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Il lato oscuro della notte
Title : Il lato oscuro della notte
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9788834724569
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 352

Susan Michaels era una reporter molto quotata, fino a quando la sua reputazione non è stata messa in discussione e macchiata per sempre. Ora lavora in un piccolo giornale di Seattle, alle prese con tarme assassine e avvistamenti alieni, ed è convinta che la sua vita non possa andare peggio di così. Ma un giorno, nonostante la sua allergia ai felini, si ritrova costretta aSusan Michaels era una reporter molto quotata, fino a quando la sua reputazione non è stata messa in discussione e macchiata per sempre. Ora lavora in un piccolo giornale di Seattle, alle prese con tarme assassine e avvistamenti alieni, ed è convinta che la sua vita non possa andare peggio di così. Ma un giorno, nonostante la sua allergia ai felini, si ritrova costretta a adottare un gatto. Susan aveva messo in conto qualche starnuto, ma non aveva previsto che l’animale si sarebbe rivelato un affascinante e letale mutaforma, Ravyn Kontis, un Cacciatore oscuro. Ravyn è stato ferito da coloro che amava di più: senza pace e senza pietà, ha vissuto per tre secoli combattendo contro i demoni per salvare l’umanità. Per la prima volta, davanti a Susan, prova un sentimento di tenerezza. Prova desiderio. Amore. Proprio adesso che la battaglia decisiva sta per cominciare...

Il lato oscuro della notte Reviews

  • Sophia Triad

    Ravyn Kontis (Dark Hunter and Arcadian Werehunter) & Susan Michaels (Human)Have you ever watched Shrek 2? Like I have…Did you like the wicked, sneaky, cute Puss in Boots? Like I did…Did you ever wonder how Puss would look like if he was a real man and not a cat? Like I did…To be honest I always imagined that he would like Antonio Banderas (the actor that has lent his voice to the cartoon).Ravyn is Kenyon’s version of Puss. His animal form is basically a kitty-cat. Susan is a reporter [...]

  • Exina

    “You don’t knock on the devil’s door, unless you want him to answer.”Nicely developed story, many sublines and characters, so much emotion, mystery and fate, love and pain, wrath, woe, guilt, and grief wrapped in one novel. The plot is exciting, great paced, and well-worked-out with almost constant fighting, but it is still followable. The final fight is excellently constructed. I loved both the humor and action in it. Susan She is irritating, bitchy, and nosy. A real smartass with sarca [...]

  • Jilly

    Most of the reviews for this are either 4-5's or 1's. I think it has to do with the personality of the main girl, Susan. Everyone either loves her or hates her. And, I'm sorry Monty, but I loved her. We usually hate the same things, but I can't resist a character that is so sarcastic that every word that comes out of her mouth is snark. It's like we are soul-mates or something. She is the ultimate smart-ass and will make wise cracks even while everything sucks. I like that.Susan is a reporter fo [...]

  • Sita

    I normally love the Dark Hunter series, but I just couldn't get into this one. My faviroute scenes were the ones Nick was in. I am totally in love with him! Overall, the book was okay, I don't think you need to read it to get the story. So, if you want just skip it. It really won't matter.

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*

    What do I think?Well for one, Ash needs to grow some balls. Or a spine. F*ck, even one ball would be fine for me considering the p*ssy he currently is :((( (actually, he's been like this from the start of the series which is the extremely sad point.Second, Nick needs to be shot in the head but unfortunately that wouldn't work for him now, so yeah, he could grow some balls too and get into the adult side of life instead of staying an eternal whiny teenager. Oh well.And so, dear Dark-Hunter univer [...]

  • Carmen

    This book could have been spectacular.Susan Michaels is working as a reporter for a tabloid. Two years ago she was a star investigative reporter in Seattle, chasing the big stories and winning awards. But after chasing a lead that backfired, she was disgraced. Her boyfriend of four years left her, all her friends (except Jimmy and Angie) left her, her house and car were repossessed. She's an orphan and has no family.At this exceptionally low point in her life, she tried to kill herself on Thanks [...]

  • Alp

    Dark Side Of The Moon is the ninth installment in Dark-Hunter series. As always, Sherrilyn Kenyon delivers an excellent story, a fantastic combination of Fantasy, Romance, and Action, in her own unique writing style. This book contains an interesting storyline and endearing characters.Ravyn Kontis was a Were-Hunter, an Arcadian leopard, who was betrayed by his human mate and that caused him to lose his loved ones, his family, and his life. With his wrath and the need to take revenge, he became t [...]

