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Testa di cane
Title : Testa di cane
Author :
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ISBN : 9788807720048
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 325

Beoni,contrabbandieri,spacconi:i parenti non si scelgono,toccano in sorte.E quelli capitati ad Asger Eriksson sono proprio bislacchi.Accorso al capezzale della nonna,Asger si trova a ricomporre la saga della sua famiglia dagli anni trenta a oggi.Capotribù è Askild,ingegnere navale dedito a traffici illeciti,sopravvissuto a Buchenwald,che passa la sua vita tra bettole e canBeoni,contrabbandieri,spacconi:i parenti non si scelgono,toccano in sorte.E quelli capitati ad Asger Eriksson sono proprio bislacchi.Accorso al capezzale della nonna,Asger si trova a ricomporre la saga della sua famiglia dagli anni trenta a oggi.Capotribù è Askild,ingegnere navale dedito a traffici illeciti,sopravvissuto a Buchenwald,che passa la sua vita tra bettole e cantieri.Al suo fianco è nonna Bjork,custode delle storie familiari,frequentatrice segreta di sale da gioco e collezionista di scatolette piene di "aria fresca di Bergen".La coppia ha tre figli:Knut,anima corsara dagli strani tatuaggi che ha ereditato dal padre l'attaccamento alla bottiglia,Anne Katrine,sovrappeso e cardiopatica,e Niels,Orecchie a sventola,partorito nella latrina di casa e da sempre impegnato a tirarsene fuori.E infine c'è Asger che è tormentato sin dall'infanzia dalla paura delle cantine:laggiù,al buio,c'è testa di cane,un mostro pericoloso.Sulla scia di Irving e Hoeg,Morten Ramsland,la nuova stella della letteratura danese,ci regala un romanzo traboccante di magia,realtà,poesia,umorismo e vita.

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  • Bill

    you know how in american movies not all, something has to be happening all the time.s blowing up, slapstick comedy,megan fox running etc. whereas in most of the european movies i've seen, nothing overly exciting happens at all. in many of the films the vast majority of the time is taken up with people just talking to each other. in other words, they are primarily character studies.well such is the case with doghead, which is a european book, written in denmark where it won many literary prizes, [...]

  • ·Karen·

    8 CDs ready for us to listen to on the next road trip.Which we did, stuck in slow moving traffic through the Alps, stuck in the queue to get through the ticket machines at the Brenner pass, stuck in the traffic around Stuttgart, cruising the autobahn past Koblenz and Cologne.I'm not very good at listening to books, it turns out. I got on much better when I found a printed insert in the box with the family tree of the Svenssons and the Peterssons, and could check on who these people were in relat [...]

  • Clare

    I guess it says something about me that I was surprised when I read the flyleaf of this book and saw that it was described as a story about "a wildly dysfunctional Norwegian family." I didn't think they were all that dysfunctional - it's just that the author describes their dysfunction in such a mesmerizing way. Of course, my own family would never be the poster family for functional. Ramsland weaves his story back and forth in time so that we begin to understand what makes each character signif [...]

  • Thomas

    The most fantastic Danish read I have ever read! Highly recommended for any man trying to remember how it was being a boy and any boy trying to figure out what it means to grow up

  • Lars K Jensen

    Dette er en af de største positive litterære overraskelser, jeg har været ude for. For det er herligt at læse stor litteratur, som man ved, er fantastisk - men nogle gange skal man tage fat i den bog på reolen, som vennerne har talt om (syv af mine -venner har læst den og giver den fire i gennemsnit), og som man har hørt så meget godt om.Så det gjorde jeg - og jeg blev i den grad imponeret over, hvordan Ramsland får fortalt en historie om en families slægtshistorie. Det er ikke fordi, [...]

  • Bettie☯

    (view spoiler)[Bettie's Books (hide spoiler)]

  • Nathalie

    Als oma Bjørk op sterven ligt en briefjes naar haar kleinzoon in Amsterdam begint te sturen, kan Asger zijn verleden niet meer ontlopen. Hij keert terug naar huis naar Denemarken om zijn oma nog eenmaal te zien en uiteindelijk het verhaal van zijn familie te vertellen dat bepaald niet over rozen is gegaan. Zijn familie is afkomstig van Noorwegen, waar zowel de familie van zijn vader als zijn moeder vandaan kwamen. Het verhaal begint bij Askild, die bevriend is met Bjørk's broer Ejlif en waardo [...]

