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Title : Shooter
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ISBN : 9780064472906
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256

The groundbreaking and widely praised novel about a school shooting, from the acclaimed author of Monster. Multiple narratives, a personal journal, and newspaper and police reports add perspective and pull readers into the story."Questions of guilt and innocence drive the plot and stay with the reader," said Hazel Rochman in a starred Booklist review. "Highly readable.""AThe groundbreaking and widely praised novel about a school shooting, from the acclaimed author of Monster. Multiple narratives, a personal journal, and newspaper and police reports add perspective and pull readers into the story."Questions of guilt and innocence drive the plot and stay with the reader," said Hazel Rochman in a starred Booklist review. "Highly readable.""A haunting story that uncovers the pain of several high school students," according to "It explores the tragedies of school violence and how the result of bullying can go to the most dramatic extreme. Myers has a gift for expressing the voices of his characters. Shooter is not a light read, but it will leave you reeling."

Shooter Reviews

  • MsAprilVincent

    I honestly don't know how Walter Dean Myers does it. How can he be such a genius? It's unfathomable.This is the story of a teenager who is often bullied by classmates who eventually loses it and opens fire in his school, killing his arch-enemy and himself. The book opens after the fact.I liked the format of using police reports and various interview transcripts for the main text; it's a realistic device that adds to the clinical, almost sterile accounts of "the incident." It also kind of makes t [...]

  • Chris Thompson

    Walter Dean Myers' Shooter is a multigenre work that takes a look at a fictional school shooting and events leading up to it. We don't actually witness the shooting happen, but learn about it after the fact from interviews, police reports, and a diary. School shootings has been a topic of film and novels ever since the horrible Columbine shootings of 1999, and school violence has become an increasingly greater problem ever since. It's no surprise that people are drawn to these kinds of stories, [...]

  • Keira Francis

    At Madison High School, if you don't fit in, you're an "outsider." And outsiders stick together. That's exactly what Cameron, Leonard, and Carla did. They were very close friends and could never stay mad at each other too long, no matter what they did to deserve the hate. Cameron and Leonard are bullied, left out, and don't feel like they belong anywhere. They feel like there is no light at the end of their tunnel, and they feel that if they can't see a light now, why keep searching? One of the [...]

  • Collin baehnman

    Personal Response:The book Shooter is a really eye-opening book, because it shows you what you say can really affect a person's life. Cameron is one of the characters that I could personally relate to on some of the things he did. Plot summary:Shooter takes place in Madison High School, and around the school. Len is a 17 year old guy who goes the school and gets bullied because he's a bit different on what he does and how he sees things. Cameron,who is one of the only black kids, is good at bask [...]

  • Anthony

    A Review on Shooter by Walter Dean Meyers Talking about the "Incident" in the beginning of the book got me really curious about what the incident was, was anyone hurt, and was Cameron involved. Shooter by Walter Dean Meyers starts off when police show up at Cameron's house and they ask him what he knows about the incident and how his best friend Leo was involved. This book is about a dark story about how bullying affects kids, how no one helps the kids that are being bullied, and how the kids th [...]

  • Brenda Melecio

    I actually did like everything in this book because it was really interesting and a lot of unespected things happend in this story. one of the unique things that happend in this book is that they are telling the story in a report about there friendship with Leonard. some of the things that i like about these story are that it had a lot of interesting things and they didnt repeat the same things over again. also another thing why i like these atory is because it talk about someone that was alread [...]

  • ~Tazia

    SHOOTER Hard To Forget About Someone Once Their Gone “At first, right after the incident, I didn’t. And I don’t think I admire him now. But the more I think about him, the more I talk about him, the more I understand him. And when you understand somebody that changes your relationship with them. I don’t know if you can get next to that, but that’s the way it goes. At least for me. Sometimes I think I don’t want to understand Len, because I don’t want to like him, or admire him. But [...]

