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Title : Inevitable
Author :
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ISBN : 9781489590299
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 378 pages

Thanks to her mother s unstable moods and knack for making bad decisions, seventeen year old Maddie Davis has never lived in one place long enough to remember its postcode A life spent running and caring for her wayward mother has turned British born Maddie into the strong, outspoken and independent girl she is today if not a little lonely This time, running away is a Thanks to her mother s unstable moods and knack for making bad decisions, seventeen year old Maddie Davis has never lived in one place long enough to remember its postcode A life spent running and caring for her wayward mother has turned British born Maddie into the strong, outspoken and independent girl she is today if not a little lonely This time, running away is a whole new ballgame For the first time her mum is not just dragging her to a different town but a whole new country It is only when they arrive in sunny California to be near Trudy an old friend of her mum s Maddie starts to hope they ve reached their final destination For the first time she dreams of a future She makes friends, commits to an education and meets a boy who has the potential to steal her heart and break it even faster.Trudy s stepson Blaine Elwood appears to have it all To the outside world quarterback Blaine is rich, confident and has the arrogant bad boy image down to a tee But nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors Nobody ever can He has vowed never to let anyone get too close let anyone discover how weak he is So when new girl Maddie starts tugging at strings he didn t know existed in his heart, his only option is to push her away until he realises how much he needs her.Maddie and Blaine are heading for a future neither of them dreamed of a happy one But then, not only are Blaine s issues at home intensifying, he discovers a shocking secret that could either send Maddie back running and force her out of his life forever, or pull them closer than they ve ever been before Will their shattered secrets leave too many broken shards to piece back together, or was their love inevitable from the start Not recommended for younger readers due to language and sexual content

Inevitable Reviews

  • ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝

    This book was I am so happy to have first 5 stars read after a long time happy dance The story is simply so beautiful made my heart cry and smile An emotional and heartbreaking read, but it felt so good Blaine was utterly, jaw dropping gorgeous with tattoos sucker and he is also quarterback A hot bad boy image he has Enter Maddie, a girl from England, whose mother is running away Well, her mother has issues And Maddie is used to taking care of her mother Maddie s mother and Blain This book was I [...]

  • Alex

    I set myself up for the inevitable see what I did there I didn t have extremely high hopes for the book, I thought it would be funny, even if the plot was shit But no I didn t even get laughter while reading this completely fucked up novel I can handle to an extent, the rape aspect in books I can handle getting the shit beat out of the main character by a parent I can But there s an extent to which I can handle, and this book surpassed that amount.I m aware that things like this happen I [...]

  • Keya

    It started off great and then I don t know what happened We had the poor girl, rich broody bad boy guy trope I don t mind that as long as it s done in a way that I enjoy So Maddie moves from England to LA abruptly She s in a new private school paid by her mother s long lost friend, Trudy She then meets Trudy s new family and her step son Blaine And so starts their story She goes to school with him she gets bullied they re awful he protects her although he wants to stay away fr It started off gre [...]

  • Alison

    All I can say is WOW This is the kind of book you pick up and hope for the best, kind of like Jay McLean s More Than This, and then you were so happy you did, because you just can t believe how good it was First, lets start with that this book was a page turner, I couldn t put it down.Second, great characters all around Third, loved the dual POV s Needed it and it worked perfectly.Fourth, just the right amount of steam to make me happy.Fifth, the perfect amount of angst.Sixth, lov All I can say [...]

  • Jessica's Book Review

    Read More Reviews Find Me on Facebook Inevitable by Nicola Haken immediately peaked my interested just by reading the synopsis I knew it would be a somewhat deep book based on the synopsis but I had no idea just how deep and emotional the story would be, especially with the character Blaine Once I started I couldn t put the book down hoping somehow a happy ending could be found I also was not expecting the huge shock that happened about 50% in wow Inevitable is about 17 year old Maddie Read More [...]

  • Keeley

    Maybe I am a little biased because I am lucky enough to know the author personally but I am absolutely putting this down as one of my best reads this year Inevitable has everything I love in a book angst, secrets, twists, steam, a smoking hot book boyfriend It is intense, heart breaking and at times hilarious what could you need I loved Maddie from the start Despite completely missing out on any sort of a childhood she has still grown up to be a strong, confident, quick witted and se Maybe I am [...]

  • Karen Peacock

    This is a beautiful book filled with young love, pain and ultimately finding what happiness is all about and what really matters in life I fell in love completely with Blaine and Maddie Their sexual chemistry is so strong throughout the book and keeps you wanting to read .Blaine is your typical football playing jock that is popular with all the students All of the girls just swoon when he is near, but he is hiding a secret Maddie has been moved all over the place by her erratic mom She This is a [...]

