Deadly Secrets (The Greek Isles Series, #2) by Angel Sefer Online

Deadly Secrets (The Greek Isles Series, #2)
Title : Deadly Secrets (The Greek Isles Series, #2)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781620154304
Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 224

A quest for truth…Helena was only eight when her father disappeared, and her life was shattered. Thirteen years later, she returns to her birthplace—the Greek island of Mykonos—on a quest to learn the truth about her father. Eerie warnings from her late mother and prophecies hidden in her grandmother’s diary compel Helena to delve into her family’s mysterious past. But welA quest for truth…Helena was only eight when her father disappeared, and her life was shattered. Thirteen years later, she returns to her birthplace—the Greek island of Mykonos—on a quest to learn the truth about her father. Eerie warnings from her late mother and prophecies hidden in her grandmother’s diary compel Helena to delve into her family’s mysterious past. But well-buried secrets and a hidden mastermind plotting revenge create a deadly combination that could destroy Helena’s life.A powerful and seductive man…Upon discovering that the seductive Captain Dimitris Nikolaou has taken everything once belonging to her father, Helena is devastated; but in spite of his treachery, she is drawn to him like no other. As danger and passion collide, Helena realizes that nothing is what it seems.Keeping a promise can be fatal…Despite her desire for the irresistible captain, Helena is wary of his insistence to keep the promise he’d made to her father—the promise to marry her. Dimitris wants this feisty enchantress, and he’s used to getting what he wants. Making Helena his wife isn’t about the promise anymore—he wants her…and he’s willing to put his heart and his life at risk to keep her in his arms forever.

Deadly Secrets (The Greek Isles Series, #2) Reviews

  • M.M. Jaye

    In Deadly Secrets, Helena goes back to the Greek island of Mykonos to reconnect with her father’s relatives and try to find some answers about his mysterious disappearance thirteen years ago. However, the stunning beauty of the Aegean island is shadowed by a strong sense of foreboding, as she gradually sees that people around her hold deep and dark secrets that put her life to danger. The last straw is to find herself bound to an overbearing, impossible man. His words are full of scorn, but hi [...]

  • Christoph Fischer

    “Deadly Secrets” by Angel Sefer is a spellbinding mystery romance novel in the most beautiful and captivating of settings: The Greek Island of Mykonos. Our recently heroine Helena leaves England to visit her aunt Sophie on the island where she meets the ominous and charismatic yet not always likeable Dimitris.Dark, moody and with a sense of foreboding this story unfolds with ominous “greek drama”. The mystery around her father’s disappearance many years ago, secrets revealed in a diary [...]

  • Patricia Mann

    An exciting roller coaster of passion and suspense!Mrs. Sefer did it again! I really enjoyed this skillful blend of romance and mystery with an intriguing story line!I loved the characters and the description of the island. I’ve always wanted to visit a Greek island and now, more so than ever…The development of the romance was very interesting, full of passion, doubt, suspicion, intrigue and sprinkled with the fascinating customs and tradition of the island.I would recommend this book to any [...]

  • Anna Pasaliadi

    A very exciting and well-written book!I just love well-written books, and this was one of them. The beautiful descriptions and the development of the intriguing characters jumped from the pages. I found myself drawn to it, page after page, trying to figure out who was hiding behind all this… The story was exhilarating, full of mystery, danger, and suspense, while the development of the simmering desire between stunning Helena and the seductive captain kept me glued to the pages.A great sequel [...]

  • Jessica Chodaczek

    The writing is so juvenile, the pace is too fast, and the characters are flat. Every other adjective is "really " I can't even force myself to finish it.

  • Terry Reid

    If you’re looking for a slow burning romance, Deadly Secrets will be right up your beach (yes it includes a seaside like all good romance novels need. The book is about a young woman, Helena, who returns to the Mediterranean island of her birth after years spent in England. Helena returns to find answers to her father’s death years before. But a strange series of encounters and events convinces her that there was more to his death than simply being lost at sea. While trying to get to the bot [...]

