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Nothings Sacred
Title : Nothings Sacred
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ISBN : 9781416914815
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256 pages

Comedian Lewis Black unleashes his trademark subversive wit while recounting his own life story in his New York Times bestselling memoir.You ve seen him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart offering up his trademark angry observational humor on everything from politics to pop culture You ve seen his energetic stand up performances on HBO, Comedy Central, and in venues acros Comedian Lewis Black unleashes his trademark subversive wit while recounting his own life story in his New York Times bestselling memoir.You ve seen him on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart offering up his trademark angry observational humor on everything from politics to pop culture You ve seen his energetic stand up performances on HBO, Comedy Central, and in venues across the globe Now, for the first time, Lewis Black translates his volcanic eruptions into book form in Nothing s Sacred, a collection of rants against stupidity and authority, which oftentimes go hand in hand With subversive wit and intellectual honesty, Lewis examines the events of his life that shaped his antiauthoritarian point of view and developed his comedic perspective Growing up in 1950s suburbia when father knew best and there was a sitcom to prove it, he began to regard authority with a jaundiced eye at an early age And as that sentiment grew stronger with each passing year, so did his ability to hone in on the absurd True to form, he puts common sense above ideology and distills hilarious, biting commentary on all things politically and culturally relevant No one is safe from Lewis Black s comic missiles New York Times You have been warned

Nothings Sacred Reviews

  • Michael Thoeresz

    This book is much better than I expected I thought it would be cheap shots on conservatives throughout and that does exist But mainly it s just funny All suburbs are identical The houses may vary in size and design, but the game is the same Everyone has the feeling that they are living in a special place, when in fact there is nothing unique about it Being brought up in Suburbia is, therefore, like being born and raised nowhere It is an oxygenated void As a result, it prepares you for This book [...]

  • Ben

    I ve had this sitting around for a few years, as it was a present from my daughter I think I finally got around to reading it Consider it a book equivalent of a summer popcorn movie entertaining at best, but not very substantial.And that s a shame I think he s the best stand up comic currently practicing, or at least in the top five There s a lot to be said for his delivery Anyone familiar with his act over the past five years or so will doubtlessly recognize several routines contained I ve had [...]

  • Matthew

    Lewis Black is one of my favorite comics, although I worry about his blood pressure If you like his comedy, then this is probably worth a read.

  • Kristina

    So, this is a lesson for me check my bookshelf before picking up a book to read Apparently, I read Lewis Black s Nothing s Sacred ten years ago Bad news for him I completely forget everything about it so when I came across a copy on my bookshelf, I thought, ah, I need something quick to read so I ll read this I m irritated I spent time re reading this dumb book Lewis, I like your stand up comedy, but this book is mediocre.I ve read a number of books by comedians now and aside from [...]

  • Adrian

    Amazingly thought provoking and amusing while also bitter sweet at times, this book was a strange choice as I don t usually look into the biographical section, but I ve found Lewis Black s comedy to be to my taste, so I figured why not Well, the book is insightful It encourages you to look at the things we take for granted from a less than ordinary standpoint, with Lewis s less than ordinary sense of humour added to the mix For fans, this is an absolute must, and for people who want something Am [...]

  • Dave

    I m a big fan of this comic s acerbic material so when I saw this autobio on the dollar rack, I thought what the heck Black s telling of his own history is mildly interesting and he does work a lot of his show material into the book The problem is none of it is as funny in print as it is performed It was Okay rating because I was mildly engaged and I only spent a dollar for it.

  • Traci

    I love Lewis Black He is a nerdy funny guy has a sense of writing that makes you crack up And crack up I did I laughed while reading every page I couldn t put it down it.Black has a unique smart funny storytelling way it comes alive in this book.Great read.

  • KarmA1966

    I d listen to Lewis Black read the phone book His rants are legendary and in fine form here What I didn t expect, and was pleasantly surprised to find, was a sweet, almost sugary, heart at the center of his cynicism Nothing is sacred indeed.

  • Beth

    I had the pleasure of seeing Lewis Black live and the privilege of meeting him after the show and he is one of the smartest, wittiest, sharpest comics around I love his no holds barred attitude and his candor.

  • Alex

    I love Lewis Black He s one of my favorite comedians This book is hilarious.

  • Lisa

    I never realized he was such a well read nerd in addition to the anger.

  • Timothy McNeil

    It didn t surprise me that Black would not be funny on the page His humor relies much on presentation than content, even when he isn t pretending to be a less thoughtful version of George Carlin Where this book truly fails is that it does nothing to illuminate Black as a person He chose instead to meander through parts of his life with little insight, save to make multiple references to how cool it was to do drugs There isn t any depth to what Black reveals, and lacking humor, what else It didn [...]

  • James Mason

    A hodgepodge of tangents for jokes and memoir I ve never liked his stand up much so it was pretty dumb on my part to try his book As I ve seen with other comedian s books, they often use material from their standup routines or vice versa That always strikes me as kind of lazy but I also recognize that s a pretty absurd feeling I appreciated the sections he devoted to personal reflections on being a comic and his path to get there.

