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Jag är Zlatan
Title : Jag är Zlatan
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ISBN : 9789100126537
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 432

Daring, flashy, innovative, volatile—no matter what they call him, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of soccer’s brightest stars. A top-scoring striker with Paris Saint-Germain and captain of the Swedish national team, he has dominated the world’s most storied teams, including Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, and AC Milan. But his life wasn’t always so charmed.Born to BalkaDaring, flashy, innovative, volatile—no matter what they call him, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of soccer’s brightest stars. A top-scoring striker with Paris Saint-Germain and captain of the Swedish national team, he has dominated the world’s most storied teams, including Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, and AC Milan. But his life wasn’t always so charmed.Born to Balkan immigrants who divorced when he was a toddler, Zlatan learned self-reliance from his rough-and-tumble neighborhood. While his father, a Bosnian Muslim, drank to forget the war back home, his mother’s household was engulfed in chaos. Soccer was Zlatan’s release. Mixing in street moves and trick plays, Zlatan was a wild talent who rode to practice on stolen bikes and relished showing up the rich kids—opponents and teammates alike. Goal by astonishing goal, the brash young outsider grew into an unlikely prodigy and, by his early twenties, an international phenomenon.Told as only the man himself could tell it, featuring stories of friendships and feuds with the biggest names in the sport, I Am Zlatan is a wrenching, uproarious, and ultimately redemptive tale for underdogs everywhere.

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  • Sohaib Ibn hossain

    هذا الكتاب يحكي لنا قصة نجم بدأ من الصفر وعانق المجد مع كل الاندية التي لعب لها وهذا نجم هو زلاتان أو السلطان أو الاسد سامه ما شئتويتحدث ابراهيموفيتش في هذا الكتاب عن تفاصيل مثيرة للجدل عنه و عن زملاءه الدين احتك بهم وعن منافسه وعن كل المدربين الذين عمل معهم ومن بينهم وأشهرهم [...]

  • Zimena

    Zlatan is a bit of a weird case for me. I admire him as a football player, even if I won't call myself a fan. At the same time, he fascinates me as a person, and I tend to read whatever I can about him, purely out of interest. Still, it was quite a surprise to find his biography under the Christmas tree, as I had not expected my rather silent fascination for him to be obvious to other people.Anyway, I truly enjoyed his book. It's written in such a way that as a reader you actually feel like it's [...]

  • Jessika

    I don't like to play football, and I don't like to Watch football but I certainly like to read about football. It took me trhee Days to finish this book and I can't understand why I even liked it, but I could find myself longing to come home and read it.

  • Ahmed

    يا له من كتاب و ياله من لاعب مثير أفضل لاعب سويدي 10 مرات وكأن السويد لم تنجب غيرهإنه لاشك من أفضل 3 مهاجمين في العِقد الأخيرإنه "إبــرا كــادابــرا" زلاتان متهم دوما بالغرور والتعالى لكن لو عرفنا حقيقته لما اتهمناه بذلكفسيرته تلك وضحت كل جوانب شخصيته المثيرة للجدلفهو يؤدي أفض [...]

  • Ettore Pasquini

    I have to say, this is a surprisingly good and honest bio. You might need to be into soccer to appreciate it, but if you are this is fun. Ibrahimovič is a cocky guy who is aware of being who he is: he admits it right away. On the other hand he is fearless, always gives 100% and tells people off no matter who they are. The chapters dedicated to Guardiola are pure bile, just unashamed venom -- and hilarious! -- but he is full of respect for people who stand up and are able to say no: coaches like [...]

  • Eirini Proikaki

    Mετά τον Αντρέα Πίρλο ειπα να μείνω σε ποδοσφαιρικό κλίμα και να συνεχίσω με μια αμφιλεγόμενη προσωπικότητα των γηπέδων αυτή τη φορά.Ζλάταν λοιπόν.Αντιπαθής σε μεγάλο ποσοστό των φιλάθλων,εγωιστής,αλαζόνας,ψωνάρα αλλά κανείς δεν μπορεί να αρνηθεί το ταλέντο του.Ήταν το πα [...]

  • Hamin Kim

    I decided to read this book as I am really into football and play the sport. Also Zlatan is a fascinating character and he makes the football a wonderful game to watch.Zlatan is not kind of hard working player. He plays how he wants to and doesn't like listening to others, but this is what makes him a class player. Zlatan creates magic on the pitch and suprises the fans and also the opponents. Zlatan is Swedish and overcame a tough life to become a professional football star. He lived with his B [...]