  • Simon Hollway

    There's only one thing I enjoy more than reading and that's reading lists describing books I haven't yet read. And there's one thing I enjoy even more than that (which means that, logically, there are two things I enjoy more than reading infinitum) - my OCD purrs with priapic prolepsis when an online bookstore emails through a link to a 24 hour super sale. Oooh yes, 10,000 books to trawl through, many at 95% off. Hours of cross-referencing, researching, checking reviews on ,checking whether they [...]

  • Natasja

    Heerlijk boek. Naar het einde toe werd het wat rommelig, alsof de auteur nog vlug vlug wat gebeurtenissen aan de verhaallijn wou toevoegen, of wat losse eindjes wou verklaren, maar de - in grote getale aanwezige - personages maken alles goed. Een boek dat bol staat van de liefde voor familie, vol treurnis ook, en aanvaarding van een verloren leven. Fantastisch geschreven, luidop lachen grappig, en ondanks het vleugje magisch-realisme, en personages die Appelkop en Flapoor heten (waarom ken ik zo [...]

  • Charles Matthews

    Happy families, as Tolstoy noted, are so much alike that they make for dull fiction. It's dysfunction we want. And in his first novel to be published in English, the Danish writer Morten Ramsland has served up a smörgåsbord of dysfunction.As the novel's narrator, Asger Eriksson (aka The Liar, The Latchkey Kid, The Bastard Boy, The Danish Shrimp, and The Bandit), notes at one point in his saga of three generations of his family, “There was Anne Katrine, who was robbed of her mother's love. Th [...]

  • Lorie

    Últimamente he leído tantas sagas familiares (y variantes) que podría escribir un tratado sobre ellas. Cabeza de perro, de Morten Randstand, ha sido la más reciente, y una de las más interesantes. En primer lugar, yo matizaría un poco la sinopsis oficial de esta novela. ¿Divertidísima? Yo no diría tanto. ¿Originalísima? Permíteme dudarlo. ¿Episodios disparados? No sé yo, me pregunto qué entiende Salamandra por disparatados. Sí que es cierto, sin embargo, ese tono entre cautivador [...]

  • Jeanne

    Where do I begin? This novel is translated from the Danish, and the author has been compared to John Irving. Are you tempted yet?At first, I didn’t see the comparison to Irving, but the more I read, the more I got it. In essence, this is the story of a family. But not just any family. This is a wacky Norwegian family. Narrated by Asger Erikkson, the novel tells the story of his parents, his grandparents, and Asger himself. We also learn about his great-grandparents. So, it’s a family saga. B [...]

  • Simon Dykins

    Sorry, but we have to refer to Tolstoy again. To paraphrase, all happy families are alike (and dull), but all dysfunctional families are unhappy in their own unique (and often very amusing) way, and this very dysfunction, and, indeed unhappiness, brings them together. Here is a story (or, rather, a collection of stories, some of which are actually true), told by an unreliable narrator, of three generations of nomadic Scandinavians,jumping back and forth through time, moving from POW camps in 194 [...]

  • Chris

    I picked this book up simply because of the cover and the title. I hadn't heard anything about it before picking it up.It's really, really good.I've read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Smilla's Sense of Snow over the past year and noticed a striking similiarity between the two heroines. it was refreshing to read a book that doesn't stick to that female character.Doghead is a family history as well as a slight tragedy and very funny. The story starts at the end of World war II and continues [...]

  • Martin

    Wow - I REALLY REALLY liked this book! It is most definitely 4.5 stars. All of the newly translated Nordic fiction I'm getting my hands on is really satisfying!!This is a multi-generational family story told from a male point of view. There is a lot of family dysfunction, troubling childhood experiences, love, loss and, did I mention, a healthy dose of family dysfunction? This one teeters right on the edge of absurd but never really crosses the line. It really held my attention from page one unt [...]

  • Clayton H

    This is a family saga that is very well written and actually worth the time. If the thought of an intricate generational journey is the kind of book that might be a turn off, well, I was sceptical too. But if you let Askild and Bjork take you on their quirky 50 year roadtrip of a Nordic cum Danish dynasty where alcohol, dynamite, dog-shit on a stick and cubist art regularly appear you'll discover echoes of your own family, and dare I say it: yourself.

  • Ginisez

    being 1/2 norwegian from the Bergen area this book intrigued me. what a read! Its a family history told in different voices at different times, in there history. I did need to keep checking the family tree to keep everyone straight. they all go by various childhood and adult nicknames. all I can say is Yes!! a great read.

