Mayur Sabban

    Excellent narration loved it.

  • Kedar Bhide

    Fantastic novel, it brings battle scenes to life. Detailed description of entire expedition starting from Maharashtra to Panipat.

  • Aniket Mahajani

    Couldnt read it further.just cant take itnt know how to rate it,but it made me feel very sad & sentimental throughout reading the entire book

  • Memilindkulkarni

    One of the great war between Peshwas (Brahmin Emperor)& Afgaani's.u should read this one's in your life.

  • Ganesh Kale


  • Akshay

    Sad but excellent.