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Conan the Buccaneer (Book 6)
Title : Conan the Buccaneer (Book 6)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780441115990
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 191

Conan, now in his late thirties and captain of the Wastrel, becomes embroiled in the politics of the kingdom of Zingara when he seeks the rumored treasure on the Nameless Isle. The fugitive Princess Chabela, the privateer Zarono, and the Stygian sorcerer Thoth-Amon are among those mixed up in the treasure quest.Chronologically, Conan the Buccaneer falls between "The Pool oConan, now in his late thirties and captain of the Wastrel, becomes embroiled in the politics of the kingdom of Zingara when he seeks the rumored treasure on the Nameless Isle. The fugitive Princess Chabela, the privateer Zarono, and the Stygian sorcerer Thoth-Amon are among those mixed up in the treasure quest.Chronologically, Conan the Buccaneer falls between "The Pool of the Black One'" in Conan the Adventurer and "Red Nails" in Conan the Warrior.

Conan the Buccaneer (Book 6) Reviews

  • East Bay J

    More bad writing from De Camp and Carter. Chronologically, Conan The Buccaneer takes place before Conan Of The Isles, but was written after. This one is marginally better than Conan Of The Isles but still pretty rough. At least there’s no scuba gear.That’s all I’m going to say about the story. This review will focus on the introduction by Lin Carter. It is ridiculous. It was very nice of De Camp to give Carter a crack at writing an intro but what a load of tripe. It starts with a pretty go [...]

  • M. Jones

    I'll start with a quote from a different source entirely: "If ya don't like singing, stay outa the opera." (Hamilton Khan).Staring moodily past the language (cliches, surfeits of synonyms, and strings of unnecessary adjectives) as well as the universally aimed body-image stereotypes (all women are buxom and "bouncing", all men are tall and strong, except the mean, meek, and mischievous ones, who are all short and weedy), this is a stick of seaside rock/candy cane with the word ROMP printed in bi [...]

  • David Sarkies

    This book is just plain bad18 August 2012 I probably should not comment on the introduction to this book because somebody has already done a really good job at tearing it apart, though I must admit that this particular person seemed to have a bee in his bonnet regarding the fact that de Camp and Carter have gone and made a bucket load of money off of somebody else's idea. Now, while that is true, the fact that Howard has been dead for a very long time, and that his Conan stories were very popula [...]

  • Olethros

    -Rellenando huecos en las aventuras del icono.-Género. Narrativa Fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. La joven heredera del reino de Zingara tiene unos sueños terribles y busca ayuda en la deidad Mitra, lo que la empuja a seguir un camino que la llevará hasta una isla sin nombre y que la cruzará con los destinos de un mezquino aspirante al trono y a su mano, de un pirata sin escrúpulos, de un sacerdote que adora a fuerzas malignas y la de un bucanero implacable, brutal, caballeroso y muy lejos de [...]

  • Charles

    Strictly pastiche work. Readable but it isn't really Conan.

  • Stuart Dean

    A novel length Conan story written by L. Sprague deCamp and Lin Carter to bridge a chronological gap in the Robert E. Howard storyline. Conan has a letter of marque from the king and is now a professional, government sanctioned pirate. He stumbles into a bit of palace intrigue which leads him to cross horns with another pirate, his old friend Juma, an Queen, a buxom naked princess, and evil sorcerer Thoth Amon. He also battles a toad.Good but not as well written as the Howard stories. Too much [...]

  • Colin Dwyer

    Worst book I've read where the author wasn't attempting to create some iconic work of art. I appreciate that the author (is it carter or sprague. . what's up with that?) embraces the crappiness of pulp fiction. As a closet Howard-Conan fan(?) the writing in this just doesn't flow with the rich and decadent extremes that Howard's writing does. Best part of the book is the Frazetta painting on the cover. You would read five pages, put it down because you can't stand how bad it is, then you would s [...]

  • Gonzalo Oyanedel

    Sprague de Camp y Lin Carter en una de sus mejores colaboraciones sobre el héroe Howardiano, caracterizadas por un mayor enfoque en la acción que en los planteamientos existencialistas propuestos por el autor. Lectura amena, muy veloz y que incluye guiños no demasiado forzados al universo literario de Howard Lovecraft.

  • Aaron White

    Not sure why the reviewers were all down on this book. The writing suffered a little from not being Howard, and the story wasn't the best of all time, but I enjoyed the jaunt. Particularly as it wasn't a set of short stories, but one longer short novel, I tend to prefer those to short stories.

  • Mike S

    Not as good as Jordan but worth reading.

  • Charlie Devlin

    Honestly the best stories of Conan packed into a great interconnected story against the insidious lord Thoth. Conan at his best.

  • Bob

    Conan the Buccaneer, by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter is the sixth book in the Ace series by de Camp and Carter (and that Howard fellow…). In William Galen Gray’s chronology it is the seventy-fifth Conan tale, following Robert E. Howard’s The Pool of the Black One and taking place before Howard’s Red Nails.When I read one of these books from the De Camp/Carter corpus, I try to remember that these were unusual. The glut of pastiches available to us today weren’t written yet. Fans of [...]