  • Ellen Marchessault

    Had to read this book by fellow Springbrook High School graduate, although he had graduated before I even started there Wonder if he would remember my mom, the lunch lady Probably notIf you enjoy his comedy, you ll probably like this book Couldn t help but hear his voice as I read it If you re not a fan, you should probably skip it.

  • Eric Mayle

    217 Reading pages.Lewis Black is the only person who can scream in written form Oh Eric lots of people yell when they write, it s called exclamation nonononononono Lewis Black yells in writing If you like Lewis Black, you ll enjoy this If you don t, you won t What could you conceivably expect me to tell you.

  • Ryan Barretto

    A fun read about how his thinking originated.

  • Suz Davidson

    I love the humor, but the yelling tone starts to get a bit grating after a while I guess I m of a fan of Lewis Black in short segments, rather than a steady flow.

  • Christin

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Lewis is a great storyteller and like his comedy it s unapologetic Listen to his story of JFK, Johnson and Jackie Okeep listening after that.

  • Elizabeth


  • Lori Feldstein-Gardner

    I love Lew Black, but this was not so funny.

  • Sarah T.

    This book was ok I just had the misfortune to read it a few years too late Black wrote ths book just after Bush took office for the second time It s mostly about his pathway to not trusting authority figures which explains a lot about him The place where the book ended felt a little awkward though Also, Black wasn t quite as screamy as I had expected him to be, since he narrates the audio version himself but I suspect that s probably because this is waaay before Trump ran for and became pr This [...]

  • Susan

    I would not say this book is overly informational in any way, but if you enjoy Lewis Black and his brand of comedy, you ll enjoy this book.

  • Kimberly Ann

    QUOTES Here s a little known fact All the candy corn that was ever made was manufactured in 1904 That s because we don t eat enough of it and we throw most of it away So the candy corn company sends out their representatives in early November to gather up all the discarded candy corn from the Dumpsters and bring it back to their factory, where they simply wash it off and bag it up again A year later the same candy corn is on every coffee tab QUOTES Here s a little known fact All the candy corn t [...]

  • Scott Martin

    Audiobook When I saw this book, I thought this would be an interesting, short listen Well, it wasn t quite what I expected Lewis Black basically provides an autobiographical perspective on his life, starting from his childhood until the apex of his career I didn t realize how much he was a child of the 1960s and the impact that drugs had on his early life It is somewhat illuminating to see his background, as a student who majored as a playwright, and how his life evolved from that to stan Audiob [...]

  • Jessica Bishop

    When I saw that Lewis Black had a book, my first thoughts were Hmmm I thoroughly enjoy his bits on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I hope this is a good read I was correct I wouldn t say that this is the best book I have ever read That would be Killing Yourself To Live by Chuck Klosterman , but its still a damn pardon my french good book.For a book written by comedian, I wasn t rolling on the floor laughing I feel he could have done a much better job.In a nutshell, Nothing s Sacred When I saw t [...]

  • fleegan

    Everyone knows who Lewis Black is, right He s the ranty comedian guy From the Daily Show So you can imagine how funny his book is It s really funny He talks mostly about growing up in D.C and going to college in NC and a tiny bit about NY, hee He talks about his childhood and college years mostly Did you know he s a playwright I know So I m kind of wondering if he s gay Derp For real, this book was funny It was really choppy though Of course, it was just a bunch of essays about dif Everyone know [...]

  • Derek

    As much as I wanted to give this book 4 or 5 stars, I couldn t Maybe it s because I m already familiar with chunks of it, since parts of it come straight from his comedy routines maybe it s because I wasn t sure what to expect from the book before I read it maybe it s because, like many comedy books David Cross s I Drink for a Reason, Patton Oswalt s Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, etc it s too much all at once, where comedy works best when it s properly rationed out and timed according to As much a [...]

  • Rob

    We re from different generations and, too an extent, cultures, but I find I relate to Lewis Black very well maybe too well We both get angry about similar things, we both see the humor and absurdity of our surroundings, and, is spite of that sense of humor, we both still manage to become very, very angry at times What that means, I don t really know, but I agree with his own assessment, that many people should skip certain parts of this book, and others should put it down altogether Actually, We [...]

  • Ronnie

    Thank you, Kathryn Eisenstein, for sending me this book I feel I understand you so much better now This was a good one for spreading out, reading a short section here and there during the irregular breaks at work I m not sure what my favorite part is, but, as with his standup just like it, in fact it s almost always amusing when he goes off on a rant, ending with, But I digress If I were to choose a favorite part, it would be those digressions, but what you get of his life story all new Thank yo [...]

  • Harrison Parker

    This book was an excellent read I would recommend this book to people who are aware of issues that currently affect the U.S enjoy a good laugh, and like to find the deeper meaning in things Black s recollection of event in his life is incredible and makes this a great book to read The events that he has lived through, was a part of, and that he has a view point on are ones that will have you wanting to read and of his stories Some of the things that he was a part of are hard to b This book was [...]