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Blood on the River: James Town 1607
Title : Blood on the River: James Town 1607
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ISBN : 9780142409329
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 237

Twelve-year-old Samuel Collier is a lowly commoner on the streets of London. So when he becomes the page of Captain John Smith and boards the Susan Constant, bound for the New World, he can’t believe his good fortune. He’s heard that gold washes ashore with every tide. But beginning with the stormy journey and his first contact with the native people, he realizes that theTwelve-year-old Samuel Collier is a lowly commoner on the streets of London. So when he becomes the page of Captain John Smith and boards the Susan Constant, bound for the New World, he can’t believe his good fortune. He’s heard that gold washes ashore with every tide. But beginning with the stormy journey and his first contact with the native people, he realizes that the New World is nothing like he imagined. The lush Virginia shore where they establish the colony of James Town is both beautiful and forbidding, and it’s hard to know who’s a friend or foe. As he learns the language of the Algonquian Indians and observes Captain Smith’s wise diplomacy, Samuel begins to see that he can be whomever he wants to be in this new land.

Blood on the River: James Town 1607 Reviews

  • Jennifer

    Blood on the River: James Town 1607 was required summer reading for my boy and he struggled with it. Reviews have been pretty good so I was optimistic and he was as well since he likes history. In this book, early colonization has been recreated into a fictional-feeling storyline for both entertainment and education purposes. But my son's point of view? He would have rather read a textbook concerning this time in history. He thought the author tried too hard to make history entertaining. It goes [...]

  • Meghan

    I read this book for my history class. At first I thought it would be a boing read, but it wasn't. The characters were real people from James Town and it was very well researched. I usually don't like reading about James Town because people always make up things about Pocahantas. Hardly anyone believes me, but she is my great great great great (I don't know how many) grandmother. This story didn't make up any silly stories about her falling in love with John Smith. The story is told from the vie [...]

  • Mindy

    I read this with my son's 5th grade class.I really enjoyed this book. It was so engaging and well researched. I could of read this in just a few days because the story flows so well. My son said he would of rated it 4 stars as well. It makes me happy that he enjoyed it just as much as I did.

  • Josephine

    I read the book Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone. The book started out in London in 1600s. Samuel, the protagonist, is brought to an orphanage because is parents have died. Samuel and another boy from the orphanage are chosen to help out Reverend Hunt, who is anchorage of the orphanage and Captain Smith a commoner that was in the army. The book follows Samuel on his journey across the Atlantic to the New World. On the journey Samuel learns important lessons about power and trust. He sees that [...]

  • Kasimachi

    I think the book blood on the river is a good book for people who like entering the past as other people.This book is really interesting also would be good for my taste.Not that it is blood or gory it has few scenes that might put you of a little but not to much.You would enjoy the book if you sit down and read it.I would not be sure if it would be good to read it out loud but I think it would be good if it would be read independently.I wouldn't say it is a book you might be stuck on or attracte [...]

  • Mitchell

    Blood on the River was generally a very good book with some very complicated parts in the book. I definitely became quite attached to the book and wanted to keep on reading but could not read too far because we were doing a class project. The story showed how Samuel went from being a young boy living on the streets to becoming a young man working in a settlement in a different continent. Samuel definitely seemed to build himself a better personality throughout the story and made a lot of friends [...]

  • Michael Cunningham

    This was one of the best historical fictions ever! The author does a fantastic job of weaving in his own characterizations of real people and events. His afterword and authors's notes are well worth reading also.

  • Angelique Simonsen

    an alright story. wasn't too detailed and seemed to go through the pages pretty quick. I did enjoy finding out a bit more about John Smith but think this may have been a rather rosy account of his activities.

  • Maile Akina

    Read this book in preparation for our quarter 3 6th grade novel. While the character recognizes the ignorance of the colonists and their views of the native people, it still does not do enough. Perhaps it wasn't meant to. I read the author visited Jamestown to immerse herself in the experience and she depicts the colonists' experience, I still thought, "yes, but what was the experience of the native people?" Perhaps she didn't want to take on that perspective, but sometimes the ignorance and eve [...]

  • Becky

    What an exciting and well researched book! I wasn't sure what to expect but found it fascinating and a page turner. I have a true appreciation for those great people who went before us and opened new frontiers. I have been to Jamestown several times, learned of the history and been on the 3 ship replicas. I could picture the story completely. Well written!

  • L12_markmesserly

    This review pertains to the Kindle edition.Following his mother’s death, twelve-year old Sam Collier (based upon the real page to Captain Smith) is living on the streets of London (ca.1607). Sam’s adventure begins with his desire to regain possession of his deceased mother’s locket. After breaking into a pawnshop to retrieve it, he lands jail. Instead of a harsher fate in the legal system, the Reverend John Hunt finds placement into an orphanage. Along with two other boys from the orphanag [...]

  • Bill Ibarra

    **SPOILER ALERT** Have you ever read a book that is so good you can't stop reading? If not you should read Blood on the River. The genre is historical-fiction. This book is one of the best historical-fiction books I've read. The setting of this story is in New land America. Samuel wanted to live a happy life in England. But he was kidnapped by people from a orphanage. So he lived in an orphanage for a while. Then one morning he sailed to America with several gentlemen and colonists. The type of [...]

