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La donna di sabbia
Title : La donna di sabbia
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Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 306

This beautiful novel by one of Japan's most important writers is also one of the most strangely terrifying and memorable books you'll ever read. The Woman in the Dunes is the story of an amateur entomologist who wanders alone into a remote seaside village in pursuit of a rare beetle he wants to add to his collection. But the townspeople take him prisoner. They lower him inThis beautiful novel by one of Japan's most important writers is also one of the most strangely terrifying and memorable books you'll ever read. The Woman in the Dunes is the story of an amateur entomologist who wanders alone into a remote seaside village in pursuit of a rare beetle he wants to add to his collection. But the townspeople take him prisoner. They lower him into the sand-pit home of a young widow, a pariah in the poor community, who the villagers have condemned to a life of shoveling back the ever-encroaching dunes that threaten to bury the town. An amazing book.

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  • Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum

    Αριστουργηματικό έργο που γίνεται ακόμη πιο συγκλονιστικό καθώς διαχέεται ολόκληρο απο ΑΡΩΜΑ ΚΑΦΚΑ & ΑΝΕΠΑΙΣΘΗΤΗ ΑΠΟΧΡΩΣΗ ΚΑΜΥ. Σουρεαλιστικές καταστάσεις, ατομικοί ψυχαναγκασμοί, σκληρές ευαισθησίες και παγιδευμένες υπάρξεις μέσα στους προσωπικούς και κοινωνικούς [...]

  • Mary

    This book is horrifically claustrophobic and eerie.How much of our lives consist of frantically trying to stay afloat? Life can be as fruitless as a man trapped under sand dunes digging to liveor living to dig. Do we work to live or live to work? If you think being held hostage in sand is fantastical, what do you think your life is, anyway? This book wears you down. It gets into your skin, your hair, under your fingernails. The sand is everywhere. The wind, the salt air, their eyes always watchi [...]

  • Ahmad Sharabiani

    Suna no onna = sand woman = The woman in the dunes, Kōbō AbeThe Woman in the Dunes (Suna no onna "sand woman") is a novel by the Japanese writer Kōbō Abe, published in 1962. It won the 1962 Yomiuri Prize for literature, and an English translation and a film adaptation appeared in 1964.In 1955, Jumpei Niki, a schoolteacher from Tokyo, visits a fishing village to collect insects. After missing the last bus, he is led, by the villagers, in an act of apparent hospitality, to a house in the dunes [...]

  • Agnieszka

    When we mix surrealistic Kafkaesque climate with existential questions about sense of human being then we get something likeThe woman in the dunes.Tale about a man obsessed or maybe possessed with sand who during the trip to the sea is trapped in the dunes in a cave inhabited by a lonely woman. Initially desperately tries to escape, but the magnetic strength of the woman, her desperate fight with sand makes that what previously seemed to be a trap now becomes a sense of his life.The first what c [...]

  • Nicole~

    4.5 starsWithout the threat of punishment there is no joy in flight.In Kobo Abe's fantasy world of The Woman in the Dunes, an amateur entomologist on vacation finds himself in a remote coastal village built amid deeply undulating dunes. There, he is tricked by a lonely widow and her neighboring villagers, trapped in deep pits shored by sand drift walls, to be charged with the task of shoveling back the ever-sliding banks, persistent and never-ending in its threat to entomb them. Sand moves aroun [...]

  • Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan : The Woman in the Dunes - Nevisande : K�Ťb�Ť Abe - ISBN : 679733787 - ISBN13 : 9780679733782 - Dar 256 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1962

  • Rowena

    “While he mused on the effect of the flowing sands, he was seized from time to time by hallucinations in which he himself began to move with the flow.”This book is about a man who tricked and has to live in a house at the bottom of a sand pit with a woman. They can't escape the sand which settles on them even as they sleep. As much as they shovel it away, they can't get rid of it. This is definitely a unique story. I now know more about sand than I probably need to. I never really thought mu [...]

  • David

    Since I started reading both more avidly and more widely several years ago, I've spent more time analyzing different genres, different kinds of authors, and different kinds of literature. In Jane Smiley's 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel, she makes a number of observations about how classic French novels differ from classic British novels, and how American novelists differ from either. I'm not well read enough in French and British literature to judge the validity of her points, other than to not [...]

