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Im Still Wifey (Wifey, #2)
Title : Im Still Wifey (Wifey, #2)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780971702158
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 190

While Kira's husband Ricky is behind bars serving federal time, she clings onto the hope that one day she?ll get a taste of sweet revenge for Russ?the nigga who played her! In the mix of all the drama, Kira unintentionally falls for a new ?hood rich cat who has it all. Money, good looks, and a girl back home in Jersey! This time around Kira plans to play by a different setWhile Kira's husband Ricky is behind bars serving federal time, she clings onto the hope that one day she?ll get a taste of sweet revenge for Russ?the nigga who played her! In the mix of all the drama, Kira unintentionally falls for a new ?hood rich cat who has it all. Money, good looks, and a girl back home in Jersey! This time around Kira plans to play by a different set of rules! Although, Ricky is locked down in a Virginia federal prison, it doesn't stop his reign of terror. He gets wind of everything that went down with Kira and gives her a life altering ultimatum. Nevertheless, Kira refuses to adhere to his demand and Ricky has no choice but to suit up his street team. The question is: How will it end this time?

Im Still Wifey (Wifey, #2) Reviews

  • K.augustine

    I love how Kira stood up for herself in this book but it seems to me that she really didn't learn anything from her previous experiences. This book was a bit predictable but great nonetheless. The drama was turned on high and was non stop! I loved it! The author left us with many unanswered questions but I'm okay with that since I know she will most likely clear everything up in her next installment of this series. My main complaint about part 1, "Wifey" was that the narration and dialogue was e [...]

  • Sheenaat Hot Eats and Cool Reads

    This is the second book in the Wifey series, and I liked it just as much as I did the first. Once again there is alot of drama and that kept it interesting until the end. Kira is a trip and she is continually scheming on someone, but karma always comes back at you somehow when you least expect it. Ricky is locked up and still being shady, just like before. The ending was somewhat of a surprise and I couldn't wait to get started on the next book, Life After Wifey. hoteatsandcoolreads/20

  • *Kayla

    Kayla RichardsonNovember 4, 2010One pager- Book Review The name of the book that I read is called I’m still Wifey by Kiki Swinson. This book is about a girl named Kira who is dealing with her soon to be divorced husband Ricky who is in jail. While she’s trying to get him to sign the divorce papers, she’s trying to get revenge on her ex boyfriend who stole all of her money. Mean while, she’s pregnant with Ricky’s baby but nobody but her favorite cousin Nikki knows. As Kira is trying to [...]

  • Daria Hall

    Have you ever been in a situation that may cause you your life? Being betrayed by your own wife,that's suppose to hold on you when hard times come.It even got to the point that your husband wanted to put an hit on you and your family. Because of the dumb ass decision you made to get revenge on him. But everything start going down heel when one person start to tell the truth about you.So now you stick and don't know what to do.So get ready for an awesome adventure. It's ten clocking in the mornin [...]

  • Lesa Divine

    Good read, I have to say I liked this one better then Wifey. This one it is more action more set ups and we now get to read more about Ricky as one of the main charcaters.Now Kira is a woman who is married to Ricky a drug dealer that ends up in jail for a murder rap. But, while he's in jail all things starts to fall in place when he finds out that Kira set him up to get him locked up by the Feds. Ricky playing his doggish ways by sleeping with a CEO to get what he wont food, sex and drugs so he [...]

  • Desirae

    This book was a good book to read because there was always something happening after another. Kira was always getting betrayed by someone she knew and even though shes been through so much she was always finding a way to be happy. Kira's lover mike was killed and she eventually found out it was by her cousins boyfriend, and then papi who is the head dealer eventually had kira killed because she knew too much.

  • Queen Readers

    WOW!!!!!! this is a page turner I can't wait to read the rest of the wifey series

  • Krystal

    I️ did like the different point of views, The male side and the female side. What wasn’t convincing throughout the story was how Kira basically was already in love with a guy that she knew for two weeks. She barely knew this guy but she felt like her whole life was wiped away when he died?? She didn’t even tell him that she was pregnant.


    Lawd Have mercy, This was so good, kept me on my toes. Im so happy I have the next Book ( Life After Wifey) Kiki Did it again. I hope Im able to get to ATL Dec 1 to meet this amazing Author. I cant believe it. Papi is something fierce. YES LAWD YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alana Jones

    1. 3-5 sentence summary2. Reason for number of stars given to each book3. Significant quotation correctly cited and explained within4. Make connection to topics covered in class5. Who would you recommend this to and why?Kira finally is happy, her "husband" Ricky is behind bars and they had became enemies. Kira eventually moved on to another sexy and not to mention rich street thug. living in the lap of luxury getting everything she wants and more but then she is faced with three problems. her pr [...]

