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Mieko and the Fifth Treasure
Title : Mieko and the Fifth Treasure
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780698119901
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 80

When the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Mieko's nearby village was turned into ruins, and her hand was badly injured. Mieko loves to do calligraphy more than anything, but now she can barely hold a paintbrush. And she feels as if she has lost something that she can't paint without-the legendary fifth treasure, beauty in the heart. Then she is sent to live with her grandpareWhen the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Mieko's nearby village was turned into ruins, and her hand was badly injured. Mieko loves to do calligraphy more than anything, but now she can barely hold a paintbrush. And she feels as if she has lost something that she can't paint without-the legendary fifth treasure, beauty in the heart. Then she is sent to live with her grandparents and must go to a new school. But Mieko is brave and eventually learns that time and patience can help with many things, and may even help her find the fifth treasure.

Mieko and the Fifth Treasure Reviews

  • Kwesi 章英狮

    Nagasaki a small fishing village secluded by harbors as one of Japan's richest city having the largest sea ports and had great wartime importance for its wide-ranging activity, including the production of ships, military equipment and other war materials. For having an old-fashioned houses and industrial warehouse, Nagasaki become fragile from fire and bombing at the same time the manufactured bombs that been stored can be easily activated from the World War II nuclear bombing causing thousands [...]

  • Daniel Meek

    While reading this book, I felt that Eleanor Coerr hadn't down her best and could have done better which I've experienced when reading her earlier and more acclaimed read, "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes." Given that this book is a short story, Coerr needed more detail as well as more facts and statistics of Mieko's past in order to fully develop the story. In the end, I was not pleased nor happy of the outcome of the novel.The book begins with you (the reader) being introduced to Mieko an [...]

  • Cornelia

    It's the story of a little girl who goes to live with her grandparents after the bombs drop on Japan during WW2. Born with a natural gift for calligraphy and art, the injury she receives when the bomb is dropped calls her ability into question by making her question her fifth treasure, "the beauty in the heart." It is this gift that makes her such a talented artist. This is the story of how she finds it again. As Publisher's Weekly said, "Overall, this is a sensitively and beautifully crafted st [...]

  • Ginger Jantz

    This is a very simple story. It doesn't address the aftermath of the atomic bomb, but instead focuses on peoples' "everyday" cruelty to each other and how one girl deals with it. I was shocked to learn that the Japanese not living in Hiroshima or Nagasaki at the time of the bombing treated the victims/survivors as pariahs.

  • Michelle Kelly

    Wonderful read!

  • Sura M. al jilawi

    The fifth treasure could be anything, confidence, trustworthy, love, friendship, and beauty.When you have the fifth treasure, that means you have everything, that means you have the life.

  • Theresa

    a very sad story of survival and loss

  • Shriya

    My Mum laughed when she saw this tiny book by my bedside. "Going back to childhood, are we?" she asked me, her eyes twinkling with mirth.Well, Fellow Readers, let me tell you, sometimes it's good to go back to childhood, especially if you've been doing some heavy duty reading like me, flirting incessantly with Chaucer one day, Tennyson the next and T. S. Eliot off and on. It's good to sit back, read something and not think about Freudian psychoanalysis or the meanings of fabliau, morality plays [...]

  • *Liz

    "Dökülen su, asla bardağa dönmez." (15) "Değiştiremeyeceğin şeyleri kabul etmeyi öğreniyorsun Ve en önemlisi, kendini kabul etmeyi öğreniyorsun;" (56) "Göze görüneni değil, kalbinin bildiğini çizmelisin." (76) Coerr'den Nagazakili çocuklara adanmış bir Japonya kitabı daha. Atom bombasının nelere sebep olduğuna kurguyla dikkat çekiyor yazar bu defa. On yaşındaki Mieko'nun savaş sonrası tekrar hat çalışmaya dönme mücadelesini anlatıyor. Güzel başlayan hikâye [...]

  • Harold

    This short, simple, and sweet little novel tells the story of Mieko - a young Japanese girl injured by the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and struggling to heal herself - both physically and emotionally. I read this with a class of ESL students, who responded well to the book's themes of friendship and overcoming adversity. Touching, but not heavy-handed.

  • Isabelle

    Short and sweet, Mieko and the Fifth Treasure tells about a young artist who's hand was injured in the atomic bomb on japan. Mieko struggles to believe that her hand will get better and she will paint word pictures.