  • Shashank Eeda

    Blood on the RiverSurviving in the ancient times was not easy, especially when you have lost everything you loved. This is a story of a boy who put his broken heart behind him and moved.This book reminds me about all the slaves that are in this country. This boy got kicked out of the orphanage for beating people up when he was only trying to protect himself. It shows all the homeless people are going through a lot of pain to survive. I do agree with the author about what he has to say about the [...]

  • Sophia K.

    I liked this book, it was just a little dull? Well, there was a lot of adventure, but the story seemed like a lot of history in our textbooks. This is the story of James Town, written for us to understand it. This couple year journey is what Disney's Pocahontas was vaguely based on. She is mentioned in the book. This story is like a gold rush story with Native American tribes. The first part of the journey was the ship ride, where everyone was seasick and always hungry. In this time period, ther [...]

  • Cindy

    First of all, this is a book for young readers (10-13?). Anyway, I read it in hopes of finding a novel that might enhance my 8th grade American history class. Another teacher had recommended it, but despite my love of historical fiction, I had my doubts. I have found few examples of historical fiction for young people that I have found riveting. I must admit, though, that Blood on the River held my interest, and I enjoyed reading it. It is the story of a young orphaned boy who becomes the page o [...]

  • Faia

    I think that the topic of this book was very interesting. The story of the journey to James Town and the conflict with the native Americans is what found the most interesting in the book. The characters, who were real people, were written really well so you really understood what type of character it was and what that character was like.In my opinion, I feel that the end of the book could've been more descriptive and more rounded off. I understand that it was fact at the end but it sort of seeme [...]

  • Sam

    In Jamestown 1607, a boy fought to survive, that boy was Samuel Collier. He was a hard headed boy with anger issues, that was also very stubborn. This book teaches a lesson about how to curb your anger, and make decisions out of love, not anger. It all starts when he beats up a fellow orphan named Richard who later becomes his best friend. The teachers force him to be Captain John Smiths servant. What a life! He then finds out America's no easy road. My favorite part is when Samuel steals a baby [...]

  • Scott Scoular

    I really enjoyed this book although I am not a fan of historical fiction. I felt that you could really picture the setting and characters. For instance when Samuel and Richard were fighting on the ship I felt I could really imagine what the other passengers were thinking and where they were fighting (what it looked like). Also when the natives attacked then I could clearly imagine what it was like. Especially when one of the men came back with James's body. However some things I disliked about t [...]

  • Sasha Ryzhova

    I read a book called "Blood on The River" by Elisa Carbone. It was a science fiction book. I thought that this book was a good way of telling about a historic event. The book was set in the late 19th century and was mostly about the first British settlement in america. The main character in the book is Samuel he is a boy whose age was around 12 years old. Through out most of the book Samuel was Captain Smith's servant. Captain Smith was also a very important character in the book. He was very sm [...]

  • Kevin Persky

    I greatly enjoyed this book. This book has a good plot but it also gives a portrayal of what America was like back then. It also is the story of survival. I have found this book so interesting that I have read it multiple times. I would recommend this to just about anyone. It shows a historically accurate portrayal of what life was like yet also has a good plot which prevents it from being boring. I found the book to be very educational and entertaining at the same time. I would recommend this b [...]

  • Clodagh Cunningham

    I found this book very interesting, because it was a real story, and it all happened in real life. It was taken from the perspective of a young boy on a ship in the 1600's. The crew was looking for gold, and another way to get to the west, without having to pay. The place they were going to was called the New World, and it was also an opportunity for lower class people to start a new life. Some parts of the book was sad, and unfortunate, but it really made you think of everything these people su [...]

  • Bertlyn Harvey

    I love to read and when I find a young person who does I always encourage them and ask them to recommend a book to me. A younger cousin is a reader and I just found out and asked what he had read that he liked and he to me Blood on the River. Well I checked it out from the library and read it and let him know that I enjoyed it and to give me another book to read. Encourage them every way I can.

  • Katherine Dannock

    I thought that this book was great it had all the qualities i like in a book it was funny, it was sad and depressing and it was based on a true story that was historic fiction.But i wish there was another book because itdident end as i had hoped it ended with him in a family i wish you could read the story of how he grew up.Katie

  • Sheila

    Historical Fiction. First English Settlers at James Town and their interactions with the Native Americans. I just finished reading this one to my children and it was riveting. Carbone also included a section at the end detailing her research.

  • Ameya

    I think that this book was great because Samuel finally opened his heart to a lot of people who eventually became his friends like Namontack, Kainta, Richard, Captain Smith and more and more people. There is nothing that I don't like in the book but overall I think the book was great.

  • Avery

    I think that this book teaches a really good lesson. This is a really good book/

  • Nickie

    it says a lot of things about Jamestown settlement its depressing and its funny in a way.Its grussom too and it has some love into it.

  • Kalista

    It was okay but I saw lots of moments where it could be so much better than what they were doing.

  • Andrew

    Read this for the first time with my Language Arts fifth graders during April and May 2009. It was a very good book.

  • Mr. Brad

    Blood on the River, James Town 1607, is a work of historical fiction and describes the early colonization of Virginia. The story is told through the eyes of young Samuel Collins, an indentured servant to the colony's eventual, and embattled, leader John Smith. The bulk of the story occurs over the first few difficult years and the book's end wraps up the tumultuous colony's first decade with all the bloodshed one would expect. The author, Elisa Carbone, does a great job of keeping the reader eng [...]