  • Stephan van der Linde

    I read this book in a couple of days.Didn't expect that, but I couldn't put it away.Zlatan writes like the person he is. Honest.This means nobody get spared. In the first chapter he writes about the hard relation between him and Pep Guardiola, the very successful trainer of Barcelona. He doesn't get spared at all.Then his tough youth in the suburbs of Malmö. The situation with his family and his break through by Malmö football club. He gets notorious by arguing with everybody, all the time. Bu [...]

  • Bach Tran Quang

    Trên đời có một gã ngông là Zlatan, khi gã dính chấn thương 6 tuần, g ã viết cuốn này. Ngông nhưng hắn giỏi, và hắn nói được làm được. Cái chất đường phố chảy rần rật trong gã và lòng quyết tâm biến gã trở thành một trong những cầu thủ được hâm mộ nhất trên thế giới.Ít người biết gã lấy cô vợ hơn hắn hản 11 tuổi. Ít người biết hắn có một cuộc đời đầy sóng gió và n [...]

  • Maria Bikaki

    suprisingly good. Little God Zlatan i love you full review to come

  • Garvan


  • Dane Oram

    1. I decided to read the book because I really enjoy watching Zlatan play in real life, and as soon as I found out he had written an autobiography, I knew I had to read it.2. A person I found interesting was Zlatans dad. He was an alcoholic and struggled to look after his children. He was the type of guy that didn't care what his children were up to. But he was also the type of guy that would do brutal things to people who harm his kids. I found this interesting because it is like he has two per [...]

  • Batool

    يا الله. وجعتني قصة حياته كطفل. كنت دايمًا أشوف ابرا المجنون المتهور العصبي اللامبالي الي بيتهجم ع الناس في كل مكان. لكن بعد ما قرأت قصة حياته عرفت قدّ أيش هذا الانسان تحمّل وصنع طريقه بنفسه عشان يكون الشخص الناجح الي هوّ عليه الآن. زلاتان اللاعب السويدي ولاعب نادي باريس سان ج [...]

  • Martin

    Nečekal bych, že se mi bude líbit kniha o Zlatanovi. A fakt že jo.Tenhle svérázný Švéd s balkánskými kořeny si zkrátka nebere servítky a dokáže upřímně rozebrat svoje osobní vztahy jak s ostatními fotbalisty, tak i s trenéry, pod kterými za svou bohatou kariéru hrál. Dozvěděl jsem se spoustu zákulisních informací a udělal si tak mnohem lepší obrázek o Mourinhovi, Van Gaalovi, Guardiolovi, Koemanovi, Capellovi, Allegrim, Mancinim,Povinnost pro každého fanouška [...]

  • Ruby

    i have to read this for class oknot responsible.(wish i was kidding but i'm really not)28/11/15: i've finished it and it was boring because SO MUCH football but also weirdly amusing. so there's that.

  • Zack

    Zlatan växte upp i Rosengård där fotboll snabbt blev en passion som var svår att inte tänka på nästan varje sekund. Det var ett sätt att spendera tiden men även ett sätt att vara någon, någon som stod ut i mängden. Tack vare talang och hård arbete tar han sig framgångsrikt upp bland lagen. Men där finns även motgång och kritik, inte bara på grund av hans bakgrund utan för hans tendens att snabbt brusa upp och hans vägran att vara någon annan än han själv. Vi får följa h [...]

  • Josh Napper

    I am Zlatan was a book I don't regret reading. Growing up as a boy I loved soccer and I still do to this day. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a truly Inspiring person and is looked at as a role model. Throughout the book I enjoyed learning about his childhood growing up and his first years playing professional soccer as a young teen. "There is only one Zlatan". This is one of the most famous quotes/sayings in soccer history. Growing up as s boy Zlatan was very adventurous and thrill-seeking. He got into l [...]

  • Yara

    لا أحب مشاهدة كرة القدم ، وأيضا لا أستطيع فهم خطط اللعب ، ولا أفرق بين ضربة حرة مباشرة كانت أو غير مباشرة ، حاول أخي معي كثيرا وفشل كل ما أستطيع استيعابه هو تهليلي وفرحتي العارمة عندما يحرز الفريق الذي أشجعه -والذي بالمناسبة اختاره عشوائيا قبيل بدء المبارة بعشر دقائق- هدفا.ول [...]