  • Courtney

    I have become a huge fan of Nicola Haken in this past year Her writing just speaks to me and I just find myself getting so wrapped up her in stories.This book made my heart, cry, bleed and smile The story is unbelievably heart wrenching but it so well written, that s what makes it beautiful We re like two missing pieces of the same broken puzzle, lish That perfectly explains Blaine and Maddie and their friendship relationship I won t rehash what the blurb tells you that s it s purpose I [...]

  • Roni Guzman

    This book was amazing The love between Maddie and Blaine is so strong My heart broke for Blaine because of his father treated him His dad was a monster Maddie never gave up on Blaine and I think this is the only thing that kept him alive I laughed, got mad, and then freakin cried I started the book last night and couldn t put down until completely done This is a love story but both characters suffer a hard life, but the strength they both had was heartbreaking A beautiful story and worth This bo [...]

  • Paige

    This book was great The storyline is not for the faint heart, both characters have major family issues Some parts were very emotional and sad to read Loved Blaine, he was a sweetie and my heart broke for him Maddie was a very strong young lady, it was quite shocking what she had to handle This book had a lot of sick and twisted drama but it was written well and a story that was difficult to put down The ending was a bit rushed but I felt complete with how it all turned out.

  • Lisa stephenson

    wow what a book, not what I had expected, this was a great book, but warning there are parts that has some dark issues and it will have you in a turmoil of emotions.

  • ChuCha

    Review Originally Posted at Book FreakPURCHASE IT I was almost half way through the book when it start to give me the chills Then when I started putting pieces togetherJust when I thought it was just that , Nicola Haken managed to drop another bombAnd just before the book endedIf I had one word to describe this book, it would be WOW Because I honestly thought those warnings at the blurb wasn t really that much, I haven t prepared myself until I was struggling through the p Review Originally Post [...]

  • Michelle

    Ok so here goes my first attempt at a review I really enjoyed this book It contained all of my favourite things teenage angst, love and heartbreak and a broken boy I laughed my a se off at times bawled my eyes out in others By the end of the story I couldn t turn the pages fast enough.Right, the characters.I thought Maddie was fun The kind of girl you d love to have as a best friend She was strong and feisty and took no BS from anyone She never dwelled on her past or thought she was h Ok so here [...]

  • Jessica

    5 Damaged Beautiful Stars I loved this book I am on a Nicola Haken Book Reading Binge Every book is jam packed with romance, secrets, betrayal and so much emotion, my heart almost cant handle it, almost And this book tore up my heart just like all the others There is something for everyone in this book If you like romance Read this book If you like suspense and the trill of not knowing whats going to happen next Read this book If you like secrets and books that keep y 5 Damaged Beautiful Stars I [...]

  • Annapoorna

    The StorylineMaddie Davis has just moved from England and is starting a new posh private school Enter Blaine Elwood, the star football player, rich as Croesus, manwhore extraordinary who babysits Maddie during her first day Maddie s life has had its share of ups and downs downs I would say but she has come out of them Blaine instantly falls for Maddie, his English cutie But will he confront his feelings for Maddie and will he make her his at last The CharactersMaddie She is an exemp The Storyli [...]

  • Angela Ruble Scott

    This is my 5 star review for Missing Pieces by Nicola Haken for Eskimo Princess Book Reviews.Missing Pieces is about Maddie, a young, British girl who has had to leave the UK with her mom in order to move to the United States Maddie is very mature for her age She has had a rough time moving constantly as long as she can remember She just wants to get her schooling done so she can move on with her adult life What will happen when she arrives in the US and meets her mom s friend Trudy s family Thi [...]

  • Julie Reveles (ILST BLOG)

    I am really loving Nicola s books Such a great author I totally get sucked into the story lines and the characters I felt so much heart ache for Blain To know what s coming if you don t follow the rules has to be scary I just can t believe the extent that his father would take it I just wish Blain could have done something about it sooner so he wouldn t have had to go through so much pain I also can t imagine how hard it was for Maddie while growing up I would hate to have to go through I am rea [...]

  • Jenna

    I m a little loss for words This book took a turn I didn t expect, even though it broke my heart it made the book better Different I never expected Blaine s secrets to be what they were I can t breathe thinking about it Maddie is swept up and moved to a new country by her mom Her mom has some serious issues and Maddie has had to grow up fast to take care of her With that being said, you can tell her mom loves her And I think she moves them to America for them both Anyways, her mom s o I m a litt [...]