  • Harpa Dis

    Verulega óaðlaðandi kápa og ég átti ekki von á neinu sérstöku þegar ég byrjaði að lesa hana. Hefði aldrei lesið hana ef ég hefði ekki verið skikkuð til þess í Lestrarfjelaginu Skruddurnar.Söguþráðurinn er fínn, en mér fannst stundum erfitt að fylgja honum eftir, um hvern var verið að fjalla hverju sinni. Framsetningin svolítið tætingsleg.

  • Kathy

    A very good story of a man who tries to figure out the truth about and make sense of three generations of family history, discovering maybe more than he ever wanted to know (even about himself). Funny, but kind of dark in places which made me like it even more. Of course the families were all dysfunctional, but with a more European spin. Translated from Danish.

  • Geraldine

    Pages 1-50: "I love this book! Wacky adventures, quirky characters, distinctive writing style! I am moving to Norway!"Pages 50-100: "Didn't I just read 50 pages of wacky adventures?"Page 102: "Life is too short. This book is going back to Scandinavia in the morning."

  • Jer Wei

    This book was very hard to get in to at first, with confusing names of people and places thrown around. But surely, once I've grown accustomed to the characters, it was easy to read until the end. The family tree was a big help during the first few chapters. I had a slower than expected read. About halfway through, the mediocrity of the story was enough to make me wanting to stop reading altogether. The first impression I had of the book was a dark crime and mystery story with the promise of plo [...]

  • Corey

    This might have been the best novel and author to come out of Denmark in 2005, but that was just weird, rambling and kinda pointless.

  • Lennart

    En af de slags bøger hvor man ofte griner, på trods af alvoren der gennemsyrer hver en side.Virkelig godt fortalt og jeg får lyst til at læse mere af Morten Ramsland.

  • Lanew-yorkaise

    From lanew-yorkaise/ “Somewhere in Eastern Germany, my grandfather Askild is running across an open plain. The Germans are after him, and he has lost one of his shoes; it’s freezing. The half moon casts a pale glow over the landscape, transforming it into a ploughed field with frozen soldiers partly buried in mud….My father has not yet been born. My grandmother Bjork, who had arrived too late at the prison in Oslo and therefore never got to say goodbye, is not yet married to Grandpa Askild [...]

  • Olga Starominska

    Книга проглотилась легко и очень быстро. Интересная и заставляющая сопереживать история одной семьи. Очень перекликается с Габриелем Гарсиа Маркесом и его «100 лет одиночества».

  • Mebhe

    " Entre Norvège et Danemark, des années trente à nos jours, ce récit cocasse célèbre la famille, pour le meilleur comme pour le pire."Tête de chien, c'est le surnom du narrateur (Asger, de son vrai nom) qui raconte l'histoire de sa famille, transbahutée entre la Norvège et le Danemark. Tout commence par le grand-père Askild, échappé d'un camp de concentration en Allemagne, en échange de la vie d'un autre. Un passé dont ce grand-père, alcoolique notoire et peintre cubiste à ses he [...]

  • Troels

    Læste de første 100 sider, sprang nærmest de næste 200 over og skimmede de sidste 100. Ikke noget for mig, denne gang i hvert fald.

  • La Viduite

    Tête de chien est le portrait d'une famille haute en couleurs. Mortem Ramsland nous livre ici une fresque truculente, drôle et plaisante. Tête de chien entremêle les histoires et reconstitue la part imaginaire sur laquelle repose chaque existenceduite.wordpress/2017/02

  • yexxo

    Kaum vorstellbar - ein Acht-Stunden-Hörspiel und dennoch wünscht man sich nach der letzten CD, es möge nochmal so lange dauern. Eine Familiengeschichte über drei Generationen, erzählt vom Jüngsten der Familie, Asger Eriksson, der nach sieben Jahren in Amsterdam kurz vor dem Tod seiner Großmutter nach Hause zurückkehrt, um ihr diesen Wunsch zu erfüllen. Eine Geschichte voll von Tragik, Absurdität, Grausamkeit, Freude undundund, ach, einfach allem. Da gibt es Großvater Askild, der mit s [...]

  • Lars

    Dette er en af de st��rste positive litter��re overraskelser, jeg har v��ret ude for. For det er herligt at l��se stor litteratur, som man ved, er fantastisk - men nogle gange skal man tage fat i den bog p�� reolen, som vennerne har talt om (syv af mine -venner har l��st den og giver den fire i gennemsnit), og som man har h��rt s�� meget godt om.S�� det gjorde jeg - og jeg blev i den grad imponeret over, hvordan Ramsland f��r fortalt en historie om en fami [...]