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Die a Stranger (Alex McKnight, #9)
Title : Die a Stranger (Alex McKnight, #9)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780312640217
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 277

The New York Times BestsellerLate one night, a plane lands on a deserted airstrip. Five dead bodies are found there the next morning. And now Vinnie LeBlanc is missing.Vinnie is a member of the Ojibwa Indian tribe and he just might be Alex McKnight's best friend. So Alex can't help but be worried when he disappears. There's a deadly crime war creeping into Michigan's UpperThe New York Times BestsellerLate one night, a plane lands on a deserted airstrip. Five dead bodies are found there the next morning. And now Vinnie LeBlanc is missing.Vinnie is a member of the Ojibwa Indian tribe and he just might be Alex McKnight's best friend. So Alex can't help but be worried when he disappears. There's a deadly crime war creeping into Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and Alex never would have thought that his friend could be involved. But after an unexpected stranger arrives in town, Alex will soon find out that the stakes are higher than he ever could have imagined.The latest in Steve Hamilton's Edgar Award–winning series, Die a Stranger just might be his boldest book yet.

Die a Stranger (Alex McKnight, #9) Reviews

  • Larry H

    While reading Steve Hamilton's ninth mystery featuring Michigan ex-cop Alex McKnight, all I kept thinking was, "Why isn't Steve Hamilton more of a household name?" Having read every one of his books, I always walk away immensely satisfied by the depth of his characters, the complexity with which he imbues every plotline, and the emotions he touches on. That's a rare feat.Alex McKnight lives in the small Upper Peninsula town of Paradise. Constantly living with the reminder of being shot as a poli [...]

  • Tim

    I listened to this novel on my drive from Florida. While the subject matter is deep, Mr. Hamilton keeps things interesting and forward-moving. 6 of 10 stars

  • Robert

    I love the Alex McNight series and Steve Hamilton is a fantastic writer and person, but this one simply isn't the best of the series. I can see the seeds of the Nick Mason series in the subtext and increased violence of this installment.

  • Tom Swift

    This is a good series about a retired Detroit cop who moves up to northern Michigan, but trouble always seems to find him.

  • Dan Stinton

    Free books make me happy! Once again thank you to the folks at and St Martins Press for the advanced copy of "Die a Stranger" through the first reads program.I started reading Steve Hamilton back in 1998 after the release of "Cold Day in Paradise" for no better reason than I had a friend by the same name (still do). I was pleasantly surprised and remain a faithful reader. The highlight of his bibliography, in my opinion, was 2009's wonderful "The Lock Artist"."Die a Stranger" is the story of fo [...]

  • Diane

    I have enjoyed 10 novels by this author prior to this current book. I have to say that this one is tiresome. Alex McKnight, the continuing character, is a retired Detroit policeman. He has a PI license that he rarely uses. He rents out cabins (that his father built long ago and he rebuilds after a fire) in the Upper Peninsula (UP) in Michigan. I like the setting (in the vicinity of Lake Superior). It reminds me of William Kent Krueger novels, featuring Cork O’Connor, located in northern Minnes [...]

  • William Baker

    SPOILER!Two stars means "it was OK". And it was. This was not the weakest book of the series but ranks right next to it. For a good part of the book it was simply two guys driving around MI looking for two other guys. It was maddening. When the author finally dropped that, the story picked up a bit. In all, there was little mystery or suspense. The dialogue stalls quite a lot and is downright inane in places. This author has continuing issues with dialogue in many of his books. Not a strong poin [...]

  • Mike

    I blame myself for my disappointment with this novel. Not that I had unreal expectations but that I had expectations at all proved to be an issue. I was expecting crime/investigative thriller but after reading I would consider this a cozy mystery. I've never read this author or series before. Never heard of it I don't believe. It was by chance; a casual browse off the library audiobook shelf and my need to fill roadtrip audio airspace in my car. I knew pretty early on that I was now dealing with [...]

  • Shauna

    Won this on a GoodReads Giveaway! Starting today, I think this will be a good one.I really wanted to like this book, I did. It just wasn't that great. I feel bad because I won this book and want to be nice, but, alasThere was no suspense. It was just a story about two guys trying to find thei friend/son, so it was kind of boring. These two don't run into a lot of problems and when they do there is nothing that leads up to the action, if you can even call it action.The author would have done bett [...]

  • Maddy

    PROTAGONIST: Alex McKnightSETTING: MichiganSERIES: #9 of 9RATING: 4.75Drug dealing operations originating out of Canada have become more and more creative. In the latest twist, drugs are being flown in to small airfields in Michigan. The plane lands, the drugs are unloaded, and the plane departs in a matter of minutes. But this time something has gone terribly wrong, with several of the local smugglers being killed. AnOjibwa Indian named Buck Carrick is somehow involved and has disappeared, poss [...]

