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Xavier (Men of Steel, #4)
Title : Xavier (Men of Steel, #4)
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Language : English
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 303

Twenty three year old Xavier is out to prove his independence to his brothers and Momma Joe. Needing a change Xavier Steel decided to plant his feet in the Jersey sand and start a production company allowing him the ability to re acquaint himself with his true passion in life and make a living doing what he loved, playing and creating music. Taelyn Patrick is offered an opTwenty three year old Xavier is out to prove his independence to his brothers and Momma Joe. Needing a change Xavier Steel decided to plant his feet in the Jersey sand and start a production company allowing him the ability to re acquaint himself with his true passion in life and make a living doing what he loved, playing and creating music. Taelyn Patrick is offered an opportunity to make much needed extra money. The hours would be grueling, but she doesn't care. She needs the money to help her fiancé’ Daniel. Daniel and Taelyn had lived together and went to the same college when he was accepted into the medical program at Harvard. Together they made the decision to live separately until Taelyn finished her internship and graduated from college. They had looked at several apartments near Harvard together and fell in love with one. Supporting two households would be a huge financial burden but they knew the apartment would be gone if they waited until she graduated; when they would reunited and again live together. Taelyn was offered an opportunity she could not afford to turn down. She wasn’t looking forward to helping a spoiled kid start a production company that she was sure would fail. She was less enthusiastic when his mother, her boss, asked that she be available at all times. Josephina explained that she was worried about woman taking advantage of her son financially and damage his kind heart. Can Xavier curb his sexual appetite and become a responsible young man? Or will he find himself in bed with women who will do whatever they have to for there own financial gain?

Xavier (Men of Steel, #4) Reviews

  • Hanne

    I really liked this book a lot. Xavier and Taelyn are great characters. Taelyn is sweet, smart, passionate, feisty and loving. Xavier is passionate, talented, confident and a little arrogant. He never thought he would fall in love, but he falls hard for Taelyn. They are perfect for each other and they are hot together, but there was a little too much push and pull between them. I’ll read the books about Xavier’s brothers one day, because I really liked them and their women in this book.

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen

    Book – Xavier (Men of Steel #4)Author – M.J. FieldsPublication Date – April 29, 2014Type – No Cliffhanger SeriesGenre – Romance/New AdultRating – 4 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy provided by Author (Blog Tour) in exchange for an honest review.Reading OrderJase (Men of Steel #1) – Jase and Carly’s StoryCyrus (Men of Steel #2) – Cyrus and Tara’s StoryZandor (Men of Steel #3) – Zandor and Bekah’s StoryXavier (Men of Steel #4) – Xavier and Taelyn’s StoryReviewAnd as we [...]

  • Jeni Finch

    obsessionlovetoread.cMY VIEW: I have read EVERYONE of MJ Fields books and each one is better then the one before! This was such a good book! So much love honesty feisty smart mouth and sooooooo much humor!!!!! I Love that Xavier is naughty naughty boy with a sexy mouth and body!!! He is very protective of Irish but scared at the same time He doesn't want to fall like his brothers have While Irish doesn't want to be in a relationship because of what her ex-boyfriend put her through.I think Xavier [...]

  • Aubrey Storm

    MJ FIelds never ceases to amaze me. Her writing is like know other. You want original look know farther because I can't guarantee there's not another erotic romance writer out there that can top MJ Fields!"I wouldn't be promising her forever but when she was ready I would be promising her forever but when she was ready I would be promising her that while we were doing all the filthy, nasty, hot as f*** things running around in my head, I wouldn't be doing them with anyone else.""Did you know you [...]

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews

    Girls, hold on to your skirts and thongs! Xavier is in town and will power took a powder.This character is absolutely determined NEVER to fall for a woman and become so whipped that he loses his identity. Women swoon for him. Men find him a good buddy but are leary of his effect on their girlfriends. In Xavier's mind, falling in love would make him no other way to say but just come out with it "pussy-whipped". He is controversial, cocky, domineering, stubborn, foul-mouthed but in the end, he po [...]