  • Michael

    This first full length Conan novel (as presented in this particular series), written by L. Sprague de Camp, and Lin Carter, presumably to fill in gaps in the chronology, is lean and mean and surprisingly entertaining considering it doesn't contain any material by Robert E. Howard. Like many of the previous stories, it recycles familiar elements such as young, nubile royalty in need of rescue, and monstrous statues that come to life. Thoth-Amon, referenced in The God in the Bowl appears in the fl [...]

  • Phil Syphe

    Of all the non-Howard Conan stories, "Conan the Buccaneer" is my favourite.First read this in my early teens & fell in love with Princess Chabella who's vividly described as a peerless sex goddess!Read this a second time in my early twenties & a third (and probably last) time 15-20 years later. Good points: 1) It's a fast-paced adventure story 2) Even though no author but Robert E. Howard paints a better Conan, the two writers here still have this great character for their hero of the pi [...]

  • Gabriel Wallis

    "Conan the Buccaneer" was highly entertaining to read. Who doesn't like a good barbarian adventure story? I barely remember the previous five books in the original series. It's been so long since I've read a Conan book. I've read them, but recalling how Conan came to be in charge of a group of men on a ship is just hard for me to remember. Either way, the book was just pure entertainment. A stone toad-like god that Conan has to defeat, priests of Set and priests of Mitra working their evil to ov [...]

  • Felipe Guerrero

    Una gran aventura de Conan, pero al no ser escrita por su autor original no es lo mismo. Esta historia en particular fue escrita por L. Sprague de Camp y Lin Carter en 1971. Se nota muy rápido que no es el mismo Conan de Robert E. Howard. Aquí tenemos a un Conan mas cauto aunque no menos violento, ademas se preocupa por cosas que antes no le preocupaban. Por eso solo le doy 3 estrellas.Aún así, una gran aventura de Conan el Barbaro.

  • Al

    I'm nearing the end of the Conan canon (hah!). Unfortunately, the tribute books (like this one) by authors other than Robert Howard just don't deliver the goods. In parts, the effort to recreate Howard's style and phrasing verges on parody. But, you just have to love the intrepid Cimmerian, no matter who's writing about him. (Seems to me the later Jordan ones are better than these.) Anyway, good escapist, sword and sorcery, fare.

  • Timothy Boyd

    Another of the heavily edited collections of Robert E. Howards stories. I am a purist when it comes to a writers works. I know some of these stories are no longer PC but they should be read as Howard wrote them and understood that he wrote in another period. Don't read this book unless you just can't find any others of Howard's unedited books to read. Message me if you need a list of what is good from this awesome fantasy and action writer.

  • Graham

    hah. Eldritch Wizards, pirates, an animated stone toad with jeweled eyes, bouncing warrior Queens, mind controlling crowns, ships, and, by Crom, the biggest baddest barbarian of them all, Conan, striding tall over the vanquished enemy. This is a bit of fun, great chewing gum for the brain. And as a biologist I loved the carnivorous trees in the city of the s.

  • Pierre Armel

    I was rather pleasantly surprised by this pastiche. The last one I had read from De Camp (Conan the Liberator) was painful. Conan the Buccaneer, on the other hand, was quite entertaining and easy to read. Maybe the combination of Conan and pirate environment made the book successful. A good no-brainier with our favorite cimmerian.

  • Stuart Rimmer

    Not Howard's work, this is none the less a fairly good pastiche. Co-authored by the man charged with editing (some say 'butchering') Howard's works, he should be the person who knows the character and his creator's style the best. Nowhere near as good as REH, but at times close. For the Conan completist well worth a look, perhaps not for die hard Robert E Howard fans.

  • Angel

    Otra historia de Conan, historias de otro tiempo, cuando los barbaros eran más duros y las conspiraciones mas simples, son libros entretenidos y faciles de leer, y a mi me encantan, es un personaje atemporal.

  • Ed Wyrd

    Despite the fact that this wasn't written by Robert E Howard, but was an original story by Lin Carter and L. Sprague de Camp written to fill a gap in Conan's chronology, it was still a gripping tale wherein Conan faces his wizard nemesis Thoth-Amon (not Thulsa Doom, who was Kull's enemy).

  • Joe

    I was 21 when I first came across these novels. I devoured the first ten in the series in short order. A classic and one of the all time greats. Even the ones that weren't completely Howard's words. Like this one.

  • Karlton

    Not bad as the Conan fundamentalists will have you believe. I liked the rollicking end.

  • Michael

    It's just not Robert E. Howard, is it?

  • Antonio


  • Ronald

    read some time in 1996

  • Kim Balge

    I read it to be a good girlfriend was ok, but TOO MANY adjectives.

  • Jonathan

    Less fun than the cover art