  • Jordan A

    ShooterWalter Dean Myers4 star reviewThe book Shooter by Walter Dean Myers was very interestingly written. It was written in dialogue as the book was about a boy who was interview about a shooting in a school. Throughout the book, the boy, Cameron had been interview about what happened the day many students lost their lives on one sad day because of a psychotic victim of bullying called Leo.I enjoyed this book a lot because the author’s writing style was so unique as the book was written in an [...]

  • Hivan Escutia

    Shooter written by Walter Dean Myers. Published in 2004. This book is non-fiction. The main character is Cameron Porter. Another important character is Len Evans. A third important character is Carla Evans, she's Len's sister. This book is about 3 kids who are in a school group. Len Evans is the brother of Carla. Cameron is Len's best friend. Len is accused of killing someone. So Cameron and Carla get interviewed to ask questions about Len's life. Sometimes the questions get too personal, some a [...]

  • Gabby Morgan

    Shooter was an interesting read, but disturbing at the same time. It scared me how realistic what happened in the book was. Cameron never saw what Leonard was going to do coming, and that was something that really freaked me out. So often kids get lost in the system and they either turn out alright, or something goes terribly wrong, like in this case. I chose this book because it was a required read for my class and probably would not have read it to be perfectly honest. I rarely pick a book whe [...]

  • Christine

    I feel guilty giving this three stars. I am judging this against WDM's other books and not the YA world as a whole. It would probably be 4 stars if I hadn't already read Monster and Autobiography of My Dead Brother.The story is told mostly as a set of investigative interviews into a shooting perpetrated by Len.I found it dry in parts but the ending redeemed it. The journal of Len was brilliant writing. The word play had me laughing despite how seriously disturbed it was. I just had a hard time g [...]

  • Landon Buchholtz

    Personal Response: I thought is was a good book. The book is very complicated and written in journals and interviews of a shooting at a school. I like what the author did by writing it like this. It's like you're in the investigation yourself. It's fun cause you never know what's waiting around the corner.Plot Summary: It's about three troubled teenagers that end up in a school shooting. Its written in the journal of a troubled teen. Leonard is the leader of the group with his friends and introd [...]

  • Dakota Lenz

    This book is about a boy named Cameron and his two friends, Carla and Len. They were involved in a school shooting, and Len was the leader. On April 28 Carla and Cameron went to school early thinking they were going to spray paint, the walls with Len, but, when they got there Len had two guns. Carla and Cameron took off running, and Len started shooting at them. The FBI then shows up and finds all 3 are found, Len is dead, and now they are talking about their story, and how it happened. I would [...]

  • Ashley

    What can I sayI can't believe some books are published and they become popular. I think many kids today read these books because they don't like to read.The book is written as an interview and diary entry-which hinders character-development. This story just re-tells the sterotypical school shooting story in three different contexts. Not good. It almost glorifys the nerd teaching the jock a lesson.On the positive, it explores the cliques and social structure of the adolence.

  • Amber Cain

    The way this book was written was amazing. The only part I had trouble with was the journal, it gave me a headache.

  • Paige

    “The rats titter and squeak” from the book Shooter, is written by Leonard Gray in his diary found in his bedside table. The book Shooter by Walter Dean Myers is a mystery and fictional book about real topics. When I first started reading this I was pleasantly surprised. I was hooked with the first sentence. I would rate this book a four out of five stars. The plot was great, and the book talks about school violence, and how Leonard Gray chose to do it. The only criticism I have for the book, [...]

  • Jenn Svehla

    I know a lot of people have had mixed reviews about this book. I’m not sure why. It is a very different novel because it is written in many forms which is indicative of Meyers’ work. Spoiler lie ahead^^^^^^^^^^The novel reads like a play sometimes because it is showing the court report after interviews with a variety of investigators. This is amazing because it shows how different people react to the same person which elicits different responses. The fun of this is that Cameron’s reactions [...]

