Superfluous Women (Daisy Dalrymple, #22) by Carola Dunn Online

Superfluous Women (Daisy Dalrymple, #22)
Title : Superfluous Women (Daisy Dalrymple, #22)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781250047045
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages

In England in the late 1920s, The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher, on a convalescent trip to the countryside, goes to visit three old school friends in the area The three, all unmarried, have recently bought a house together They are a part of the generation of superfluous women brought up expecting marriage and a family, but left without any prospects after t In England in the late 1920s, The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher, on a convalescent trip to the countryside, goes to visit three old school friends in the area The three, all unmarried, have recently bought a house together They are a part of the generation of superfluous women brought up expecting marriage and a family, but left without any prospects after than 700,000 British men were killed in the Great War Daisy and her husband Alec Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher, of Scotland Yard go for a Sunday lunch with Daisy s friends, where one of the women mentions a wine cellar below their house, which remains curiously locked, no key to be found Alec offers to pick the lock, but when he opens the door, what greets them is not a cache of wine, but the stench of a long dead body And with that, what was a pleasant Sunday lunch has taken an unexpected turn Now Daisy s three friends are the most obvious suspects in a murder and her husband Alec is a witness, so he can t officially take over the investigation So before the local detective, Superintendent Crane, can officially bring charges against her friends, Daisy is determined to use all her resources Alec and skills to solve the mystery behind this perplexing locked room crime

Superfluous Women (Daisy Dalrymple, #22) Reviews

  • Olga Godim

    An enjoyable cozy After reading this series for 20 books, it s hard for me to add something new to a review All the novels of the series have the same qualities a charming protagonist, a low key investigation, a small town atmosphere, and a scrupulous attention to details of day to day life Maybe even too much of that, but I forgive this flaw because I like reading about Daisy and her particular approach to sleuthing She feels like a friend I ve known forever, comfortable and fluffy like a An en [...]

  • Damaskcat

    This is number twenty two in the Daisy Dalrymple series and I think the series is getting even better with each book In this one Daisy is recovering from a bad attack of bronchitis at a hotel in Beaconsfield where she intends to visit an old school friend who has recently moved to the area Her friend is one of the so called superfluous women , who were unlikely to ever marry because there were almost two million women than men in the country following the huge losses of the Great War.Wil This i [...]

  • ❂ Jennifer

    This series and book are most definitely cozy, but the author does a creditable job infusing the changes and challenges of the time into the narration The murder plotting was great I should have seen who it was, but I didn t and I had fun watching it all come together.More wordy review

  • Sheila

    I have long enjoyed this series, and this one is no exception Daisy is a sprig of the aristocracy, yet not at all an elitist, married to Alec, a Scotland Yard detective This time she is recovering from a serious case of bronchitis in a small town out of the nasty London air She manages to once get involved in a murder mystery, through absolutely no fault of own while reuniting with an old school friendOne of Dunn s strong points is her meticulous presentation of the times It is almost p I have [...]

  • Kaitlyn Dunnett

    Another winner I had never heard of superfluous women before, but it makes sense that there would be a surplus of unmarried women after World War I took so many soldiers lives Dunn does a great job of showing the prejudices they faced as well as portraying the warm heartedness of other denizens of a small English village The mystery held my interest and although I caught a vital clue early on, I discarded it when so many likely suspects appeared on the scene A quick, upbeat read that w Another [...]

  • Carole Crawford

    This is a very enjoyable book and may well be the best one yet So many authors tend to dwindle away in creativity, oversight and interest as their series progress However, with this latest book, being No 22, this series is hanging steady and even coming up I ve noticed that with the last several editions It is exceptional for that and other things One baseline element is the rarity in this day and time of a current author managing interest, appeal and ability without the detraction of lowe This [...]

  • Grey853

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It s England in the 1920, right after the great war London s air quality is horrible and Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher has a serious case of bronchitis She goes on a trip to the countryside to recover There also happens to be an old school chum recently moved to the area Her friend lives with two other single women, all referred to as superfluous women During this time in England there aren t enough men to go round since [...]

  • Kam

    3.5 stars Entertaining but took an age to get to the end.

  • Mary

    A very strong entry in the series While recovering from Bronchitis in a small town north of London, Daisy and Alec stumble across a body locked in the cellar of the house three of Daisy s friends have just bought Who is the dead woman, how did she die, and how did she end up in this cellar Could one of the superfluous women actually be a killer, unlikely as that seems As usual with Dunn, the story is gracefully told and the characters are sympathetic Highly recommended to all lovers of cla A ver [...]