  • Heather andrews

    Oh Xavier I want to have your babies. Taelyn and Xavier have the strangest conversations: "Your pen** is on google and you're not worried about that?" she gasped. "Why? Does it look small?"I mean he is gentleman enough to give her fair warning on some things, "my di** is hard. I swear to God one more word I'm gonna come in my pants. Please, I am asking you as nice as I know how Irish, shut the eff up and go to sleep." I mean I love the chemistry these two have: There was a knock on the door. I r [...]

  • Eye Candy Bookstore

    WOW!!! I have found my new favorite Steel man. I love them all but Xavier caught me.I loved the cockiness of Xavier but I really loved that Taelyn could handle his sexy attitude. She never let him walk over her which was hard since Xavier's protective side came out in force. They were a perfect fit from the start, the banter between them had be laughing so much through out the book. Xavier wasn't only sexy and cocky but he was totally sweet and swoon worthy. He made my heart swell the way he spo [...]

  • Tiffany Gonzalez

    So Lucky to Beta this book and seriously wish I could give it more than 5 stars!! This was hands down my favorite of the men of steel series. MJ Fields went above and beyond what I was expecting and I love it! Xavier is def the naughtiest of the steel brothers and he doesn't disappoint. That princeo boy!!! Def a must read and super HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  • books are love

    the last men of steel to go. The last book this is my reaction to thatI mean please Ms. Fields let us see more of these men of steel in the future. I know there were four brothers but these four brothers are great and this book of Xavier falling in love is no exception.Holy sex on legs! That is what Xavier is Sex on Legs. A hottie to boot. But he stubbornly holds out on love fights for awhile too so he doesn't sell out like his brother. Funny thing is even when he succombs he is still sexy alpha [...]

  • Mindy Bigham

    I love these Steel boys.Xavier Steel is the youngest of the brothers. He wants to find his own path in life and make his own money. X is also very determined to not be stupid like his brothers and fall in love. Xavier is hot, arrogant and knows exactly what he wants.Momma Joe hires a personal assistant to help him start up his own business and to watch out for her baby boy. What Momma doesn't know is that his new assistant Taelyn is exactly the kind of woman that might be a game changer for Xavi [...]

  • Michelle

    This was my favorite out of the Men of Steel books. Xavier and Taelyn's relationship is the least off putting to me. Xavier is a man-whore prior to meeting Taelyn. Taelyn comes to work for Xavier when Momma Joe hires her and she is engaged to a Harvard Medical student, who she finds out is keeping some big secrets from her. They become close while working together so when Taelyn is hurt by her ex, Xavier wants to keep her safe. This book has a lot less crazy misunderstandings that the other book [...]

  • Faz

    4.5 Irish stars!!!Just when I thought Zandor was the only one for me out of all the steel men Xavier came along and proves me wrong. I LOVE LOVE Xavier he had me laughing and swooning all the time, it also helps that he was sexy as fuck and he was pierced and all tattooed up (yes I have a thing piercings and tattoos! Its HOT!!!). Now Tealyn I loved her too! She was just as funny, sexy and I loved how she didn't let her dick of an ex-fiancée ruin her and hells yes I would throw the first punch t [...]

  • Reckless Readers

    **Arc was given to our blog for honest review**This book was HOT!! This author knows how to write a story and keep you hooked through out the whole book! I really enjoyed it! One of the main things that got me excited to read this was the cover! Hello Richard Rocco!! Obviously this is book 4 of the series! Xavier is the baby of the family! He is hot and sexy!!! Will warn you he is a total male slut. I'm okay with that tho. What makes this story so entertaining is when Xavier meets his assistant [...]

  • Reflections of a Book Geek

    4 starsThis was my favourite book of the series so far. I honestly didn't think I was going to like Xavier Steel but I loved him in the end. There was plenty happening in this story, I loved how the drama wasn't over the top and didn't go on forever but I kind of felt things were left a bit unresolved! I found it weird Angel just disappeared like that and also Daniel gave up to easy after the threats he made. I have enjoyed this series and am looking forward to what comes next.

  • Colleen

    This one gets 4 stars because it seemed to have a bit more character development than the previous books. Plus, it pulled my other love, music, into it. I still think I must be reading an early draft because I found a lot of grammar issues but otherwise, I'm still enjoying the series. Just a few novellas to go to wrap up the stories of these brothers.

