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One Good Egg: An Illustrated Memoir
Title : One Good Egg: An Illustrated Memoir
Author :
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ISBN : 9781608192762
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 224

For the first twenty-three years of her life, Suzy Becker was sure she would have at least two babies. Then it took her fifteen years to resolve to go ahead and have just one. One Good Egg is a funny, warmhearted, twenty-first century tale of making a family, illustrated with hundreds of her witty cartoons, clippings, charts, and pseudographs.When Suzy Becker finally decidFor the first twenty-three years of her life, Suzy Becker was sure she would have at least two babies. Then it took her fifteen years to resolve to go ahead and have just one. One Good Egg is a funny, warmhearted, twenty-first century tale of making a family, illustrated with hundreds of her witty cartoons, clippings, charts, and pseudographs.When Suzy Becker finally decided she had everything she needed--the home, the savings, the friends, the family, and the gumption--to have a baby alone, she was thirty-nine, which catapulted her into the ranks of the six million other American women who need medical help to conceive. In One Good Egg, she chronicles her travels through the maze of fertility treatments, considering and reconsidering how far she was willing to go and inwardly convinced none of it would ever work. Five months after she learned she was pregnant, Suzy got married.While none of us can adequately plan or prepare for certain realities like giving birth or parenthood, Suzy Becker's One Good Egg reminds us we are not alone on our journeys.

One Good Egg: An Illustrated Memoir Reviews

  • Venus Smurf

    I won this through First Reads giveaways, and while I can't say the subject matter held much interest for me--I'm not trying to have kids and can't see myself trying any time soon--the book was cleverly written and very entertaining for a book about a woman trying to have a child. The drawings were hilarious, as was the commentary. It was definitely informative, and I enjoyed it. I also gave my copy to my sister, and that's quite a compliment, because while she works in labor and delivery and so [...]

  • Ann

    With humor and whimsical drawings, Becker details how one over-40,lesbian woman became a mother. Where else would you find drawings with talking ovaries, IVF and other fertility-related definitions, and to-do lists for how to get pregnant or what needed to be done before the baby was born? I am not in the demographic of who might read this book for its medical information or as support for personal infertility or "advanced maternal age" issues, but I'm glad Becker has created something that will [...]

  • Sarah

    So promising. Such a disappointment. I wanted to like this quirky memoir, I really did. But, 1) it screamed "trying too hard," 2) I did not find the snarky insights humorous, and 3) Becker simply did not endear herself to me. Moreover, the comic strip style illustrations were distracting rather than adding to the story. I wasn't always sure where to draw my attention first. Reader problem, to be sure but, in the vast library of still-to-be-read books, why spend my time on less than pleasurable l [...]

  • Rachel Kramer Bussel

    Suzy Becker wanted to have a babye was pretty sure. But as she reached her late 30's and is single, she isn't sure exactly how she's going to go about it. Just as she falls in love with her best (female) friend, she finds a willing donor, her old friend Stevewho's in Australia. With this unique set of circumstances, Becker chronicles her efforts to get pregnant, with many ups and downs. While much of the details here are medical and scientific, Becker is never esoteric. She breaks down what's ha [...]

  • Michie O'day

    I am a single, straight woman, who has never wanted to have a baby. But I bought this book because I'm a Suzy Becker fan, having read her book about brain surgery (an experience I do share). By page 10 I knew I was reading one of the best love stories ever told. One need not be a mom to enjoy and learn from this memoir. It's light in tone; it's funny; it's also honest and beautiful. And the illustrations will make you gasp and laugh out loud.

  • Cerenity

    I recieved this book for free in a Giveaway. This book really touched me. How much these women went through to have a child together. This book was both funny and sad at times. It is heartbreaking to hear the struggles that she went through to get pregnant. SO amazing that she dealt with all that stress and to know that everything that she went through was worth it all for the precious prize at the end. I would recommend this book to anyone.

  • Julia

    Illustrator Suzy Becker always assumed she'd be a mother, but when "the right time" had yet to manifest naturally by the age of 39, she decided to have a baby on her own, which proved to be slightly more challenging than she expected.Such a fun memoir with charming illustrations -- I very nearly finished it in a single day. The experience brought back so many memories as I vividly recalled having shared many of the same concerns, choices and fears before and during my own pregnancy.