  • Naomi Blackburn

    Synopsis: Alex's buddy Vinnie, an Ojibwa tribal member and recovering alcoholic, disappears after his mother passes away and he relapses with several drinks. Alex must find what happened to him and if it has anything to do with several men being killed in a drug trade that Vinnie's name has come up with. To make matters worse, a man has just shown up claiming to be Vinnie's father, which is funny since Vinnie was told all his life that his father was dead. Alex must figure everything out before [...]

  • MysteriousBookshop

    My earliest foray into mystery fiction involved the usual: Hammett, Chandler, Thompson—i.e. the progenitors of the hardboiled and noir. Although I still love this sub-genre, I find too many novels these days try and mimic the style instead of progressing it. Lucky for me Steve Hamilton is here to light the way. The Alex McKnight series has been one of my newest and best discoveries. Instead of the gritty urban settings of similar greats (Connelly, Estleman, Crais, etc.), McKnight operates in t [...]

  • Kit

    This is my first Steve Hamilton novel. I enjoyed the character, the plot and location. Living in the desert, I am not familiar with the UP in Michigan. I think I was there once as a child. The Ojibwa nation has interesting contrasts to the desert peoples. I will probably go back and read some of Hamilton's earlier works featuring Alex McKnight.

  • Lynette Barfield

    I have read all 10 of Hamilton's books. That says something right there. They are enjoyable, what I call lightweight suspense, that hold your interest with intriguing characters and plots. I recommend these books to everyone.

  • Kathy

    Great story. Really enjoyed reading it. I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, so was very interested with the references made by Steve regarding specific locations and information on Sault Ste. Marie. I will be reading more of Steve Hamilton's books as they come out.

  • Carol

    Drug smuggling. A retired cop turned PI. Native Americans on a Michigan reservation. Estranged father and son. Dead bodies. FBI. This book did a pretty effective job of pulling the reader along on a tale of evading the bad guys. The writing was good, the characters fairly well fleshed out, and the plot, though it had some implausibility, was fairly compelling. Vinnie the Indian is missing and father and friend go on a search of Michigan’s Upper Penninsula to find him. Their hunches and guesses [...]

  • Leonard

    Alex McKnight is a former Detroit police officer now living between Brimley and Paradise along Whitefish Bay. His friend, a member of the Bay Mills Indian Community, gets caught up in a pot smuggling ring flying product low across the Canadian boarder to the Newberry airport. The hunt for his friend takes him across the eastern UP and northern lower peninsula, visiting the Soo, Cadillac, Mount Pleasant, and even Beaver Island.

  • Mary Sue

    Steve Hamilton does not disappoint. Once again our knight in scruffy armor, Alex Mcknight is charging out to the rescue. This time it is to find and save best friend Vinnie and Vinnie’s cousin Buck. Like the previous books in the series there is a long and grueling chase across the UP and as far down in Michigan as Petosky, Cadillac and Bear Island. Michigan really does have a lot to offer. Travel, colorful characters, and family conflicts held my interest for a fast read.

  • Kevin

    A well done book by an author that gets better and better.The series is great, it’s a private eye noir set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where summers are short and winters are brutal and cold. I really enjoy the series, but our poor protagonist never seems to catch a break or have a good time. Despite that, this book, and the series is certainly worth reading.

  • Jon Hiner

    Grabs your interest.A good comfortable realistic book. The tensions go up, down, and even sideways. Tough to put down with enough cliff-hangers to make you think, " I'll just read a little more"

  • Amy

    Somehow I missed this one and just read it last week. So glad I did. The Alex McKnight series is as solid as mystery series I know and you can always depend on Hamilton to deliver a compelling tale. His characters ring true and the setting of the UP in Michigan is so evocative that the location is a character unto itself.I found "Die a Stranger" great reading and the ending was unexpected and quite the whammy. Highly recommend.

  • David

    Ok at bestWould more worthy by cutting out all the crap dialogue, descriptions of travels, explaining the same things over and over again for those who started reading at book nine rather than at #1. Best.t out 2/3rds. of the unnecessary tiresome writing and make it a short story.

  • Diane

    The more I read Steve Hamilton's books the better I like them. This was no exception, and I think it's one of the best Alex McKnight books so far. Hope he starts writing some more in this series, I only have 3 left to read!

  • Sarah Alawami

    A very very good read as always

  • 320bird

    Sugar Pie 和 Dumpling 这俩名字听起来像白糖的和馅儿的。

  • Linda Sherfey

    I couldn't put it down. Steve Hamilton keeps me frantic to read what happens next to Alex.

  • Eric

    Another pretty good story from Hamilton. Spoiler alert: someone dies!

  • Annthelibrarian

    Wow! Alex McKnight has way more than 9 Lives!

  • Sheila

    When Alex's friend and neighbor Vinny gets caught up in a crime and is on the run, Alex and Vinny's long estranged father hunt for them.

  • Bonnie Murray

    Excellent, really enjoyed.