  • Praj

    While reading this book my thoughts were constantly racing towards Camus’s ‘The Myth of Sisyphus” "From the moment absurdity is recognized, it becomes a passion, the most harrowing of all."Premises of hope, alienation and irrationality reeking from every printed word induced me into inferring Kobo Abe being the Japanese Camus. The protagonist Junpei Niki illustrates traits of Sisyphean persona; pursuing meaningless task of digging buckets of sand from the pit only to see it fill up again.J [...]

  • Sawsan

    رواية مختلفة وفكرة مميزة كتبها كوبو آبي سنة 1962الإنسان عندما يصبح مجرد جسد لا رأي له في حياته, ولا يملك الاعتراض على إجباره على عمل لا يرضاهجومبي صائد الحشرات في الكثبان الرملية يجد نفسه مع امرأة غريبة في حفرة عميقة وسط الرماللا يستطيع الخروج منها وعليه أن يقوم بعمل محدد بدون [...]

  • Cheryl

    What happens if while on vacation, you disappear? Who would miss you, take out newspaper ads for you, hang missing-person flyers on poles for you, call the cops for you?High in the night sky there was a continuous, discordant sound of wind blowing at a different velocity. And on the ground the wind was a knife continually shaving off thin layers of sand, as a village of sand lost all hope. The village's only resourcefulness has now become enslavement. Poor entomologist, a man who finds pleasure [...]

  • hossein sharifi

    فوق العاده بود ! فقط همین رو میتونم بگم یک رمان کافکایی که با فلسفه ی کامو و اگزیستانسیالیسم سارتر مخلوط شده و در دل خودش آنیما و آنیموس یونگ رو هم جا داده بود یک رمان پست مدرن تمام عیار !میخواستم نقدی برای این کتاب بنویسم اما چند نقد خوب در وب پیدا کردم که لینکشون رو اینجا میزا [...]

  • Soheila

    لعنتی! لعنتی پنج ستاره ایفقط گند زدم با پی دی اف خوندنش!حتما بخونید. فقط ترجیحا کاغذی.

  • Pantelis

    Kafka on the shore

  • Dhanaraj Rajan

    May be three and half stars.This is a strange Japanese novel. It is something surreal. The Premise and the Story line: A man is taken a prisoner by a village which is near the sea front. He is lowered down a sand pit where lives a young widow. Here he is made to help out the woman in shoveling out the advance of sand. As the house (sandpit) is in the border of the town and one among many such sand pit homes, the duty of the house members is to block the advance of sand dunes. Or else the whole v [...]

  • Alireza

    زن در ریگ روان اثر عمیقی است. یک دست است و این یک دست بودن در فرم و محتوا کار را بسیار قوی کرده. از جنبه های فنی و نوشتن که بگذریم، محتوای اگزیستانسیالیستی کار بدون افت، بدون اینکه به داستان بودن کار لطمه بزند راه خودش را می رود و برای خواننده "ساده نگر" داستان را فدای محتوا نمی کن [...]

  • Pooya Kiani

    حقیقتا کتاب خوبی بود.اگر یک مقداری از دایره‌ی مرد-شن-زن-گریز خارج می‌شد، و در عین حال چفت و بست داستان را هم رعایت می‌کرد، اثر تبدیل به یک شاهکار ادبی می‌شد. منظور اصلی این‌که هنرمند یک مقداری مقهور هنرِ خودش شده بود، و این طبعا درست نیست. از ترجمه بوی شتاب‌زدگی و عدم وسواس ب [...]

  • Dustin

    My first year at SFSU, me and my roommate decided to recommend books to each other, books we loved, in order to get to know each other better. It was the kind of quasi-homoerotic, pseudo-intellectual buddy activity which has since become the staple of our relationship.The first book he recommended was "Woman in the Dunes". I struggled with it and felt intellectually inferior. He was my friend and I wanted to like it. I tried really hard. I fell asleep reading it at least three times. I remember [...]

  • peiman-mir5 rezakhani

    با خواندنِ این داستان اولین چیزی که به ذهنم رسید زندگی کنونی ما ایرانیان بود اون دهکده رو ایرانِ عزیزم دیدم و انسان هایِ گرفتار در گودال های شنی رو دختران و پسران سرزمین پاک ایران زمین دیدم ایرانیانی که هر روزشان مثلِ دیروز است گرفتار در تکرار و تکرار همه افسرده و پرخاشگر با ا [...]