  • Starsz

    This was a lot better than part I.; ; ; ; ;; ;;

  • Lena♥(Nothing Like Your Last,Im Your Present) Lakeisha

    KiKi SwinsonOne of my favorite writers has dont it again!She did her thing and did it WELL.Kira is a girl who's married to man name Ricky,Ricky is now in prison Thanks to Kira and her cousin Nikki who sold him out to the FEDS in the last novel. This gets back to Ricky from one of his babymamas while he's incarcerated.He cofronts Kira about it over the phone but she plays her cards right and Tell him no,but later on he finds out from his lawyer she's lieing.Kira and her cousin did set him up. Ric [...]

  • Denisha Shelton

    Ricky is still running things behind bars. OMG I cant believe Russ I just knew him and Kira was going to run off and be happy together. I think Kira felt too comfortable talking to Russ and he just used it to his advantage and he knew Ricky was going down thanks to Kira so he took that money from Kira like takin candy from a baby. Ricky was so hurt when Kira told him about that baby I knew he was gone try to put a hit out on her for that he really loved her but like he said it paid the cost to b [...]

  • Nikki Robertson

    I think KiKi Swinson is an awesome writer. Her words aren't big and huge. (where for to thy for LOL) She short and sweet and quick to the point. She writes for African Americans, especially for the ones that get overlookedShe writes to someone that can relate to her work. (ME) It feels good to know that someone cares enough to mix the game up a little, to reach a hoodstar. I know first hand at what she is writing about. She doesn't write to fast, her sentences are slow paced and her themes keep [...]

  • Desamonia Anderson

    I read this book in three days. This ia a great book to read if you like alot of action or supense. The thing the most I learned about this book is that karma is real. When you do mean things to others it will come back and bit you in the butt you will never know when. So it dosn't pay to do wrong because it will follow you, and then catch up.To summarize this book the theme of the story is payback is a bitch. The setting of the story in the late 1980's and early 1990's when the drug sence was p [...]

  • Sharde

    My book is about a women name Kiki Swinson and she is a fighter and a nice person in the inside and outside so she saw a another women that she knew and that person said stuff about her. So Kiki and that person was fighting. The women grabbed a handful of Kiki's hair and twist it into a knot and Kiki was punching her in the stomach and the head so the cops was on their way and the women and her boyfriend left and all of a sudden the cops came and said "you alright". then Kiki said "yeah I'm fine [...]

  • TiffanyB

    I would have given this one 4 stars but I just can't get over all the mistakes. KiKi Swinson needs a PROOF READER like last year!!!You may write ghetto books but you don't want to handle your business like you live next door to Rickey's baby mother!!! I digress.This author did however step up her writing skills.This book was alot more exciting than the first.Still not "read it all in one night" material. But I was gracious and gave 4 stars.

  • Mia L.

    Now this was so much better than the first book. Glad that Kira finally took charge and started to get payback I'm also upset she got screwed in the end when all she did was be faithful to another lame inconsistent man. Hoping book 3 brings some sort of twist cause right now I hated that ending!Great read nonetheless.

  • Janae Jones

    So I was so happy that Kira was pregnant but she just had to loose that darn baby! I was shocked that her cousin dude tried to murder her I was like WHAT!!! I LOVED this Book it had so many twists and turns I kept on guessing and every time I was surprised. If you like a book that's fast paced and will have shocked read this book.

  • India Jones-Tanner

    Great book! I can't wait to start reading the next book in the series. Kira can't be dead. I think Russ and Ricky got what they deserved. It amazes me how people know the rules of the streets, but they still break them thinking they will supercede the consequences.

  • Dee Cherry

    Kira finds more trouble after being shot while being with Mark. Set up by Syncere. Kira tells Papi about Ricky & Russ. He gives her $25000 , Ricky & Russ killed by Papi. Kira shot in bathroom by Papi me.

  • T. Brown

    Very Good book, KiKi has a real good way of grasping the author from the first chapter. i didnt read Wifey and Knew evrything that happened from the first book by reading the second. Although many who read wifey said i still need to read it!!!

  • Belle Of

    i read this book in one day once i got a hold of it i didnt put it down till i reach the very end i was even mad i didnt know the book had ended i turned the page and there was nothing left imagine how i felt what a cliffhanger i was left with

  • Sydney Reynolds

    This book is very interesting. It's very dramamtic and has a lot of action!. Inappropriate , but still a good book!

  • Sachki

    This was a pretty good book even though I have not read 1 or 3 yet but I have read #4 and so far I am very pleased with what I read.

  • Carmen

    Great book lots of drama

  • Patti

    OMG! Trashy wifey gets shot, sleeps around, schemes aginst her incarcerated hubby, and gets shot again! MANY MORE IN THE SERIES-BUT i THINK i'LL PASS.

  • Alycia

    IDK if im allowed to tell allbut its about a girl and cousin and their relationship.her cousin ended up getting shot with her boyfriend all of a sudden

  • Kellee

    This book was great. I couldn't put it down. It was sooo much better than the first one and I was glad I had already purchased this one.

  • Dena'e

    ive learned to take things serious in life and to see how life can really be for me and to think first.