  • Tyson I

    Shooter By: walter dean myers Shooter my first book that i have ever read by walter dean myers . The book contained a lot of details about the shooting incidents that happened. In the book and many events beforethe shootings. It gives you specific names of many students and many of leonard's deep thoughts and emotions. This book showed me some very bad things that know one in there right mind should ever do. But it also left a huge impact on me now i'm not sure if this story is true or not but [...]

  • Cameron Bassett

    ShooterAlthough this book teaches a very important message, I rate this book a 2 out of five. The reason of my rating is because the way the book is written. The book is written in a dialogue of the third person and I find it very confusing to follow along. The story takes place in a counselor’s office the whole book. The book is a dialogue between a convict and a conseler. I find this very confusing because I had no idea what the convict had done until the middle of the book. The reason I gav [...]

  • The Reading Countess

    Written 13 years ago, yet still so timely. What does that say about our society?An epistolary, Shooter takes the reader through the story of the "event," as Cameron calls it. By reading the interviews he is subjected to following the "event," one comes to find out quickly that Len is one that all kids should avoid. He is someone who should have been on many teachers' and counselors' radars. And yet, all the twists and turns of Len's mind aren't yet on full show until the very end when you see ju [...]

  • Renee

    The novel Shooter really provokes deeper thoughts about how we treat each other. This book exemplifies the extreme cases of what bullying can do by using a fictional school shooting. As you get into reading this you won't want to put it down because you fall in love with Cameron's use of diction and real world connections. Carla, Leonard, and Cameron were the "outsiders" at Madison High School; they were the ones who stuck together because no one else wanted to be around them. Every school I've [...]

  • Kyle Garrapy

    "Shooter" by Walter Dean Myers is a decent book. It tells the story of a young black boy named Cameron and his two friends Len and Carla. The book is written in an interview form. It is logged interviews written after an apparent school shooting. Cameron is an outcast. He doesn't have many friends besides Len and Carla. Len has some serious mental issues. He is also a very controlling and manipulative person. He can make Cameron do almost whatever he wants. Carla resists being controlled by Len. [...]

  • Bedale Naba

    honestly really hated this book. i didnt like the format and i didnt like the way they told the stories of these kids. it was a hard book for me to get into and i dont really recommend it. it was a boring but, it was an easy read. the book tells the story of a school shooter by the point of his friends and it is just weird ans sickening.

  • Dale Wagner

    This book is about 3 teens who were "friends" with a what they thought to be innocent kid who would in the future be a school shooter. This book is very similar to the book Monster which is also by Walter-Dean Myers. The three Students are Carla Evans, Cameron Porter, and Len, all three students went to Madison High School and the book is mostly the interviews with the students and court time(s). This book relates/copies to the shootings that happened in April of 2016 at Madison High school. The [...]

  • Elizabeth Sanders

    the format! THE FREAKIN’ format! A+ creativity from the newspaper clippings to the journal entries to the autopsy report even the signatures for the miranda right copies so tight. side note, len has some major parallels to eric harris or is it just me 👀

  • Chrisf

    think before you actThe reason i picked Think before you act is because this book there were a lot of scenarios that could've been avoided but were not and if he would of not did bad things he would not be in trouble right now. This book was a page turner because it was suspenseful and had some good parts like when the person brings a 9 ruger to school because he thought he was about to get beat down. The plot was pretty believable and sounded real. The writing style was totally confusing becaus [...]

  • Krissy

    I originally picked this book up for booking-a-thon to fulfill the challenge of breading a book based solely on the cover. It was OK. I liked how the story was written through interviews and police reports. I probably wouldn't have read this book however if I had read the cover.

  • Julie

    The concept of the book is compelling and the unusual format seemed exciting but I wish the alternating formats were mixed in more as I found myself looking for good break points and not finding any. Seemed to drag on at times.

  • Rachel W.

    I guess I just didn't really "get" this one.

  • Haylee Squarestartenticles