  • Sallee

    I love the time line of these mysteries and enjoy the English characters in the story English village life at that time moved with a slower and gentle pace and people had manners The murders were just as gruesome as today s are but methods of detecting slowed the pace of the investigation unlike with today s forensics where answers appear sooner Reading about how the police go about sleuthing is entertaining and makes for a nice read.

  • Nancy Reynolds

    The most recently released Daisy book I loved it I had been reading all the books one right after the other, but had to WAIT for this one to get published I hated having to wait but LOVED the chance to have another fun read with Daisy and Alec It was another fun and interesting story Number 22 and now I ll have to wait AGAIN But I am sure it will be worth the wait Daisy is just as wonderful as ever in Superfluous Women.

  • Carol

    One of my very favorite series with 22 books and still going strong The writing, the history, the story, the well developed characters, and the descriptive techniques of people, places, and things are top notch Looking forward to 23

  • Jaclyn

    I usually love cozy mysteries but this one never grabbed my attention 2.5 stars.I love the cover though and I love learning about superfluous women.

  • Lcitera

    Number 22 in the series and delightful Nancy Drew for adults.

  • Francine

    Very entertaining

  • Nancy

    Too long

  • Aoife

    This review can also be found on my blog Sorry but one simply can t turn off one s brain Underwood heaved a deep sigh No, I suppose it s too much to expect of the modern woman This is book number 22 in this series I ve read the previous 21 books in the series and intend to read number 23 once it comes out.I could simply stop here After all, I can t say that about many series And even fewer if you ask which of those I genuinely enjoy and don t only continue reading because I ve grown so f This re [...]

  • Marty

    This is 22 in the series about Daisy a feisty lady who is not afraid to use her brains and get involved even though it is the 1920s in England where ladies definitely should know their place A problem was that so many of the young men had been killed in the recent war WWI that there were many superfluous women who were single because their husbands sweethearts etc were no longer alive These women had to break into areas that were traditionally all male Daisy was lucky enough This is 22 in the se [...]

  • George

    22 in the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple and her husband Scotland Yard Detective chief Inspector Alec Fletcher , magazine writer and heiress no inheritance due to British entailed system mystery series It is October, 1927 with Daisy recuperating from severe bronchitis in the country and Alec joins her for the weekend and a luncheon with 3 of Daisy s school friends The friends have bought a home together As a result of the causalities from WW I, there were 2 million women than men in Brita 22 in the [...]

  • Cathy

    This 22nd book was among my favorites in the Daisy Dalrymple series I enjoyed the women friendships, the conversations, and the faster plot than some of the others There were also red herrings I did, however, figure out whodunit, but not much before Daisy did.Favorite quotes Discontent sours people, don t you think Admittedly you re particularly attractive when you smile, but if one ha to consider every time one feels like smiling that it could inflame the passions of the nearest male This 22nd [...]

  • Bodwisebooks

    A good one of Daisy Dalrymple This one I did enjoy again the characters make you want to know The police men and there changing ranks or lifestyle makes you feel that time has past on and things are now changing course at would do in real life The story was one of the better ones I have read all 20 now and this being the last one, was nice to enjoy it I don t like to mention all that happens and how characters and the end will turn out as this does not help get someone reading the books A good [...]

  • Pat Beard

    Tip top in terms of characters and red herrings but unfortunately I knew the killer within the first couple of chapters Solved a couple of side crimes though while dealing with the herrings Probably shouldn t be a 4 but I did really like the cast Caught up with the author Nothing for it but to wait until next year for the next book in the series.

  • Sarah "Kat"

    Page 182 of 305 browsed the rest Wasn t fast paced and rather boring I ve given this series a few tries and I m going to pass on any that I have in my library.I so want to love this series It has all the right components in my book 1920 s, European settings, lots of British references but they just don t it.

  • Katherine Spivey

    Excellently plotted I ll have to re read the series.

  • Dianne Goldrick

    A good read with an unexpected ending.

  • Rebecca Brewer

    Fun easy to read mystery with historical notes about culture of the day Enjoyed it, even though it was fairly easy to figure out who done it Rated PG for sure.

  • Nanette Williamson

    I enjoy this series This title was particularly interesting since it touched on the issue of how the loss of 700,000 young men during WWI affected the lives of young women.

  • Sandi

    One of the better daisy books

  • Panda Incognito

    This book was incredibly repetitive and meandering The body wasn t officially identified until than halfway through the book, and I thought I would screech if I heard the characters talk one time about the reasons why they were waiting, who they should get to identify the body, and how it would shake up the case if the body was someone other than whom they expected Other conversations were also woefully repetitive, and since it felt like I was reading the same chapters over and over This book [...]

  • David Gill

    Started off ok but then got a bit tedious.