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The User Experience Team of One
Title : The User Experience Team of One
Author :
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ISBN : 9781933820187
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 264

The User Experience Team of One prescribes a range of approaches that have big impact and take less time and fewer resources than the standard lineup of UX deliverables. Whether you want to cross over into user experience or you're a seasoned practitioner trying to drag your organization forward, this book gives you tools and insight for doing more with less.

The User Experience Team of One Reviews

  • Graham Herrli

    Five of the ten chapters of this book are largely theoretical and aimed at people who don't know much about UX design. I didn't find these to be particularly useful.The remaining chapters contain a mix of lightweight, collaborative methods aimed at getting the wider development team involved in UX design. In some cases, these methods were patently obvious (e.g. wireframes; did you know you can review wireframes with your team?), but in others they were useful outlines of quick ways to increase s [...]

  • Ryan Boone

    A great handbook for the lone UXerLeah has written what equates to a UX survival guide in The User Experience Team of One. Being in this position at my current place of employment, this book has empowered me to go forth and do more with what I have. This book is perfect for lone UXers and those who are just thinking of getting into the user experience field. Buy the ebook version so you'll always have an easily searchable copy. Buy the physical version because the Rosenfeld books are gorgeous.

  • Syzygous Zygote

    One of the best UX primers I've read, and well-targeted at the wide market of people who have to do a little UX or go it alone. It does a good job of getting out of the "by-UX for-UX" echo chamber. Too bad it seems to be out of print - the digital version is still available, of course, but it makes it harder for me to recommend it to my students.

  • Dani Shuping

    Review copy provided by O'Reilly PressThere are plenty of books on user experience, heck there are probably 5 more being written right now. So why should you read Leah Buley's "The User Experience Team of One?" Not only is this a well written book, but Leah also fills a current void in the UX literature, which is some of the challenges that someone might face trying to start a UX program at their POW. Leah not only answers addresses this challenge, but also provides a solid framework of how to c [...]

  • Leslie Liu

    This is a book with a lot information about how to implement UX when there is just one UX designer in a company. The book was well-structure and has a clear introduction of many UX methods. I think some of them are quite useful and are able to make an individual more clear of what to do under various circumstances. You may also use it as a reference book, if necessary.

  • Celena

    This is really a very practical no-nonsense guide for sole UI/UX designers in a corporation! The best for me were the possible ways that I can get feedback on my work without having to spend too much time and energy.

  • Trevor Dobias

    Good introductory in user experience tools, interviews, and projects. Short and to the point, easy read.

  • Davood Torabzadeh

    I don't like this book, It just tells you methods without any path or direction. It's a UX Methos reference

  • Gricel

    Reads a bit like an intro to UX textbook but has some good figures worth reviewing.

  • Maria Lasprilla

    I started reading this book when we were a small team of product managers and product designers in the job. Often finding myself stuck in how to go on about a problem, and seeing that product designers were always full of work, I wanted to learn some more specific things about UX that I could apply myself to help move forward things without waiting for someone who already knew how to do it. Doing research, sketching ideas, presenting results.Suddenly the team around me started growing really fas [...]

  • Jose Luis Pajares

    For freelance UX practitioners who are starting to confront design projects alone, this book is still a must. Today there is much more literature online than when it was first published, but take into account that this is one of those sources that many "forget" to quote in their Medium articles.To me still serves as a good reference to revisit methods that now are very well known, but to which Leah gives her own brilliant touches.

  • Julian Dunn

    I have to admit: I skimmed this book, mostly because I work in product management and this book was written at a time when UX was less well understood and more exposition for the purposes of buy-in was necessary. Also, I work with a UX counterpart every day, and while it's valuable for me to understand his work (and research/development techniques), I personally am unlikely to practice those skills that much.That said, there's nothing *wrong* with this book per se; it's just showing its age a li [...]

  • J

    This book presents a very structured and stylized approach to web design with an entire focus on the user experience. It's also a sort of hand-guide on how to deal with setting up the "UX" strategies it endorses and how to operate as a single man driving force for those same strategies.The book rightly assumes that many web designers and professionals who find themselves suddenly behind the wheel of a design team in charge of web development, are often clueless about how to go about structuring [...]

  • Jennifer

    This is not a book to read all the way through and presents much more value as a source to reference. Still, great insight and helpful methods in being a 1 person UX team. Highly recommended.

  • Sharon

    It's a great book for someone like me who is familiar with UX but not very knowledgeable about the different methods and processes. I love how Leah broke each method or process down on how I can implement it in my company. Even before finishing the book, I've been referencing it to practice some of tips and methods, which has me contemplating to actually getting the actual copy of the book for easier reference.The book also mentions ways that you can inspire and rally ux supporters in the compan [...]

  • Adib Hakim

    Leah shares in this book how to think about the user experience, tools with wide applicability that aids in the research and design process, as well as how to get others you work with on a project to share in the understanding of the benefits good UX Design can bring to your work. This book would more likely be used as a point of reference, since it contains both widely applicable tools as well as ideas that are especially useful for a particular project type. Four stars for this book because it [...]

  • Erin

    I read the first 5% of this book and it was a little spooky how clearly the author was describing my situation at work. I've been struggling to get everyone at my firm, a traditional design agency, on board with approaching our work from the user perspective rather than simply from a design perspective. Sadly, many people in my industry still view UX work as new age mumbo jumbo, when in reality, it's a necessity for every well-made product, on the web and off. This book has validated everything [...]

  • Ignas

    In short - book is full of the methods you can use as a UX professional (or a beginner, does not matter). Really great source and I will use it as a reference later on in my career. If you think about UX seriously and you are in this path, grab the book and check methods you can use and maybe you will find some you do not use yet ;)

  • Danaan Clarke

    This book has a number of practical ideas that you can start implementing along with deliverables. It's geared towards a designer or developer who works at a company without a UX team who wants to better the User Experience by doing some quick and dirty usability testing and get some data. Great book if that's you.

  • Eve

    This book is an amazing go-to UX guide and great reference material. But it's also an enjoyable read, written in a very approachable and inclusive way. More than anything else, this book reminds designers that they're never an island and does a great job of encouraging them to share their work with the world - and how incredibly important sharing and feedback is to a successful project.

  • Kyle

    As someone who has been working in this capacity for well over a year, I can say that this book provides a number of great options for research and design activities tweaked to address the reality of working alone on projects where you really could use another UXer, or two, or three

  • Becky Sroufe

    Amazing!! Really awesome read for any user experience folks - whether new or seasoned, this book has great insights, methods, topics and tips for anyone interested or involved in the field. Lots of great examples and resources to go along with the content. Love it!

  • Tammy

    Excellent book. Smartly written for new and experienced UX professionals. Leah includes practical tips for workshops and lightweight documents. Strong emphasis on fostering collaboration between UX and other departments. Be inclusive!

  • Brian

    5 stars for the information it contains. A perfect book for someone, like me, who is just getting into the field.Some of the writing could be more enjoyable and certainly could be more succinct and/or make better use of infographics.

  • Maria Perez de Arrilucea

    Comprehensive book full of methods and good advices for UX solos or UX Teams

  • Jim Barraud

    Excellent book about User Experience. Great for those just starting out and for those already in the field looking to add to their toolset.

  • Ola Olusoga

    Half of the book is quite rudimentary. Second half of the book has a ton of great methodologies that can be applied to any design process.

  • Ronnie

    A UX goldmine of information, and a book I will come back to again and again.

  • Michelle

    Super practical and clear.

  • Fernando

    Great book with a lot of methods for practicing UX.