  • Bill

    Another spellbinding mystery on a beautiful island setting!This was another spellbinding mystery on a beautiful island setting – just as good as the first novel in the series, if not better.I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the island with its fascinating customs and traditions, as well as the intriguing characters. Reading the book and having seeing pictures of the amazing island of Mykonos, I felt as if I were there.I’ve become a fan of this series and can’t wait for the third book.

  • Deborah McClatchey

    I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery romance, and having read her first book in the series, this one did not disappoint! I was on the edge of my seat several times! Wonderful, well-written characters you won’t soon forget. The Greek island of Mykonos…what a perfect place to enjoy a smoldering romance! Loved it, you can’t miss this one. I highly recommend and give author Angel Sefer high marks for another thrilling ride.

  • Elias Zapple

    I've been to Greece a few times and I adore the Greek Islands. Have yet to go to Mykonos but after reading this, I plan on doing so very soon. First of all, what a wonderful, aesthetically-pleasing setting for a mystery novel to be set in. Helena, our protagonist, is a deeply involving character whose heart belongs to Greece and it's here where the story unfolds. Full of romance and intrigue, with an unexpected twist - worthy of five stars.

  • Shane O'Neill

    A dark and moody mystery vividly depicted in beautiful Greece. I would describe this as more of a woman's book, if I'm allowed to say such a thing, but it easily captured my attention and interest throughout. I should have read the first book in the series before picking this one up, so that is high on my agenda. Great story, and one I recommend.

  • George Cahill

    A romantic thriller! I love stories that keep me glued to the pages, and this was one of them! I just couldn’t put the book down. I’ve never been to Greece and this “virtual visit” to the island of Mykonos was exactly what I needed. I imagined been there, with Helena and Dimitris, trying to solve the mystery, while denying their feelings for each other. Don’t miss this one! It’s a winner!!!

  • Helena

    I loved the book!I started reading excerpts of this novel at the author’s blog, and had to rush to to buy it.I thoroughly enjoyed it - great blend of mystery and romance. I kept turning pages and wouldn’t put it down until the end.Having read this one, as well as the first one, I can’t wait for the third novel in this series.Highly recommended!

  • Evan Bollinger

    What a wonderful novel, full of mystery and suspense!I like hot romances but I like it even more, when they are blended with a well developed mystery. This is the reason I loved this book so much. Captivating series!

  • Effrosyni Moschoudi

    A fast-paced, romantic page turner set in the heart of Greek summer.This is the second book in the Greek Isles Series and I must say, I thought it was even better than Spellbound in His Arms. Deadly Secrets was simply un-put-downable.Helena arrives in the cosmopolitan Greek island of Mykonos on a long holiday from London in order to find her roots and hoping to unravel an old family mystery too. In the process, her life and the life of others are put in danger, and she also falls irrevocably in [...]

  • Hunter Jones

    Who doesn't love a good romance that is blended with a mixture of emotions? Deadly Secrets by Angel Sefer does just that by mingling mystery, suspense, and excitement into this romance.The story takes place on Mykonos, my favorite of all the beautiful Greek Island. The main Characters Helena and Dimitris are believable. There is romance in the air but the mystery that looms over Helena and the disappearance of her father makes the plot turn intriguing. It gives a depth to the story and makes the [...]

  • S.R. Mallery

    ***** THE GREEK ISLES MEETS MURDER & ROMANCETalk about a page-turner! Fifteen minutes in and I realized this was Book 2 and I probably should be reading Book 1. The problem was I was so hooked by then I couldn’t abandon the story. Able to stand on its own (i.e the author’s talent), the book’s backdrop is the Greek Isles, where the sparkling Aegean, white buildings, and fine Greek cuisine all play hosts to family secrets, inheritances, and an old, unsolved murder. Along comes Helena, sa [...]

  • Ju Ephraime

    Sefer’s ‘Deadly Secrets’ is set on the beautiful and mysterious Greek Island of Mykonos. As with anything Greek, there’s mystery, danger, and passion in this fast-paced, beautifully written love story. Notwithstanding the heart-wrenching romance between, Dimitris and Helena, the author’s descriptions of the beautiful island compliments the passion and romance between these two strong-willed individuals. Dimitris wants Helena and will stop at nothing to claim her, Helena has to learn to [...]

