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Blue Mountain (Pack #1)
Title : Blue Mountain (Pack #1)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781942184010
Language : English
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 148

Exiled by his pack as a teen, Omega wolf Simon Moorehead learns to bury his gentle nature in the interest of survival. When a hulking, rough-faced Alpha catches Simon on pack territory, he tries to escape what he’s sure will be imminent death. But instead of killing him, the Alpha takes Simon home.A man of action, Mitch Grant uproots his life to support his brother in leadExiled by his pack as a teen, Omega wolf Simon Moorehead learns to bury his gentle nature in the interest of survival. When a hulking, rough-faced Alpha catches Simon on pack territory, he tries to escape what he’s sure will be imminent death. But instead of killing him, the Alpha takes Simon home.A man of action, Mitch Grant uproots his life to support his brother in leading the Blue Mountain pack. Mitch lives on the periphery, quietly protecting everyone, but always alone. A mate is a dream come true for Mitch, and he won’t let little things like Simon’s rejections, attacks, and insults get in their way. With patience, seduction, and genuine care, Mitch will ride out the storm while Simon slays his own ghosts and Mitch’s loneliness.

Blue Mountain (Pack #1) Reviews

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    4.5 starsNo one does sexy wolfy romance like CC! The first book in the new Pack series is a hot little read with some mild angst and a light enemies-to-lovers feel, at least on the part of one of the MCs. Simon and his mother were banished from the Blue Mountain pack when Simon was but 13. A dozen years later Simon has returned, only to find himself held captive by big Alpha wolf Mitch, who claims that Simon is his mate. To Mitch's chagrin, Simon wants naught to do with him. Simon has been witho [...]

  • Christy

    3.5 stars!Blue Mountain is the second book I’ve read by Cardeno C. I really like the writing style and the stories are great, but why do they have to be so short??? I’m always left wanting so much more of these characters and their stories. Simon is an Omega wolf that was cast out of his Pack when he was a teen. Something important brought him back to the place he thought he’d never return to. Blue Mountain. When Alpha wolf Mitch catches his scent, he automatically knows who Simon is. His [...]

  • Rosa, really

    One of these days I'm going to get over the thought that I'm being a major party pooper when I write a less than enthused review. Probably not today, but soon. Ish. Soon-ish.Until then I'll just have to own it.Okay, there’s a lot of good stuff here. I like the set up. Mitch is a 6’ 7” Alpha wolf whose fighting abilities and intimidating demeanor make him an outsider in his brother Frederick’s pack. He’s the pack’s main ass kicker, but other than his brother and young niece he scares [...]

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    *3.5 stars*3 stars for the story and another 1/2 star for the narration, very nicely done by Sean Crisden!I've read stories like this one before but I keep coming back to them. You know what I mean. The big bad alpha male shifter falling for the formerly abused, more submissive mate. There is insta-love and insta-"MINE" but I keep coming back! It is a theme that never gets old for me. Cardeno C. does shifters often and does them well. I really like this author's HOT, uber-masculine guys that oft [...]

  • SheReadsALot

    3.5 HEARTS--Let's get a few things out of the way, shall we?This was my very first Cardeno C.What rock have I lived under? I know, I know.I heard lots of things about this author, her work tends to lean toward the fluffy category, there will be a possessive MC usually and crazy antics might ensues, etc.I like cray-cray from time to time. The flufft as much. But I can see why this author has a following. I don't know how to judge this on a Cardeno C. scale - I guess you'd find more use from an ex [...]

  • Sophia Triad

    The story of a lonely Alpha wolf who finally discovers his Omega mate. The story is pleasant, mild, and sweet. The Omega wolf is scared of other wolves, he does not trust easily and he has recently lost his only family. Consequently he is very reluctant to this mating. The Alpha wolf has to approach his mate very carefully and patiently.It is not a bad story, but I read “Red River” before this book and that was a great book. As I result I was expecting something more creative and original. A [...]

  • Ingela

    Written February 8, 20153,3 Stars - Cozy sweet wolf loveA 3:30 hrs audiobook novella narrated by Sean Crisden.I haven't read that much by Cardeno C, but tenderly sweet seems to be her cup of tea. Sometimes it works for me and so it did this time. Blue Mountain is perfect if you just want to snuggle over a nice short shifter M/M. ***********************************************************Mitch Grant is the 'second' Alpha shifter wolf and his life is mostly to support his twin-brother in leading t [...]