  • Shaunna Armstrong

    Of course it gets 5 stars!!! If I could give more I would! This series just keeps getting better. MJ opened us up to the baby of the Steel Men and he might of been the hardest to handle. X wants to prove he can do it on his own. No love for him just his business but then Momma Joe sends in Taelyn and he falls hard & fast. X finally sees what all the fuss is with his brothers and he's ready to take you on a ride. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Deana

    I love the Steel books written by MJ Fields! The sixth book in the series but the fourth brother in the Steel family is amazingXavier is the youngest but has more to stand for. He wants to do things on his own not using his families money. He is a ladies man just like his brothers but has to have a assistant and he meets "Irish." They work together and fall in love yup the LOVE word comes into play. Read this amazing series by M.J. Fields yeah I said series not just the book

  • Tiffany

    This book was my Favorite of the Men of Steel Series!! I was in love with CyrusBUTNOPE Xavier is My Favorite Bad BoyHOLY WOWHotness!! The Whole Series is Great,But Taelyn/Irish and Xavier are just a Great Shit Show!! 5 Plus for the Funny,Hot,Sexy,Hot,Sexy,Hot MomentsWay to Right a Great Book M.J. Fields!!

  • Jennifer

    The Steele brothers are amazing and I would definitely recommend this series. Though X is not my favorite book. The fighting and walking away, only to forgive and start the fight all over again, really annoyed me. Also the editing in this one needed some work. But with all that said, I still enjoyed Xavier's story and loved spending time with the brothers again.

  • Darla

    Heaps & heaps of stars!!! Oh god I loved this book!!! I can't get enough of these Steel men!!! Xavier was just adorable & I loved him!!! I also loved that Taelyn was so strong!!! I love these brothers together!!!

  • Jen

    Seriously. WOWJust when I though the first 3 hot Steel brothers were more than enough hotness then comes Xavier!!! Hot Damn!!! I just might love him the most!! I could not put this book down!! And now I am left wanting more!!!

  • Paige Steele

    Another hot and funny book by MJ Fields! Xavier was a great book! I loved his witty comments to different situations. Taelyn and Xavier's relationship was steamy and I loved it!! This story I loved!

  • Stephanie

    Little brother did not disappoint! He was definitely worth the wait and a great addition to the series.

  • Teresasloveosbooks

    Going to bed tonight with #Xavier be very Jealous. Lol

  • Sarah M

    These books keep getting better and better! By far my favorite!

  • Indy

    Several editing issues detracted from my enjoyment a bit.

  • Melissa Gratton

    Absolutely awesome X has become my favorite Steel. I love all the Steel men!! Now looking forward to the next one ,possibly Abe or Mamma Joe finding a love interest.

  • Patty

    I cannot get enough of this family, each book is so full of alpha male and strong women. Xavier is the youngest of the 4 boys, and it set on paving his own way. Mama Jo hires Taelyn to help him out in the office and immediate sparks come out, but Taelyn has is engaged to another. As in perfect MJ Fields style, there are plot twists and turns, hot sex, big business and manly men. So much happens, it is a blast keeping up with all the brothers, their women, Mama Jo as well as Taelyn's brothers and [...]

  • Nancy

    5 Magically Delicious Stars!!!!Oh Xavier and that dirty, sexy, sweet mouth of yours?! Poor Taelyn never stood a chance when you came steam rolling into her life. These two were so funny together, I was really hoping that when Xavier met his girl, she would give as good as she got and boy did she ever; X definitely met his match with Irish!Taelyn was such a sweet girl and I absolutely loved how she came into her and put X in his place when necessary but yet loved him exactly how he needed. She fi [...]

  • Jenny

    **3.5 starsThis is my favorite of the Steel Men series. I'm still having a hard time ignoring the inconsistencies and timelines, but I'm trying to hold back judgment and just look at the story.Again, I liked the first 50% and Xavier and Taelyn aka Irish together. Maybe I've outgrown the insta-love and want to savor a nice slow build, but there is just something about this series that bugs me a little. This is just my hang-up and opinion.It's a good story and would recommend to anyone who loves d [...]