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Jake Howard's Wife
Title : Jake Howard's Wife
Author :
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ISBN : 9780263805505
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 220

He despised her but wanted her as a wife.Jake Howard and his wife, Helen, were outwardly a perfect couple with a perfect marriage. Jake was immensely attractive, rich and successful. Helen was beautiful, intelligent and wellbred.But Jake had chosen Helen purely as a lovely possession to crown his success. Helen had accepted him as the only alternative to earning her own liHe despised her but wanted her as a wife.Jake Howard and his wife, Helen, were outwardly a perfect couple with a perfect marriage. Jake was immensely attractive, rich and successful. Helen was beautiful, intelligent and wellbred.But Jake had chosen Helen purely as a lovely possession to crown his success. Helen had accepted him as the only alternative to earning her own living. They both wanted to live their own lives.What kind of a marriage was that? On such shaky foundations, how could it last?

Jake Howard's Wife Reviews

  • boogenhagen

    This book is one of the few AM's I enjoy. A lot of readers are completely offended by Jake's callous disregard of Helen and his frequent infidelity but I just find it kinda amusing in a weird sort of way. I would agree with most in condemning Jake as a dog except that in the beginning of their marriage, Helen frankly doesn't give a damn what Jake does. Helen is still in mourning for her father and their relationship. She is so introspective and trying to convince herself that her father did not [...]

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)

    This was a surprisingly good read, given that the H is a controlling, domineering and a cheating jerk, and she’s a weak, annoying and perpetually indecisive trophy wife.He’s one of those uber-dominant Hs who expect everyone (including the h) to jump when he says so. He’s a self made man and cunningly pursues and persuades the poor little rich girl who’s not so rich any longer to marry him. He thinks her cool blonde beauty and aristocratic bg an asset and ode to his success, while at the [...]

  • Booklover

    This book was so difficult for me to complete,disliked both Helen and Jake,all in all i can say is that Helen is a weak spineless woman,its completely Helen's fault to accept the terms and enter such marriage,then taking on 3 years of his crappy behaviour,she did'nt have a spine at all,every now n then where ever Helen went she was always in fear of bumping into her husband's lover and she kept all her feelings inside her,when she should have fought she kept quiet which made her marriage more he [...]

  • Vanessa

    Jake Howard needed to marry a woman that he felt had the right family/background and when he met Helen he felt he found her. He proposes a marriage of convenience to her soon after she is left virtually penniless w/ no prospects. They have been married three years when the story opens and you actually get some of Jake’s POV right from the beginning. Jake despised his wife, Helen, for agreeing to marry him and not trying to go things on her own. I didn’t much care for her either. She seemed t [...]

  • LuvGirl

    Wow, this old school Harley contemporary romance had a lot of the bodice ripper elements in it. We have the heaving bosoms, the cheating hubby, and the forced seduction (Albeit a non descriptive one) the cruel alpha hero, and I think it’s fair to add the Un-Pc smoking from both the hero and heroine! lolThe story line was a twist of the MOC theme. I liked this twist better than the average one. The hero marries the heroine because she was beautiful and he always went for the best of everything. [...]

  • Jacqueline

    Another one for my quest to read the first 100 numbered Harlequin Presents. This one is numbered 32. I did read this one back in the day but I remembered nothing about it on the reread. So this is a story of a woman who married a man for security after her father died and she had been raised up as a society girl and didn't have any skills. He married her to improve his social standing and to have a hostess. (view spoiler)[ It was odd because he insisted on a marriage in name only which totally w [...]

  • Chantal ❤️

    So they are married and he has like mistress when he travels and when he come home from a trip after sending his wife some flowers cause Hey he is such a nice guy. Not. He is a cheating bastard and when his he thinks his wife is actually having a relationship of her own he freaks. What an ass and she is just too stupid to live. I hated this book. They are not nice people and I don't care for his ideas or her. Money money money over emotions and people. Worst book I have read this year so far.

  • bookjunkie

    Don't ask me why I liked it! It had both a cheating husband and a useless wife, two of my most hated things! And yet. somehow I very much liked this one. First, Jake is so blatantly a cold jerk, he kinda comes across as one of those manipulative financial-mogul patriarchs in one of those multigenerational sagas. Not the usual Hero material. Almost an anti-hero, really. And Helen is through and through a trophy wife I mean, she casually dumps loads of laundry out in the hall thinking she'll have [...]

  • Tia

    The hero married the heroine because her father had died and she had never worked a job in her life. They stayed married but not married, simply because he thought she was too young for that kind of commitment. Finally the heroine decided she was old enough to go out on her own and since she was in love with her husband and he didn't seem to return her affections, she wanted a divorce. Only to discover her husband loved her too much to let her go.Great read, a lot of angst.