  • Gavin

    This was one of the better Dark-Hunter books in the series so far. I loved the humor and also enjoyed the fact that the romance was on a slightly slower burn than is typical with most PNR books. I felt that gave time for both Ravyn and Susan to grow attached to each other on more than just a physical level. Susan is a disgraced news reporter who has been relegated to working at a paranormal focused newspaper, run by her old college friend, after a scandal cost her her career in mainstream media. [...]

  • Grecia Robles

    Llevó dos semanas con los Dark Hunters con una que otra pausa, y en estas dos semanas he soñado tres días seguidos con ellos, ¿díganme si esto ya no es trauma? Al final de la serie voy a terminar como una loca y lo peor o mejor? De todo es que no tiene fin.Este libro no me gustó tanto como los anteriores si tiene sus partes buenas de acción intrigas y el drama triste que rodea a los DH, pero lo que sucedió es que no conecte con los protagonistas sobre todo en la parte romántica porque a [...]

  • Denisa

    3.5 Yup, it's as good as they say it is.I admit, I expected this book to be good. And guess what? It was!It was funny as hell, I absolutely loved the main female character. She was sarcastic and fun and smart! I liked her!

  • ♡Karlyn P♡

    Argh, frustrating story. Least favorite of all the Dark-Hunters in the series (I've read the first 10, this being 10). The story did have some interesting backstory on Acheron, Nick and Stryker, but not enough to read the book in my opinion. The main romance story was a bust. Heroine (Susan) was like nails on chalkboard who spoke mostly sarcastic comments. I really wanted someone to just slap her down, just once! The hero (Ravyn) was OK, but his tortured past was no different than any other Dark [...]

  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~

    Ok, the ending/epilogue to this book, had me likeThe rest of the story just had me. What I mean is, though there were things I had no clue about, events that had already occurred in other books that I have not read, it still did not confuse me to the point where I was just lost & could not enjoy or appreciate this book. This book is part of a huge network of books. All things tie in together in some form or fashion. But with this story, with everything going on with the current plot, new plo [...]

  • Lizzi Crystal

    WOW. Lots and lots of badly done sex wrapped very loosely around aot? Wait, was that a little plot I saw over there? Too tiny to make out, poor little neglected thing!I think if a caveman came into the modern world and was introduced to this as his first book, and was told there were libraries in every city in the world with hundreds of these things, he'd hit everyone with it and return home to announce civilization has gone backward. Let's just say if you ever run into this book in a dark libra [...]

  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠

    I was excited this was another Were-Hunter book, but it's also a Dark-Hunter book. Ravyn (I thought that was a chick's name)was born a leopard/cat were & became a DH later, so he's both. Susan is a disgraced reporter who now works for a tabloid. She gets suckered into taking home a cat (which is really Ravyn with a power negating collar on) & she's highly allergic to cats - yeah, hilarity ensues (no, not really). Due to this initial meeting between the two characters, the rest of the boo [...]

  • AJ

    OMFG!!! She’s done it to me again!! I settled in for what I knew would be a great PNR book, thinking that it would be a quick and easy read - I should have known better. Yes, I slipped straight back into Kenyon’s incredible world, but an easy read… not so much, I was flipping pages madly and my heart was pounding through most of it. I can’t think of another author I’ve read who puts so much story into her stories, it’s just amazing. I can’t believe everything that happened in this [...]

  • Leah

    Dark Side of the Moon is the tenth book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series. By now, I've read all but three of the full-length DH books, and there have only been three that I have not particularly cared for. Well, now there's a fourth to be added to that list. While this book had an interesting premis and the story, overall, was pretty good, the heroine was obnoxious and that affected the whole reading experienced for me.The heroine, Susan, was constantly (and I mean constantly) making som [...]

  • Aifos

    So I wrote a review for this, but it somehow got deleted. I'm so mad! I spent half an hour writing it only to suddenly disappear right before my eyes :@ I don't I will be writing it again.

  • Ana Luisa

    Mais um sucesso da minha Rainha do Romance Sobrenatural! Devo confessar que esta é a minha serie favorita. Vampiros, humanos, sexo, luta do bem contra o mal, homens charmosos e lindos…bem, melhor parar por aqui, o que quero dizer é que a receita da autora é completamente imperdível. Neste nono volume foi a vez de Ravyn, um Were-Hunter que se tornou Dark-Hunter e que por isso foi desprezado pela sua raça.Susan tinha tudo para ser feliz, namorado, uma carreira de sucesso, até que confiou n [...]

  • Sandi

    I found the hardcover edition "Dark Side of the Moon" for $5.99 on the Borders bargain books rack. Sherrilyn Kenyon has a lot of books in print and seems to be quite popular. I'm not into the whole vampire lover genre, but for $5.99, I figured I could at least see what made Kenyon so popular. I must now shamefully admit that I really enjoyed "Dark Side of the Moon". I could have done without the whole gods/daimons/Dark Hunters/Appolites/etc. back story, but I loved the character of Susan. I love [...]

