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Festival of Eid
Title : Festival of Eid
Author :
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ISBN : 9788123725925
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : None

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Festival of Eid Reviews

  • Archit Ojha

    Premchand is a literary mogul of Hindi.The man needs no introduction.His writing comprise of morals, life lessons, friendship and honesty.Festival of Eid unfolds a tale of a generous and intelligent boy who presents his grandma a gift that she expected the least.Short and crisp. This story hits in the head. The dead parents of the child serve as a sorrowful backdrop to the story. Abhavo ki zindagi pyar se bhar di jae toh kisi daulat me kya dum hai.The mark of a genius, no qualms this one leaves [...]

  • Naveed Nawaz

    Absolutely beautiful. Munshi Premchand shakes you to the very core!

  • Rajan

    Possibly the best short story for kids by any writer of the world. Its a heart touching story of a small muslim boy Hamid and his Grandmother Ameena. His parents are dead due to disease. On the day of Eid, he is all set to visit the idgah to offer special prayers. Orphaned as he is, his only centre of love is his grandmother. Oblivious to the suffering around him, his misfortune of being parent-less, Hamid is innocence personified.Despite the grinding poverty he lives in, he sees the beauty arou [...]

  • Ashish Bihani

    Well, it's not among the greatest stories by Munshiji, but it did touch the nerve of rural India and had a huge impact on me when I was a child. Even today when I read it, I remember my upbringing in a lower middle class family in a rural environment. It's freakishly beautiful, no matter how idealistic it is. But it can not become an equal to the likes of 'Kafan' and 'Poos ki raat', which instead of leaving us covered in nostalgia, shake us to the core by being true to the harsh reality they por [...]

  • Anya

    Possibly one of the most heart-wrenching story I have ever read. This is one tale I'll forever carry with me.

  • Biogeek

    Quite possibly the best short story by the best Hindi author of short stories.

  • Manan Sheel

    Such a beautiful story!Only a master storyteller can describe like this. The scene at the eidgah, the light hearted arguments between the children over their toys were described with so much talent and understanding.I often think that if such a simple story can be so beautiful, what is the need for writing complex and hi fi stories. Maybe those complex stories are for people who have lost the warmth of their hearts and still want to brag about that they read books.When Hamid returns to his grann [...]

  • Manish Kumar

    A short but heart touching story.

  • Literary Escpades

    Eidgah‘यह चिमटा कहॉं था?’‘मैंने मोल लिया है। ‘कै पैसे में? ‘तीन पैसे दिये।‘अमीना ने छाती पीट ली। यह कैसा बेसमझ लड़का है कि दोपहर हुआ, कुछ खाया न पिया। लाया क्या, चिमटा! ‘सारे मेले में तुझे और कोई चीज [...]

  • Amit Kumar

    my take away from this story.This story tells aboutLove - Love between the Hamid and his Grandmother.Motherhood - The way Amina rears her grandson with love and affection.Care - Amina works in others homes so that at least she can fulfill the needs of Hamid.Sacrifice - The young boy Hamid understand it very well, he didn't buy anything for him and buy a pair of tongs for his grandmother.Satisfaction - He did not buy clay toys, did not eat sweets and candies, did not ride even though he was happy [...]

  • Neeraj

    A beautiful story of how a small boy buys tongs for his grandmother, instead of toys, sweets for himself, fromthe small amount that has been given to him by his grandmother for the festival of Id. This short story reminds people with middle-class upbringings of their humble childhood.

  • Nidhi

    A story retold to me.

  • Manan Jain


  • Ashraks

    it's a everyday story of how Haamid, a poor boy earns his grandmother's blessing through selfless gesture. the only reason I gave 3 stars is because of bad translation.

  • Sumit Singla

    What a delightfully touching story. This would truly be the Indian parallel to 'the gift of the magi'.Touching, sensitive, and real!P.S. Please read the original Hindi version if you can.