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A Santini Christmas (The Santinis, #5)
Title : A Santini Christmas (The Santinis, #5)
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ISBN : null
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 125

Join the Santinis as they gather together not for the joy of the season, but in crisis. One major event throws everything they hold dear into jeopardy, causing Joey to travel back to the memories of when she and Papa first fell in love.Joey Antonio doesn’t have time for men. Her focus is on saving money for art school. She definitely doesn’t need some jarhead Romeo botheriJoin the Santinis as they gather together not for the joy of the season, but in crisis. One major event throws everything they hold dear into jeopardy, causing Joey to travel back to the memories of when she and Papa first fell in love.Joey Antonio doesn’t have time for men. Her focus is on saving money for art school. She definitely doesn’t need some jarhead Romeo bothering her. True, every time they run into each other she finds herself more attracted to him—not to mention the kisses he steals are becoming addictive. Still, no matter how sexy the Marine is, she isn’t a woman who is willing to risk her heart.Stewart Santini, known to everyone as Papa, is convinced Joey is the woman for him. Sexy, smart and tough—exactly how he likes his women. He finds himself falling even before he knows what hit him…but there is one problem: Joey is willing to share her bed, but not her life.Papa knows Joey is surprised when he agrees to a casual affair, but he has other plans to set him motion. This is one Marine who will battle to win the most precious thing in the world to him: Joey Antonio’s heart.

A Santini Christmas (The Santinis, #5) Reviews

  • Deana-Coffee, Books, Life Blog

    If you feel in love with the Santini's like I did, you will love the story of Joey and Steward Santini. I thought Joey would have been a strong, independent woman. She was more than that, strong in ways that I wouldn't have pictured for her. Doing what she had to in order to archive her goal and doing by herself. Whitty and smart, Joey is the type of girl I would want as a friend. Steward "Papa" Santini was talk drink of water that women wish for. He make is presence known, with out pushing beyo [...]

  • Nina

    Melissa Schroeder just knows how to write stories that make your heart melt. This short story takes the reader back in time to when Papa first met Joey and how their courtship began.Papa (Stewart) was just as charming and honorable as his sons. Now, I can see where all the Santini brothers got their charm fromne other than their father. Joey was wonderful. Her character was vivacious and strong. Papa and Joey were a wonderful match and their story was super sweet.I have read & loved every in [...]

  • Phuong

    OMG! I loved reading A Santini Christmas by Melissa Schroeder and completely fell in love with Papa (Stewart) Santini. He was sexy, sweet and such a charmer. No wonder he was able to win Joey's heart despite her reluctance and painful past. It was nice to learn that the Santini curse affected the older generation as well. We also got to learn more about Joey and how she became the strong, tough, protective wife and mother of military men. I really enjoyed going back in the past and reliving Papa [...]

  • Daune Mc

    A Santini Christmas by Melissa Schroeder It was a joy to read and to see the beginnings for the Santini brother's . To see how their parents Joey, Papa meet in the 70's he was a Marine and she a waitress in a bar. It wasstant attraction for them both, but Joey was not having none of it. True love always wins.

  • Donna

    We met Joey Santini as the mother of the Santini boys in each of their stories. We knew she was an exceptional woman, strong with a heart of gold. In A Santini Christmas we learn how she and Papa met and more about how she came to be the woman who could raise Leo, Marco, Gianni and Vincente. Laugh, cry and sigh as Papa fights for his life and the woman he loves.

  • Fran Lucero

    Loved this story. Joey I have always liked and this book let me really get to know Stewart. I now see why the boys are all so yummy they got it right from there Dad. Thank you Melissa it was a wonderful Christmas present to you readers.

  • Betty

    OMG. Love Joey.

  • Traci Lamothe

    wow love Joey's story on how she met Stewart.

  • Nutnut (Lj) Ford

    just love this family so would love to have a santini of my own. it was nice to get Joey's story excellent writing fab read

  • Donna

    Loved it great novella, hated seeing that I was 50% in and then read a little and book actually finished at 60% and the last 40% were first chapter of other books, but you get that.

  • Helen Simpson


  • Angela V. Herndon

    This was a nice twist to the Santini series!! To see the boys and their wives gaining around their mother to support her in her time of need was wonderful!!

  • Char (1RadReader59)

    This story deals with the sensitive subject of date rape, yet only as they would have known of it back in the early 1970’s. Then there wasn’t even really a name for it or procedures for handling it in most places. Yet, Melissa has done a very good job of bringing out the feelings and deep emotions a victim would feel. Let alone how those around her might feel and respond to her and for her. Yet, when the characters move toward each other she makes it not so awkward even for now. You see Joey [...]

  • KBeautiful1

    Joey and Stewart What a beautiful story of how these two came to be.Joey and Stewart (aka Papa) are the Matriarch and Patriarch of the Santini Family. This story takes you back to the beginning of these two meeting. Joey was working in a bar and an art store to save money so that she could enroll into Art School. She worked for Sam and Thelma who were like her surrogate parents, this particular evening walks in several Marines including Stewart when Joey walks over to take their orders he became [...]

