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The English Teacher
Title : The English Teacher
Author :
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ISBN : 8185986037
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 184 pages

While Krishna teaches at the Albert Mission College his wife and daughter live some distance away with his parents in law But a move to a small rented house soon permits the couple to enjoy a life of marital bliss Yet paradise is short lived Never has the magical storyteller of imaginary Malgudi woven tragedy and humour so deftly together.

The English Teacher Reviews

  • Ian Laird

    Correction to an important geographical detail thanks Parthi and minor edits 31 March 2016.In south India, Krishnan, a young English teacher, is joined by his wife, Susila, and baby daughter Leela.They are able to set up a household together for the first time Shortly thereafter, Susila contracts typhoid and dies Krishnan, bereft, holds on through his love of his child, and with the help of his mother in law Later, he makes contact with Susila in the spirit world and starts a new, fulf < [...]

  • Paul Bryant

    This was like walking into a plate glass door, bang right on the nose, didn t see it coming at all, ouch ouch. It was also like having one of those distressing conversations with a good friend where you go what was that you just said You don t seriously believe that do you after which things get really awkward and you have to re evaluate everything you thought they were I previously read three RKN novels and thought they were a joy as everyone does, hence my consternation So, to b [...]

  • Rajat Ubhaykar

    Public toilets in India always leave me breathless, with relief and also with lack of air They also bring to mind the subtle differences between oft misused words such as available and accessibile, by virtue of being inaccessible even when they are available, which is not very often A curious peek inside one transports the most hardened hearts and most insensitive noses to a well stocked chemistry lab paying olfactory tribute to Messrs Haber Bosch On certain busy days, I m told one can Public to [...]

  • مروان البلوشي


  • Sandhya

    R K Narayan is an absolute favourite of mine and some of his works are undoubtedly masterpieces.His The English Teacher is the third part of Narayan s trilogy after Malgudi Days and The Bachelor of Arts for review, you could check out sandyi The first part of this particular book is brilliant and extremely touching but the second part moves into very unexpected territory, leaving one a bit confused Yet, if you are a Narayan fan, I would still go ahead and recommend this book to R K Narayan is an [...]

  • Bina

    The English Teacher is set in India of the 150s and we meet Krishna, our protagonist, as he is living in a college hostel and teaching English at the school where he himself used to be a pupil Despite living in this enclosed environment, he is married and has a young child We see Krishna taking small steps, making preparations for his wife and child to join him and so setting off to find a good house, where they can be together as well as have a space away from each other The discussions with Th [...]

  • Petra Eggs

    As always with Narayan, the writing is a joy to read The prose flows smoothly, the descriptions come to life and dialogue reads as true I liked the story too I won t spoil it by giving it away but the metaphysical aspects were not believable and once I reached that part of the book, it became a bit heavy going Some authors, especially South American ones like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jorge Amado, have such a touch writing magical realism that you automatically accept those aspects as cred As a [...]