  • IamGamz

    The h in this book has to be the loneliest heroine in the HP universe! My heart hurt for her. The H seems to be an egotistical, insensitive clod. But situations can sometimes be deceiving.Other reviewers hated the H and I could understand why but I decided to read this book after reading boogenhagen's review. It was spot on in my humble opinion. I refer you to that review because I could not have done better. I found it a brilliantly written book with characters that you can empathize with. I hi [...]

  • sbf20112011

    3.5 stars. I enjoyed this one, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt (ok, with a full salt shaker) because it's old and outdated. The heroine is childish and cold, and the hero is childish and mean. And you have to get over the fact that the hero has been cheating on his marriage for a while (though the marriage was never consummated, so not as bad as it could be). You also have to accept some ludicrous plot points, like that an attractive man and woman would ever agree to a platonic marri [...]

  • Melantha

    I have always thought that the woman on the cover looks exactly like Catherine Deneuve. I also own the French translation -- "MON MARI, CET ÉTRANGER" -- this is the only French Harlequin I own. It was interesting to compare the two -- it seems to me to be a very accurate translation -- almost line-for-line. The cover is the same, but the page-count is smaller -- due, from what I can tell, to smaller print, not any reduction in the number of words. The description on the back, however, is substa [...]

  • Corandra

    "Esposa de adorno"

  • Joanna

    This was published in 1974 so there is probably a lot about this book that is so outdated and that may have influenced my rating. But here goesJake Howard comes from a poor working-class background and he has now risen to the top and is on his way to taking over the world. He's 40 and he marries Helen (age early 20s), who is recently bankrupt. Her father gambled away his inheritance, her fiance and friends left her, and she grew up being a pretty ornament so she marries Jake. It later comes out [...]

  • Jo

    My mum found this, along with some other very old Mills and Boon novels, from I think, 1967-9, in the loft. They were my Grandmother's and mum offered them to me before they went to the Red Cross. I read all 8 books she found and since then, I'm a secret Mills and Boon fan. 'Jake Howard's Wife' is not too mushy. came across as a drama more than anything, and that was to a 15 year old at the time. Its funny and sad at the same time, without being too overly dramatic with the romantic mush! I enjo [...]

  • Lyuda

    Surprisingly, I liked this book. The writing, the characters depth was above average for HP romance. I also felt that Jake's cheating was not really it as both of them wanted MOC and not true marriage.

  • Roro

    my first harlequin book

  • Ivy H

    Meet the English version of Mad Men's Don and Betty Draper ( without the kids and the smoking ).OK, they're just as hot and beautiful as Don and Betty but he's a million times richer and she's still a virgin. Theirs is a marriage of convenience and like Betty, the heroine Helen is a cool icy blonde beauty who is the former blue collar H's trophy wife. Jake, the H, cleans up really well but don't let his Savile Row suits fool you. Jake is still inherently a man from the working class. He might be [...]

  • Sara

    I don't know what it is about this book, but I don't really like it very much. I find it cold and detached, which is not what I go to Harlequin/Mills & Boon books for. For me, the chemistry between the two leads just isn't what I've come to expect from these books. I normally like Anne Mather's writing style, but something fell down for me here, and I just don't like this book very much.

  • Amanda

    at first i was getting po'd with the H when he propose to h he went into it like a business deal coldly and calculating."uncaring that he was dealing with a human being,not a company" then he has the nerve to say "she was to cold and too controlled to appeal to his sensual nature"lol that was funny to mere he proposed she was opening up to him but after she shuts down and he noticed it but didn't comment on it cuz ultimatly he gets what he wantsa beautiful,stylish, right kind of background just [...]

  • Tatiana Stefan

    The main characters left me cold, especially the "hero", August 3, 2008MY THOUGHTS: Yes, did they really expect their marriage to last with the criteria above? DUH!! But of course, they supposedly fall in love and everything is hunky dory. First of I find Jake, the hero to be a bastard. I mean, I just hate it when someone doesn't take marriage seriously. He has his "lovers" and he expected her not to do the same? (Not that Helen had a lover or any intention, it was just a friendship) Basically I [...]

  • Ria

    again the plot drew me to this book. It's not my usual angsty read and the author had a great way of engaging the readers to the emotions she wanted her readers to feel.i guess the most exciting part for me was when he rejected her and she realized that it was the last straw. she was determined to get out of the marriage and make a life for herself. Another thing was when she found him at their home drunk and wasted though the ending was too abrupt for me.

  • Ethar

    read it 4 times , still great

  • Mellanie C

    his is a classic Harlequin Presents romance. I've read it a couple of times.

  • Maria

    love anything by Ann Mather she's brilliant

  • Habbobe

    didn't like him or her for that matter , both cold and uncaring

  • Tammy Blouin

    loved it

  • Lynn Smith

    A favourite of mine from when I first read it age 12 in the 1970s.

  • Rana

    قرأتها مترجمة بعنوان : أرياف العذاب

  • Leyns

    Note to self - do not read. Marriage of convenience where the hero cheats over and over for three years and the wife accepts it but is hurt and acts like a doormat. Not for me.