  • Caroline Fardig

    I loved DEADLY SECRETS, Book 2 in THE GREEK ISLES series. It’s set on the Greek island of Mykonos, and the author describes the gorgeous scenery perfectly—I’ve been to several islands in the Aegean, and all are breathtaking.The rocky romance between Helena and Dimitris really drove the plot. The author kept the story interesting by making Dimitris compelling but not always likeable. Helena is a great heroine, torn between her attraction to Dimitris and her quest for the truth. This is a gr [...]

  • Muffy Wilson

    I have been to the Greek Isles and the seduction of the backdrop in and of itself is enough to tempt the reader to give up everything just to live there. But, to give it all up to uncover the mysterious past without knowing what may come of it all? And under the enigmatic prophecies of her grandmother? There's another thing. But, the temptation is unrelenting, the characters are brilliantly written and the plot crafted with an elegant finesse. The romantic tension ignite passion and treachery. Y [...]

  • C.P. Mandara

    As Danger and Passion Collide Oh gosh, turned the first page of this book and couldn't put it down. Beautifully staged on the Greek Island of Mykonos, the setting is breathless enough - but add a little intrigue, passion and romance and I was glued to each and every page! Wonderful characters, touch of delightfully dark suspense and an wondrous chemistry which literally sizzles and pops. This series gets better and better!

  • Zoe Saadia

    On a quest to find the truth about her father and his mysterious disappearance many years ago, Helen returns home, to the beautiful island of Mykonos, where nothing is what it seems. A family mystery, a seductive captain, a secret past of her father - the perfect combination for a beautiful romance. Like Spellbound in His Arms, this second novel in the series is as action-packed, as delightfully smooth, as full of twists and turns, and as romantic. A wonderful read!

  • Mandus

    A captivating read! I was so happy to get the opportunity to read this book, having read the first one. This was a wonderful follow-up to where the previous book ended. I love how Sefer uses her words. So carefully, so deliberately. It's a fascinating story, filled with equally fascinating characters; a mystery and ensemble of men and women that make this book such a pleasure to read. I'm so looking forward to reading more from Sefer!

  • Jill Meengs

    This is a well-crafted, suspenseful novel set on a mesmerizing island.I was drawn to this beautifully written and unique story right from the beginning—the fascinating characters, the island descriptions, and the sense of mystery and danger in the air captivated me and made me want more…Don’t miss this one! It’s a winner!

  • Anna Othitis

    I very much enjoyed the sweet romances with a strong mystery. Deadly Secrets had me turning the pages wanting to discover more mystery, deception, suspense and romance all very well blended into an intriguing story taking place on the beautiful descriptive Greek island of Mykonos. A certainly must read

  • Rosa Carrillo

    Deadly Secrets, takes you to Greek island of Mykonos. Dark secrets put her life to danger to Aegean and she finds herself bound to an impossible sexy man who captures her heart. I'm glad I picked this book because I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story was very well-paced and the unexpected twists made me finish the book in a single day.

  • Jiolanda Kalofolia

    This novel had it all!!!I had thoroughly enjoyed the first novel in the series, so I couldn’t wait for this one. And I was not disappointed… This novel had it all: mystery, suspense, intrigue, romance, captivating characters, and a beautiful island setting.I highly recommend it to all mystery romance lovers.

  • Darrin Mason

    The cover kicks a$$ and so does the book itself. A great one that puts you not only in the story but also the beautiful Greek Isles. This one is worth every penny and costs a whole heap less than an airfare to boot. Recommended.

  • Morgan Wyatt

    I love Angel's entire Greek Island series. It may because the isles represent exotic getaways along with mysteries of ancient civilizations. Ms. Serfer serves it up with danger and romance. Romantic suspense doesn't get much better than this.

  • Eddie

    An intriguing romance, mystery, and a beautiful setting in the Mediterranean, all make for a captivating read. Loved it!

  • Jonny Bell

    This is an excellent read. Deadly Secrets passed my expectations. I do recommend trying this book and giving it a shot.