  • Adictabooks

    RESEÑA y CRÍTICA completa en el blog adictabooks/20Como en la anterior novela, la principal línea argumental es simple y complicada: “la típica historia chico conoce a chica, pero no hay más cosas. Como por ejemplo que el chico es un marine con procedencia italiana con unos valores muy marcados que ha demostrado una buena educación; y donde la chica es Joey Antonio toda una mujer con un gran sueño que es ahorrar para ir a la escuela de arte, además tener unos demonios que debe exorciza [...]

  • Sassy Moms Say Read Romance

    You first fall in love with Joey Santini in Leo’s book, but this book makes you love her even more.While at the hospital sitting at her husband’s side, Joey remembers how they met. But that isn’t all that we learn from her memories, we find out what makes her such a strong person. How she became such a commanding presence in the Santini family and why Papa Santini loves and adores her so much. We learn what an affect she had on him from second one and why he’s dedicated his life into mak [...]

  • Sheri

    I first met Joey and Papa in their children’s stories and I fell in love with them. I definitely enjoyed going back in time and learning how Joey and Papa met.Joey is the kind of strong character that I love, she’s capable and very much able to take care of herself. She isn’t looking for a man in her life but Stewart “Papa” Santini blindsides her and the rest is history. They have a beautiful love story that holds true through the test of time.Papa knows Joey is skittish so he approach [...]

  • Brenda

    What can I say? Melissa writes, I read. This is a continuation of her four Santini Brothers stories. This is Mom and Dad's story. Joey Santini is called to the hospital because Papa has been in a car accident. While she is waiting for him to wake up, she goes down memory lane on how they met, fell in love and she came to grips with the past. Wonderful story and we see a tiny glimpse into the Brothers' current lives. A heartwarming and touching story. I truly would love to see Melissa write a ful [...]

  • Karen Roma

    While I hold the Santini brothers close to my heart, the story of where it all began with Joey and Stewart (Papa) Santini, brought more than one tear to my eyes.Written with the same passion and chemistry as the previous books, I would venture to say that this one is probably my favourite. The author has succeeded in delving into precarious and often confronting issues of Joey’s past, while maintaining respect for the character in a beautifully sculpted love story. Take a journey back to the b [...]

  • Latochia Bell

    The final installment of the Santini series talks about how the family began. It leads you back in time to the start of Joey & Papa's life together. The story deals with a lot of emotional issues and those issues helped intensify the love that the two had for each other and their families. There was laughter & tears, but it still kept you feeling the togetherness of the family. It also doesn't hurt that there was an update on the Santini children and how they are doing. As sad as I am fo [...]

  • Darcy

    I think this is my favorite Santini story, mostly because it allowed us to get to know Mama and Papa Santini better. I liked how they have been portrayed with their sons stories, but seeing them as young kids was even better.I loved how dumb stuck Papa was when he first saw Joey. I also loved that he knew that he needed to take things slow and he did. The best was when Papa was dumped at Joey's door all drunk. I especially liked the ending, loved that we were back in the present and everyone was [...]

  • Fran

    Through Ms. Schroeder's generosity I received this book from Instafreeby in exchange for an honest review. Patriarch Stewart Santini aka/Papa has wound up in the hospital, the victim of a DUI driver. Matriarch Joey Santini rushes to the hospital, along with the whole Santini brood, and keeps up an all night vigil until Papa regains consciousness. She begins remembering when she first met and started seeing him and how that led to marriage. This was such a sweet and lovely story of their building [...]

  • Brandi Porter

    I really love the Santini family!! This was about Joey and Papa and it was so great. I just wish that it was longer. But still such a great family to read about! Loved it and can't wait for the rest of the MJ's brothers stories!!

  • Wanda

    Good Beginning to the SeriesThis was a good story of Papa and Joey's beginning. I wish you would write a continuation of the Santinis to let your fans of the series know what each family has as children and how their lives continue.

  • Melissa Spears

    Flashback of Papa and Mama JoeyI always love to read about how the family started. Papa is such a Marine that Joey never had a chance! I love the description of what being in love feels lik,e, it is what I have always told my kids!

  • Karen

    Another Santini story I've thoroughly enjoyed. Although it's starts off a little scary with Papa in the hospital it leads us down memory lane as Joey remembers how her and Papa met and fell in love. I loved the memories and how protect and loving he was from the start.

  • Jacki Johnson-wright

    overall good quick read, but that said I was disappointed with the lack of depth. This book visits the past and present. You sew how the elder Santinis became a couple, and a theres a threat of losing one the elder Santini's

  • Monica

    It was a cutie story. If you read the first 4 books in the series, you quickly understand "like father like sons". I wished it provide more updates on the sons than it provided.

  • Amanda

    Loved it. Just wish we had more time with the Santini family. But a great short story to learn how Joey and Papa fell in love.

  • JJ

    It was nice getting to know how Jo & Stewart's relationship got started and it also shows you how their kids are pretty much just like them. (The Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree)