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Lessons in Love
Title : Lessons in Love
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781442484009
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 240

There might not be an exact science to first kisses, but Bailey’s about to experiment! This standalone addition to the Flirt series is sweet, fresh, and clean.For fifteen-year-old high school sophomore Bailey Myers, science comes easy. But her feelings about the new boy in town, super hot Logan Morse, are a bit more complicated. For whatever reason, the newcomer’s smile maThere might not be an exact science to first kisses, but Bailey’s about to experiment! This standalone addition to the Flirt series is sweet, fresh, and clean.For fifteen-year-old high school sophomore Bailey Myers, science comes easy. But her feelings about the new boy in town, super hot Logan Morse, are a bit more complicated. For whatever reason, the newcomer’s smile makes butterflies flutter rapidly in Bailey’s stomach and causes her knees to go weak. There’s no scientific explanation for such a reaction, at least none that Bailey knows of, unless…No, it can’t be. Bailey doesn’t get crushes. Sure, she thinks Logan’s good-looking in a jaw-dropping way, has eyes she could stare at forever, and speaks with a voice that sounds like cherubs blasting their cute little trumpets. But that’s a normal reaction, right?And even if it wasn’t, it’s not like Bailey has a chance, not with all the other gorgeous, popular girls at their school who have Logan Morse on their radar.But when Logan needs a science tutor and Bailey gets the job, their growing friendship begins to turn into something more, as Bailey learns that chemistry is a powerful force…

Lessons in Love Reviews

  • Fani

    If i had to pick between "Lessons in love" and the second book of the Flirt series, Never Too Late , i would probably pick the second book.Even though the story in this book was good and entertaining, Baily's denial about her feelings for Logan through the entire book was really annoying. I also didn't enjoy the fact that Baily kept on talking about science all the time and having a closed minded view about everything else.The book was still fun to read though and i liked it's ending (view spoil [...]

  • Summer

    3.5 Stars. This one may be as light and wispy as cotton candy, but I don’t think it’s ever a bad thing for girls to read about a heroine whose future plans don’t solely revolve around finding a boyfriend, plus it offers up a guy who only has eyes for the most intelligent female in the room.Super smart Bailey crushes on new nice guy in town, Logan, who she mistakenly thinks is out of her league. Lessons in Love is a cute little story of first love with puppies, kites, and endearingly awkwar [...]

  • Madina D


  • Bridget

    ohhhhhh my GOD. One of my favourite books ever. the story was so relatable, the characters were faultless and the writing was done really well. Read this booking during one day - could not put it down!

  • Kim McGuire

    loved it

  • Anya


  • Amanda

    boring, couldn't even finish.

  • M.C.

    This YA book was cute and fun, but a bit too young for me. Maybe it should be marketed as middle grade, although the protagonists are in high school. It's just the writing that's juvenile. Also, (another pet peeve), the story is left unfinished. Not on a cliff-hanger. It just stops, to be continued in the next book.But apart from these issues, this was a sweet slow-building romance about a nerdy girl who has to give private tutoring lessons in math to the hottest guy of her school. Of course, sh [...]

  • Helen

    Good points: Bailey and Logan are both likable characters, and they're fairly believable teens. A nice change from paranormal books where the protags have special powers or magical origins.Bad points: I don't know how to explain this, other than the plot was lackluster. The plot points weren't big enough or the stakes weren't high enough. I didn't really care what happened to the characters and wasn't sure why I was reading the book. It was as if someone decided to write a rudimentary story abou [...]

  • YBx

    Parts of it felt a little drawn out and the end was a little too short. But overall pretty great. Nothing like flirty fun. Teenage hormones or something more? Definitely both lol ;)

  • Erin

    Wavering between a 1 and 2 for this one. This book was too young for me, I think. :( Found myself a bit too frustrated by the romance and lack of conflict. I think it would be a good romance read for young teens. There were some cute scenes, but I had a hard time staying interested. More in-depth review to come.edit 11 March:I found out about this book through Pulse It during the week of Valentine's Day, and figured I'd check it out, considering the holiday and all. :P Unfortunately, I had quite [...]

  • Veronica of V's Reads

    This contemporary YA romance follows one angst-ridden sophomore, Bailey Myers, as she experiences her first crush. Logan Morse has just moved to town, and the instant they meet, Bailey feels sparks--something totally foreign. It seems Logan is interested, too. With help from her BFF Simone, budding scientist Bailey seeks to unravel the mystery behind her attraction. Is it a real feeling, or just a physiological response? Of course, two of Bailey's friends, Ling and Megan, begin to fight over 'di [...]