  • Donna D'Angelo Struck

    I really enjoy Suzy Becker's work and find both her writing and her illustrations heartwarming and funny. It was good to "catch up" with Suzy after her reading her brain book years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person when she toured that book, and I am so happy to see her doing so well. I wish her and her Good Eggs all the best. :)

  • Christa Witfoth

    I almost shelved it after the first couple of chaptersBut I didn't. I'm glad that I saw it through to the the end. Even though I couldn't relate to the lesbian couple going through IVF, I really began to pull for them. It gave me insight on how many hoops there are to jump through, if you cannot conceive traditionally. In the end, It was heartwarming and worth the read.

  • Nicole

    This one suddenly seemed applicable to my life, so I picked it up on a whim. Although I read the whole book, it was more about Solidarity Sister (older lesbian couple attempting to get pregnantYa-Ya!)than because I couldn't put it down.A quick, fairly informative read. I couldn't quite latch onto Becker's style, but I don't count that against her.

  • Alyssa O'mara

    This is a very personal account of 2 people who want a baby and the mountains they had to summit to get there. If you ever wanted a baby and had trouble, or are having trouble now, this book is the empathetic friend that will give you courage to keep going. It would make a great gift for someone going through the struggle as well.

  • Lauren

    I received this book through the giveaway. I enjoyed reading this book and liked the humor in the writing of what is a serious topic. I did find the cartoons distracting at times, though. It was interesting to read some of the authors experiences, and I found a lot of similarities between my relationships with men and the relationships the author has in her relationships with women.

  • Jennifer Fosket

    I've been plowing through books on fertility and reproductive technology for a project I'm working on and this book was a pleasure. I loved the illustrated format and the author's chatty style. It felt like sitting down with a friend.

  • Nae

    Quick and entertaining read. Had a lot of heavy material about dealing with infertility but Becker writes in a very lighthearted manner. The comics she draws also help lighten the mood. A good book to sit down and take a ride with someone in their life.

  • Caitlin

    I was really into this book! Suzy's family story is pretty whirlwind and I felt swept along with it. The little drawings were adorable. I read this book pretty quickly because I enjoyed it so much. Her writing style is very funny and warm.

  • MJ

    So much fun to read and look at accompanying "scribbles" of a woman whose lover has left her and decides she want to become a mother. The trials and tribulations of acquiring the sperm, overcoming infertility, renewing friendships, finding love, moving through disappointments, all with humor.

  • Kathy Ellen Davis

    I really liked this book.An honest description of what the author/illustrator went throughto have her child.

  • Becca

    Pretty much fun, with wonderful illustrations.

  • Cathy

    Very sweet tale of one woman's quest for motherhood. Suzy Becker is a local author - how could I resist?

  • Sara

    What a hilarious, sweet, tender book. I just read the whole thing in one day! I also loved the illustrations.

  • Laura Siegel

    I love the way this this cartoonist has woven illustrations into her story of trying to become pregnant. A humorous delightful read.

  • Dianne

    Good balance between illustrations and writing. Helped me better understand the difficulties many people face as they try to get pregnant.

  • Josh Cleveland

    A quick read. If you're looking for another infertility story or to find a way to identify with a friend in the midst of fertility treatment, I'd encourage you to read "Good Eggs" instead.

  • Kimberly

    A good story with a happy ending!

  • Jessica

    Oh, well, I really like Suzy Becker. Also, this kind of Everyday-Human-Problem-Memoir is just what I like to read when my brain doesn't actually want to read anything.

  • Maggie

    I wonder why I put this one on my list. I must have read a good review? It's meh. Too cute by half and her story seems pretty ordinary.

  • Rebecca Thieme-baeseman

    I could not even finish this book. The drawings were more annoying than anything. They were distracting and did not enhance her writing. The writing was long winded.

  • Sarah

    This book was cute and clever, the only thing wrong was that it made me want to have another baby. :-)

  • Maggie H. Smith

    I happened upon this book when visiting the framing shop that Suzy's partner owns in Hudson, MA. It's not a book I would have ordinarily picked up but I'm glad I did! It moved fast - great read.