  • Elizabeth Horbaczek

    4 starsShe maybe my newest favorite author This is the second book I have read from this author in a week, and I loved it Her style of writing is great I truly enjoyed everything about this book Blaine, even though he thinks he s weak, I think he is the strongest character in this book He takes so much from every which way I don t know how he is surviving Maddie, another strong character, has so much drama in her life and it is only starting The secondary characters are just as strong and 4 star [...]

  • Lisa

    Missing Pieces by Nicola Haken is a beautiful book about love and lies and perseverance.Blaine is the popular jock that everyone likes but no one really ever gets close to.Maddie has arrived in town, the latest stop on a long list of places her and her mom have lived in Being from England and suddenly thrust into school in the United States she is treated like an outcast.This is the second book I ve read by author Nicola Haken and it was great, AGAIN I moved here in high school from England, b M [...]

  • Cathy

    This book is not for the faint at heart There was so much going on with everyone in this book but, it was so well written that you didn t feel over whelmed or lost Blaine is the hot football Quarterback that all girls want and of course he s known as the school slut that will sleep with anyone just once Maddie is the sweet very outspoken British girl that cusses up a storm and has a comeback for most everyone and their snide comments to her I was so happy that Blaine and Maddie found each ot Thi [...]

  • Jen Turner

    A heart breakingly beautiful story that sucked me in at the first page and kept me there until the end.Missing pieces took me on an emotional roller coaster, it had me laugh out loud, made me full on ugly cry, made my heart sing and also gave me parts that had me horrified at the truly horrific things that happen to some of the characters.The book is beautifully written, daring to tackle serious issues head on in a story that flows brilliantly throughout It is full of twists, turns and shocks t [...]

  • politetemper

    2.5 starsDNF I just couldn t, Maddie was annoying tf outta me She just got on my nerves, it s not that I didn t like her actually I didn t like her I don t know, maybe its just me but I found her too annoying, she just did things that got on my nerves She would say she wouldn t do something, then after all her crying and whatever she does it anyway She acts like a bitch in heat with Blaine And seriously BLAINE Really, I did not like him I thought he was a straight up jerk from the begin 2.5 star [...]

  • Tina Stadig-Lewis

    Another WOW Nicola has such an enduring way of writing about raw issues I can not help but love her books Maddie is 17, she has never really had a true home because her and her mum were always on the move Mum was always running from whatever she had gotten into at the time This move was different, instead of staying in the UK she is in the US, California Blaine is the star quarterback, rich, confident bad boy or at least that is how he appears He has walls built up so no one can know who Another [...]

  • Cat Rhodes

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Blaine and Maddie were amazing After what the poor guy went through, to come out of it so strong and well put together, he deserves a freaking meddle of honour or something I loved how he was all cocky and arrogant at the beginning, then started to see that tin man really did have a heart And his heart was falling deeply in love with the British bulldog, Maddie It took a while for them to finally sort things out and after him hurting her countless times, she s I th [...]

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    This is my third book by this author and I just love her books This is the story of Blaine and Maddie Both have had a nightmare childhood They are such strong characters yet need a friend at times This book had me cringing at times I look at my 17 year old and think there is no way she could handle what is thrown at Blaine and Maddie Loved the storyline and the shocks the author throws at me through this book Totally recommend this stand alone book Received in return for an honest review This is [...]

  • Jenny Watson

    Emotional rollercoaster much I was most definitely not expecting this story to get so dark It started off being hilarious, even though it was clear Blaine was having some pretty intense struggles at home I just didn t expect them to be SO intense My heart broke in two at times and I can t deny I felt a little uncomfortable at others But I was truly gripped and couldn t have put it down without knowing if Maddie and Blaine ended up happy.Great read.

  • Rumpled Sheets Blog

    Missing Pieces is a gripping story from the very beginning.It is just so beautiful and poignant.I devoured it in one day I couldnt stop reading it.The book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster journey that you will be thinking about days after you finish it.You are simply enraptured with every single page.A MUST MUST READ 5 read ARC received in exchange for an honest review Missing Pieces is a gripping story from the very beginning.It is just so beautiful and poignant.I devoured it in one day [...]

  • Caroline Lindkvist

    This was my second book by the amazing author Nicola Haken I really love her books I went into Missing Pieces with a clear head and without any expectations, and I loved it I was angry, I wanted to kill someone, I cried.I didn t want to finish the book at times, but I m glad I did Love the characters, especially Maddie and Blaine They are in my heart So THANK YOU Nicola for bringing these story s and keep going This was my second book by the amazing author Nicola Haken I really love her books I [...]

  • Elyse

    4 stars for a fast page turning can t put down novel.Well written I didn t read this book expecting rich quality writing I enjoyed The Young British girl Maddie Favorite character The story was mostly predictable yet I liked it anyway Where can I get my hands on some Maltesers English Chocolates curious lol