  • Esther Langdon

    Le doy esa nota porque la relación de los protagonistas no me ha gustado especialmente, pero las subtramas son increíbles, sobre todo la de Aquerón y Nick *omg*

  • Laura the Highland Hussy

    I think this was the first Sherrilyn Kenyon book I ever read-talk about jumping right in to the Dark Hunter world. I love the Dark Hunters and this is a fun one. Anyone who loves the DH series will love it, and PNR romance lovers will love it. I strongly recommend reading them in order (I did not-it sucked).Susan rescues a cat who is really a dark hunter. He turns from cat to leopard to man in front of her, and she's calm about it-I loved that. She didn't scream or go all girly and faint. Girls [...]

  • Emily

    When Dark Hunter/Were Shifter Ravyn gets himself hauled off to the pound he thinks perhaps his time maybe up. When he is adopted by a woman who appears to be allergic to cats, he prods her to get the collar that is keeping him in cat form off in order to gain back his strength.Susan Michaels went from a dynamic journalist to writing about aliens and creatures for a tabloid, after one wrong lead ruined her career. When her best friend calls her to the pound to share some news, she ends up with a [...]

  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥

    3.5 stars - A good but not great read for me. The chemistry seemed a little off with Ravyn and Susan - I was never completely sold on it but it is nice to see him have someone to support him after the fiasco he calls family. The police plot fell short also - lacking some of the suspense of other books in the series for me. However, Archeron always brings a smile to my face! Just not with Artemis! :(

  • Mafi

    Gostei. :) A Susan era mesmo sarcástica! ahaha o Ravyn é um querido, gostei da parte de transformar-se em gato, pq eu adoro gatos. Ah e da parte da Susan ser alérgica ao seu companheiro :P Mais um bom livro desta autora, apesar de ja ir no 10º livro desta saga, ainda nao notei nenhum sinal de desgase, aliás cada livro é melhor que o outro, criando um grande mistério à volta do Acheron, que terei grande prazer em descobrir quando ler o livro dedicado a esta personagem.

  • Cyndi

    I do love this series. In this book we learn more about squires. And, Nick? What are you doing? Your mother would not be pleased.P. S. I love Susan! She is a strong character that takes everything in stride. She fights, but she is smart about it. Love the addition of a cat allergy. Hilarious!

  • majo

    what. the. fuck.What is going on with Nick????? The ending left me shocked. What? How? why? I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY NICK DID THAT.obviously I enjoyed this book a lot more than the previous one. (Unleash the Night, that sucked epically, btw) But the love story between Susan and Ravyn was the thing least interesting in the book. I need to know more about the thing with Ash and Nick ASAP.

  • Cata

    Mais uma vez Sherrilyn Kenyon traz-nos um maravilhoso livro da Saga "Predadores da Noite". Desta vez o nosso predador é Ravyn Kontis. Antes de se transformar em Predador da Noite, Ravyn era um Predador do Homem Arcadiano o que faz dele um Predador da Noite especial: ele pode andar à luz do dia desde que esteja na sua forma animal e as drogas (por exemplo tranquilizantes) afectam-no, o que não acontece com os outros Predadores da Noite.A história começa com Ravyn metido num grande sarilho, e [...]

  • v.v

    To be honest this wasn't the most memorable book in this series. I knew going in I wouldn't be too interested because I didn't know any of the characters that well. Don't get me wrong, this book was still pretty good but not up to par with others in the series. A problem that most other readers had was with Susan. She can come off as a bitch or a little insecure at times and that makes her irritating, or you could have loved her sarcastic, kick ass self. I was more in the later. I also found som [...]

  • MelissaB

    This book was a little slow in the beginning but really picked up about a quarter of the way through.Ravyn and Susan were an interesting couple. Ravyn was a very hot Dark Hunter/Arcadian Were Hunter. He, of course, had some issues. His family killed him about 300 years ago after he told his potential mate that he was a Were Hunter, which caused her to gather a group of humans to attack Ravyn's villiage and kill some of his pack including his mother and sister. His brother killed him for his "bet [...]

  • TJ

    2.5/5.0This is the first book in the "Dark Hunter" series that I honestly didn't think held up to Kenyon's exacting standards. It's perplexing, too. Her stories are usually tight, well put together, her world building understandable, her characters empathetic and believable - even though often-times incredibly dark and tortured. All of those makings were present in this book, they just never came to fruition.Take the main reason we read these books, the romance. Susan and Ravyn are both characte [...]