  • Jenny

    Jag är mycket glad att jag läste den här boken. Nu förstår jag varför den är så uppskattad bland både unga och äldre läsare.Zlatans kamp att hela tiden bevisa sig själv mot andra är något som många kan identifiera sig med. Han kämpar med sitt starka humör och det myntet har två sidor. Han är mänsklig samtidigt som han är speciell och sticker ut. Budskapet som Zlatan vill ge andra är just det att sticka ut, att ta för sig och att kämpa för det man tror på. Be om ursäkt [...]

  • Rebecca

    Den här boken överträffade verkligen mina förväntningar. Egentligen var det inte planerat att jag skulle läsa den här utan jag skulle ladda ner den från biblioteket till min lillebror så han skulle läsa den. När jag laddat ner den så råkade jag dock att läsa första sidan och var sen helt fast. Allt om hans barndom och början av karriären var så intressant och fängslande. Den vart dock lite tråkigare mot slutet då det kändes väldigt upprepade. Han kom till en ny klubb. Någ [...]

  • Linda

    Suprisingly good, I didn't expect that i would love a soccer memoir this much. I could find myself longing to go home so I could dive back into this book.

  • Michael Scott

    TODO full review:+++ it is rare to read an auto-biography that seems so authentic. Most I've read include significant passages where the text serves the author. In contrast, Ibra seems so transparent even when attempting to self-aggrandize, that the reader is never in doubt about how things really occurred or what they meant to the main character. +++ I have not read a better characterization of the Balcanic spirit. Zorba the Greek is excellent, but not modern enough by comparison. +++ This is a [...]

  • نسترنّگار

    “He was willing to cross some boundaries, and those guys are always the best. I don’t believe in sticklers for rules, you know that. Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules. That’s how you make progress. I mean, what happened to the guys in the Malmö FF youth squad who always behaved? Are there any books written about them?”

  • Jenny E.

    Jag fastnar inte riktigt för den här boken. Zlatans livshistoria fängslar mig inte som många andra har gjort, tyvärr.

  • Brian Bok

    amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg [...]

  • Sandra

    Det är svårt för mig att sätta betyg på biografier, men jag ska försöka förklara hur jag tänkte kring utdelandet av stjärnorna. Jag hade väldigt höga förväntningar från början, eftersom att jag är ett stort Zlatan-fan ch jag älskar AC Milan. Det verkade spännande att läsa om den sanna historien kring bråket mellan Guardiola och Zlatan. Ibrahimovic/Lagercrantz är en ganska intressant kombinationn de lyckades riktigt bra med den här boken.Ok, jag kan väl inte kommentera han [...]

  • Mohammed Alsoufi

    احد اروع السير واعتقد انها اول سيرة ذاتية اقراها على الاطلاق، كان اللاعب صريح في مشاعره الى ابعد الحدود وقام بوصف كل معاناته من وضعه الاسري الصعب الى سرقته للدراجات وكل ذلك.من ناحية اخرى، قرائتها كمشجع للانتر. من الملاحظ ان الوقت الذي كتب في زلاتان هذه السيرة مبكر جدا، فنظرا [...]

  • Saran

    One of the most mercurial soccer players to ever grace the world, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. His world class talent has brought him to the crème de la crème of clubs. He even captains the Swedish national team. Ibrahimovic is the epitome of hard work, determination, and ingenuity. However, his journey to success isn’t as nonchalant as compared to many athletes. At a young age, his Bosnian-Muslim father and Croatian-Christian mother divorced. His father, an alcoholic. His mother, an emotional mess. [...]

  • Jocelyn

    I've read other footballer autobiographies and this one seems to me as the most honest of the ones I've read. Ibra writes candidly about his experiences before fame and after, during club and national team life, and getting to know different managers and players. He touches on the time he spent at Barça under Pep, with whom he didn't get along, and tries to explain what everyone was confused about, albeit with obvious bias. Pep definitely doesn't come out of this memoir unscathed, while Mou com [...]

  • Carrie

    So it says on the front: "the most compelling autobiography ever to appear under a footballers name" er really?!Whilst I admit he has/had done well in his football career taking opportunities to play for the bigger teams in his life, I still can't shake the feeling he is probably one of the most big headed, selfish maniacs I have ever read about.He couldn't respect authority, thought he was better than everyone and everything, stole bikes well into his twenties and hung around with bad company. [...]