  • Mobina J

    به شدت تاثیر گذار بود این کتاب و این داستان؛ مبهوتم کرد با پایانش

  • Fatemeh Beygi

    درسته طرحش خیلی برام نو و جذاب بود اما اون بخش توضیحات بسط داده شده راجع به مسائل مختلف از حشره شناسی،شن،رابطه جنسی و غیره داشت که آدم رو کلافه می کردکتاب یه براعت استهلال هم داره چون اولش می گه که 7سال گذشته و مرد پیدا نشده اما خب نمی شه منکر تصویرپردازی و فضاسازی خوبش شد. نویسن [...]

  • Richard

    Sand sucks. The sand in this novel is so oppressive, invasive, and omnipresent, that after finishing the book, I felt like I needed to take a shower. Maybe two."His words were absorbed by the sand and blown by the wind, and there was no way of knowing how far they reached."The book is the basis of one of my favorite Japanese movies, and it's story is so eccentric, I wanted to see how it worked as a novel. It's the tale of a man, who disappeared and was declared dead after he journeyed on his own [...]

  • M.

    Sayfalardan dökülür kum; 1/8mm çapında; her şeyi kaplayan bir altın örtü. Her şeye metalik ve tuzlu bir tat veren, mayalanmış su kokusuyla ve terle ve kaşıntıyla akla kazınan kum. Bu kitabı böyle özetleyebilirim;Ya da, kuma hapsoluşun hikayesi. Japon Edebiyatı, ülkemiz okurlarının son zamanlara kadar ilgisini çekmeyen fakat bünyesinde son derece güçlü kalemleri barındıran bir edebiyat. Kobo Abe ise savaş sonrası Japon Edebiyatı'nın belki de Batıda en çok bili [...]

  • Rıdvan

    Sadece son zamanlarda değil şimdiye kadar okuduğum en iyi kitaplardan biriydi. Uzun zamandır özlemini çektiğim "Suç ve Ceza", "Satranç" ve hatta "Monte Kristo Kontu" seviyesinde bir kitaptı. Gerçekten okurken çok zevk aldım çok mutlu oldum. (view spoiler)[Bir adam var. Bir böcek kolleksiyoncusu.Kaplan sineği denen az görülür bir böceği bulmak için deniz kenarında üca bir köye gidiyor. Ve bu köyde hava kararana kadar Kaplan sineğinin peşinde dolanıyor ve akşam üstü [...]

  • Michael

    A novel of erosion - erosion of resolve, erosion of morality, erosion of sanity. Delightfully surreal.

  • Maciek

    Kōbō Abe's The Woman in the Dunes is not only his most famous novel, but a classic of post-war Japanese literature and existential literature in general. Reviewers compared Abe to Sartre and Camus; it's been years since I've read both, so I'll do my best to judge the book on its own merit.On surface, The Woman in the Dunes is a deceptively simple story. The main character, Niki Jumpei, is an amateur entomologist who travels to a remote area of Japan in search for rare insects. Jumpei desires t [...]

  • Annelies

    A very claustrophobic novel about a man who comes imprisoned in a sand pit in the dunes with a unknown woman. His task is to shovel sand away each day to protect the nearby village. A tantalising job leading nowhere. Although the place of action and the action itself is confined, the story is gripping. I couldn't stop reading, wanting to know if he could escape ultimately It reads like a thriller.Also The author somehow succeeds in varying the limited handlings and make the story also read like [...]

  • Nate D

    Read within a week of seeing the film, I'm surprised by how closely they parallel eachother. Somehow, the entire novel's storyline fits unhurriedly into the film's two hours, with the only omissions being the protagonist's introspections into the natures of sand and sex. Some of which here are actually amazing -- the metaphysics of sand moreso then the rather garbled sexual politics sequence, which I read over twice but am still confused by, for reasons that might actually have to do with some o [...]

  • Christopher

    "It was like trying to build a house in the sea by brushing the water aside".Why are sand and time so often associated? Is it their naturally agglutinative particularity? Is it the pervasive image of the hourglass or its instrumental functionality?"SAND: an aggregate of rock fragments. Sometimes including loadstone, tinstone, and more rarely gold dust. Diameter: 2 to 1/16 mm. "A very clear definition indeed. In short, then, sand came from fragmented rock and was an intermediate between clay and [...]

  • صان

    داستان مردی که توی کلبه‌ای شنی گیر می‌افته و درصورتی که خونه رو شن‌روبی نکنه کشته می‌شه. درواقع مرد رو مجبور به موندن توی خونه کردن. حالا این مرد یا باید فرار کنه، یا باید به این سرنوشت تن بده(برای از بین نرفتن کیف و حالِ خوندن کتاب، خیلی خیلی داستان و المان‌هاش رو خلاصه کردم) [...]