  • Natasha Rao

    Great bookI loved this book Because of the friendship and how she wanted to leave first but then she wanted to stay

  • Renée

    ExcellentAmazing book that made my daughter smile and cry all at the same time! Wow.we read this together for her 4th grade portfolio project.

  • Huong Pham

    A short and lovely story. One of books that I would like to read to kids later.

  • Serkan Boltürk

    İngilizce geliştirmek için faydalı

  • Maria

    We all have gifts with in us, nothing can change that ❤️ thanks Mieko for remind me of that.

  • Guillermo Soto

    Certain people we meet give us back parts of us that we once lost.

  • Sergiu Baciurin

    Story tells how weak we are and how strong we can be.

  • Jack Kirby and the X-man

    While the backdrop to this story is war-ravaged Japan, just about anyone will empathise with Mieko. Starting at a new school, feeling lonely, being teased for being different are all common enough childhood experiences. The sense of loss Mieko feels because she is unable to participate in her first love – calligraphy – can also be easily understood. But the story ends well – with Mieko finding a both a friend and the “fifth treasure” (beauty in the heart that is critical for excellent [...]

  • Indudhar Andanur

    Cute little story!!

  • Nikki

    Can most avid readers trace their love of books back to the first truly great book they read? I don't know, but this is the first great book I ever read. I know some people would say Dr. Seuss was the first great they ever read, but I disagree. Dr. Seuss never had meaning for me until I was much older. "Mieko and the Fifth Treasure" was the first book that ever really meant anything to me. I read it at the beginning of second grade and I think I read about 30 more books that year and none even c [...]

  • Tanja

    I am always looking for more historical fiction at a lower text level and I am happy to have found this book. A thought-provoking, touching and beautifully told story, set in Japan in the time after the atomic bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. A young girl is trying to come to terms with the aftermath, her own injury, being separated from her parents, and to find new hope. A talented artist, she seemed to have lost what made her calligraphy so special, the fifth treasure, beauty in t [...]

  • Ryoko

    Mieko is a Japanese girl. She loves to do calligraphy, because calligraphy is her most favorite thing. But she was really upset that her hand was badly damaged by the Hiroshima bomb, and doctor told her that her hand will never gets better. She had to move away from Hiroshima and live with her grandparents. In her new school, she get bullied from boys What will happen to Mieko? This book is fantastic! You should read this book!

  • Evan

    A fairly short, easy reader (11 chapters, each about 6-9 pages) chapter book, it paints a tragically beautiful picture of post-WWII Japan, focusing on the suffering of one young girl who has a talent for art (specifically ink calligraphy) but has lost the 'fifth treasure': beauty in the heart. It ends up being a heartwarming story of friendship, creative confidence and growth, the ending fruit for discussion.

  • Emilee Booth

    I read this for summer reading - I'm not sure when but I was pretty young, because I remember not having a clue what the significance of Nagasaki was. I remember this book pretty well, though. It's about a girl who loses her parents and is also injured in the bomb. The book is about physical and spiritual healing, and art too.

  • Teresa

    This is another book where the author discusses about another child who has troubles and goes through some difficulties to overachieve during WWII. She talks about her fifth treasure (beauty in the heart) and it’s importance to help her paint well. This shows that the author has a great view for the Japanese culture and the things they faced through big events like a war.

  • Jenna

    A short story with not a lot of history or storyline. Mieko and her town get hit by an American bomb and it is interesting to see us as the bad guy. It makes one feel sorry for the people in Japan who did nothing wrong and yet got punished. Anyway, Mieko hand got burned and deformed so she can't paint which is her passion. It is about friendship and following your dream.

  • Carolyn Tye

    This is a very easy book to acquaint children to how awful it must have been to witness the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also it a testament to the healing g power of friendship. I would recommend this book for early elementary age and up.

  • Mrs. G

    This book is good for fifth grade students. The vocabulary is not too difficult. The author makes good use of similies. I didn't like the ending, but it would be a good book if you wanted to teach students about making predictions and coming up with alternate endings.

  • Firefly_1824

    I enjoyed the story, although I think some of the post WWII life of the Japanese wasn't really accurately portrayed. The story is engaging and contemplative, and the artist's relationship with her art it well portrayed.