  • Mackenzie Petty

    I gave the book, Lessons in love 4 stars. It was about a girl who knew exactly what she wanted to do. I loved that she had her future planned out and she was very focused on her education. Then a new boy comes into town and she has no idea how to deal with her feelings. This book was also very romantic in a cute highschool way. I didn't like how her friends treated her. They don't ever look at how she feels about the situation. I think she should have found a better friend who understood her bet [...]

  • Kailey

    Was a little disappointed with this book.The whole Megan and ling fight was ridiculous and dragged on for a long time, J actually found myself skimming the pages instead of actually reading them whenever they were involved in a chapter.It also irritated me that not only did Ling and Megan fight with each other but constantly refused others to be around him. Like when (Spoiler alert) Ling says "Bailey has to work everyday after school but I'm available" and then Megan goes "Plus she doesn't even [...]

  • Taylor Knight

    2.5 starsSpoiler freeI'm not even sure why I read this book. It's not really my normal kind of book but when PulseIt had to read for free for a week, I couldn't say no (I'm an addict, I can't say no to a book). Lessons in Love was actually better then I thought it would be. Lessons in Love bounces from this-is-a-pretty-cool-book to why-am-I-still-reading-this-book. It's really just a nice "beach read". Not a lot of anything. Just something to read. Not much of a plot and it doesn't really seem t [...]

  • Read InAGarden

    Really reminded me of a book I read previously. Can't put my finger on it yet but the plot elements are very familiar. Logan walks into the sandwich shop that Bailey's family owns on his first day in town to pick up food for his family. They have a conversation about science and college. The next day at school Bailey and Logan are in a few classes together and they start up a friendship. Two of Bailey's friends call dibs on Logan and so Bailey decides that she'll let them fight over his affectio [...]

  • Mona

    This book was available free to me by pulseit. Overall the feeling is very fluffy, cute, and a bit boring in my opinion. It definitely does not feel like anything new. I found the attempt to make Bailey a true science nerd very awkward and disjointed. She was so oblivious to crushes that it seemed silly. The science vocab/talk never felt natural. Furthermore, the classes the students took were not realistic in content. It seems I've only pointed out cons. But truly, it's probably not a bad book, [...]

  • Elyse Cabrera

    I thought it was a cute read. I was expecting something a little different but I was pleasently surprised. I like how Baily loves science and was always trying to think logically like a scientist when it came to how she was feeling towards Logan. It made her character in the book cute. Megan and Ling though they were getting on my nerves but I'm happy with how it all worked out in the end.Its a cute young adult book. Not much about teen romance, but more like how it is when you get to know someo [...]

  • Risa

    Originally posted on Pulseit.Nerd Girl likes New (Hot) Boy. Doesn't believe he might like her. Has another two hotter girls (her friends) after him. Knows a connection exists but is afraid. At the end, both confess. La La. Everyone is happy. I like such books but I guess wasn't really in the mood for it. Or whatever. Shouldn't have expected this to be fun and/or atypical. :/

  • Sascha

    This is a book that proves just how difficult it is to write an interesting story. The writing, characterization and plot are all mediocre.For what it is, it's a nice story, but not much beyond that.

  • Rachelle

    This is a really great book. If you like high school romance books, or just romance books in general, you should read the Flirt series!

  • Emma

    Aww this was cute! The whole incessant fighting between Megan and Ling was so irritating though, it nearly gave me a headache. But this was just cute and light and fluffy awww

  • Jenelle Kaye

    This is a short story but a very cute one. Couldn't bring myself to drop the book! Just the exact amount of sweetness in it. Recommended! ♥

  • Celeste

    I see the value of this clean young adult romance for middle school readers, but the plot line was so basic and boring that it wasn't my cup of tea.

  • Brenda C.

    I was kind of expecting something more from the ending. But I like the overall story. Oh, and I also really like Bailey's best friend's attitude.

  • Lianne Pomerleau

    Fantastic romance book, cant't wait to read the rest of the Flirt series!

  • Elaine A.

    Loved the chemistry. Get it?? Loved the realism and how-- at least-- this guy looked past looks, to find true love.

  • Sierra the Nerdgirl

    Cute, short fluff. Drama was a little overated though and it could have been shorter.

  • Lacy Osman

    Flirt: Lessons in Love is an amazingly written fun coming of age read. The characters are totally relatable and the storyline is sweet and funny. I laughed a lot and highly recommend this book.

  • Rebecca (ofliterarynature)

    200 pages of flirty, romantic fluff mixed with a dash of cheesy teenage drama. Not anything particularly special or original about it, but it's a fun, light read!