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Children Are from Heaven
Title : Children Are from Heaven
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ISBN : 9780091826161
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400 pages

This brilliantly original and practical system for parenting children is the brainchild of John Gray, whose Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus books and seminars have helped millions of adults communicate effectively and lovingly with each other Based on this idea that children respond better to positive rather than negative reinforcement, the Children Are from This brilliantly original and practical system for parenting children is the brainchild of John Gray, whose Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus books and seminars have helped millions of adults communicate effectively and lovingly with each other Based on this idea that children respond better to positive rather than negative reinforcement, the Children Are from Heaven program concentrates on rewarding, not punishing, children and fostering their innate desire to please their parents.Central to this approach are the five positive messages your children need to learn again and again It s okay to be different.It s okay to make mistakes.It s okay to express negative emotions.It s okay to want .It s okay to say no, but remember Mom and Dad are the bosses

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  • Nariman

    At first I thought I was reading this one for work, and I saw from the title that it only concerns parents or teachers but my interest grew bigger soon after I started with it.It helps us to know about ourselves now, when we understand what got us here and this book takes us way back to childhood It shows us the links between some of our insecurities or securities and the parenting techniques or lack of techniques we received as children We see how some of our characteristics and tende At first [...]

  • Hafsa Yusuf

  • أثير النشمي

  • melissa madjid

    Berikut poin poin bagus yang mel dapet dari bacaan yang remarkable inipenulis kawakan ini bahkan membutuhkan 30 tahun untuk mengembangkan kemahiran mengasuh secara positif yang tertuang dalam buku ini 16 tahun sebagai penasihat, serta mempelajari situasi terutama dari problema para orangtua 14 tahun untuk mengembangkan aplikasinya Bagian penting dalam mengasuh anak adalah mencurahkan kasih sayang, waktu dan energi sepenuhnya Kasih sayang adalah hal utama, tapi ternyata kasih sayang saj Berikut p [...]

  • Eman Helmy

    Very good once he gets to the point I think this book should be summarized to half of it Over 350 pages is too much for what he has to say And the question HOW do I do that arises a lot while I m reading Maybe everything will come clear at the end Otherwise there are a lot of important points about parenting I learned from here that I wouldn t have known elsewhere I m a Bit skeptical about the part about avoiding fear based methods,I think there should be at least a tiny part of it The Very good [...]

  • خولة عبدالرحمن


  • Fanny

    I felt quite disappointed and did not even finish reading this book Some of the advice are interesting but others seem pretty unrealistic to me I agree with Gray s approach of avoiding punishment, physical or psychological, but his method has not convinced me fully The practical examples he gives on how to speak to children seem very unlikely to me Further, the book is quite repetitive and lengthy.

  • ( Ebtsamh )

  • Jonathan McGuinness

    Let those five messages sink in and the skills to back them up

  • Farah

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  • Rawan J.

    This is an excellent book for new mamas who are as confused and anxious as I am as my baby approaches toddlerhood The messages were very clear and came in small chunks Very easy to absorb and apply I felt some sort of comfort cloud over me as I read this book I would definitely recommend it

  • Megan

    I skimmed a lot, but appreciated the techniques in here Skip this repetitive read, and give your kids 5 things 1 Permission to be different, which enables children to discover, appreciate, and develop their unique inner potential and purpose 2 Permission to make mistakes, which enables children to self correct, learn from their mistakes, and achieve greater success 3 Permission to express negative emotions, which teaches children to manage their emotions and develop a feeling awareness tha I ski [...]

  • Marci

    I found some of his advice to be interesting, but he tends to go on and on in his writing and I found myself skipping over paragraphs because it seemed so repetitive I do really like his steps for encouraging obedience from childrenalthough he doesnt call it obedience really, he calls it childrens natural desire to please their parents I have been discouraged lately as I hear my son mimic orders to me and I don t like it So, following Dr Gray s advice to ask Would youease brought I found some of [...]

  • Kelli

    This was highly recommended to me However, so far, it hasn t given me any earth shattering news Don t beat your kids anyone surprised Then it has focused on parents focusing on the positives with their kids rather than the negative.Okay, so I got through chapter 9 and just couldn t do any This has good ideas, but it s all obvious Don t beat your kids Use positive messages instead of threats Thanks learned that in 101 of teaching If I hadn t been a teacher, this would have been mu This was highly [...]

  • Tatuu

    Thanks to my journal, I discover that I read some parenting books in the year 2008 But why I remember this to be a bulky book and I definitely can t remember all the principles that are shared until I read it again Here are 5 messages to positive parenting.1 It s okay to be different2 It s okay to make mistakes3 It s okay to express negative emotions4 It s okay to want Though I have an issue with this if it s okay to want , then how will I teach them contentment Maybe that Thanks to my journal, [...]

  • Leahjoypro

    I picked up this book b c years ago I read a lot of his relationship books and found them to be spot on especially Mars and Venus on a Date This book has a lot of great things to say, although I didn t necessarily agree with everything His explanations of time outs are helpful and interesting He also has a lot of insight into understanding your child s point of view Like many other parenting books I ve read, he seems to borrow heavily from How to Talk So Kids Will Listen , but it s s I picked up [...]

  • Rachel

    I am still reading this book I am not sure whatto say yet It is new and different than other parenting books I have read and I like the direction it is going in I want to talk about it and think about it but I need to read My husband said when I mentioned one concept, That is the opposite as the the other book we read I said, I know, just go with it It cannot hurt to try I still am going to get to this book but the one I am reading right now takes priority Hold Onto Your I am still reading th [...]

  • Hamdanil

    Interesting book with a lot of useful material here The author draws from his extensive experience as a parent and also as a professional counselor But note that they are not based on scientific or rigorously proven research The messages are simple and explained with easy to follow explanation and practical examples Some of the themes explained are the importance of time outs, five messages of positive parenting , and four temperaments of children Sometimes sounds gimmicky and repetitive, Intere [...]

  • Maryam A-al khalifa

  • Somaya A. Eita


  • Melanie Curren

    This is the single best parenting book I have ever read I own it in paperback, and I bought the audio cd I have it on my ipod, and try to listen to every 6 months or so It is so fantastic, and so good about how to parent all different types of kids in a positive way with firmness, but not meanness I really love this book, and highly recommend it to everyone who deals with children.

  • Samantha Wilde

    I wish someone had given me this book when I had my first child This is one of the single best books on child rearing that I have read It stresses what I find so powerful and important keeping the preciousness of the child at the forfront of your mind even when you want to throw them out the window

  • Tasneem  Zafer

    Was very helpful I don t agree though with some of the ideas but in general I really learned something that has helped me a lot when I first started teaching kg1s I highly recommend teachers and parents to go through it once at least Thank you Miss Mariam for recommending the book.

  • Saleem Khashan

    Around me I still see people treating children like they were treated this is a good insight into thinking about how they should be treated, that is all

  • suhamunssor

  • Steph

    Is was good but dated It was written in the 90 s and reflected as such.

  • Kara

    I hated this book I couldn t even finish it Very opinionated and full of crap.

  • Hajar Alobaid

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