  • Barbara➰

    Reread January 2018I’d probably give this 2.5-3 stars now. Simon grated on my nerves a bit more. But overall it’s just a sweet low angst story. Originally read October 20153.5 stars.Sweet little shifter mm romance. Mitch was so sweet and possessive. He really takes the time to allow Simon to be comfortable with him and to heal. Not much happens, it's just the two of them getting to know each other and come to terms with them being mates.

  • Heller

    I do enjoy shifter stories and Alpha/Omega ones especially. I liked Simon from the beginning of the read but I hard time warming up to Mitch. Initially, I really enjoyed the concept of him but his lack of communication and steamrolling over Simon both physically and emotionally was hard to read at times. I think a lot of the fear that Simon had could have been alleviated with just a short conversation and while I didn’t think that made Mitch a bully it made him dense. The concept of insta-mate [...]

  • Elsbeth

    2,5 starsReading update 100%FINISHED!!!????AM I MISSING PAGES HERE????I'M SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ALPHA AND OMEGA WOLVES????“I’m attracted to you, mind, body, and soul.” Mitch wrapped his arm around Simon’s waist andtugged him close. “You needed space and time so I gave it to you. That doesn’t mean I didn’t wantyou.”Simon raised his hand to Mitch’s face and traced his lips. “Thank you.”“I’ll always give you what you need, pup.” Mitch turned his face an [...]

  • Gigi

    A perfect cure for the Monday blues. Very fluffy, not a lot of substance, but that is not a put-down. I needed an escape and this worked quite well.Sweet and simple shifter tale, recommended to all who need a breather from the heavier reads.

  • Natasha

    3.5. Really wavering.Enjoyable. Well-written. But seemingly no conflict. Like, none. But entertaining. Really entertaining. So yeah. 3.5. Well done. Would rec.

  • Sandra

    4.5 stars!!The fact that I'm reading shifter books can be solely faulted to Cardeno C who offered me the first book in the Mates series a while back, when I mentioned on Facebook that I wasn't really into shifter books.This has changed since then because I've not only devoured Wake Me Up Inside, but every single shifter book CC has written, and Blue Mountain is no different. When I saw the book pop up on , I begged (not sorry) to get an early copy. Of course, CC obliged.If the series shapes up a [...]

  • Bitchie

    I think Teen Wolf fic writers have ruined regular shifter books for me.Simon is an omega wolf who was ran out of his pack thirteen years ago. He's back now to bury his mother, when members of the local pack find him, and set out to teach him a lesson about being on someone else's land.As soon as Mitch smells Simon's blood, he knows he's found his mate, he just has to convince Simon of this pack.This SHOULD have been really good, but after the initial meeting between the two, it skips ahead three [...]

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *

    3.5 StarsMitch is the rare alpha without a pack to oversee but he's ok with that. Instead, his twin brother is the official alpha and he basically serves as his taciturn enforcer. Mitch is pretty much resigned to the fact that he will never find his mate - mostly because he's gay and mostly because alphas typically match with the more docile omega type, which is rare in males. Simon is that rare male omega who has not had an easy life and was ostracized from his own pack at a young age due to hi [...]

  • Catherine

    “Simon?” Mitch leaned down until their faces were inches apart.“Yeah?” Simon parted his lips and flared his nostrils.“You’re beautiful.”Those pretty green eyes widened, and Simon’s breath came out in fast pants. “I don’t know how to respond to that.”“That’s okay.” Mitch hunched down and leaned his forehead against Simon’s. “I just wanted you to know I noticed.” *melts*

  • Jonetta

    Originally posted on The Book NymphoSimon Moorehead is an exiled Omega wolf without a pack who returns to Blue Mountain after many years. Alpha wolf Mitch Grant recognizes him as his mate and prevents him from being attacked for being on pack territory and brings him to his home. This was an incredibly endearing story. Mitch is an Alpha wolf, twin of the pack Alpha Frederick, and chooses to support his brother rather than lead his own. He's led a lonely, solitary existence and his excitement at [...]

  • Susan

    BR with sweet Britta. 3.5 starsThe beginning of this book really confused me. It starts with mentioning so many things, that I was under the impression I must have started the second book in a series.Things like this:His history as the person responsible for eviscerating the three men who had served as their Betas while his brother killed the previous Alpha made him the stuff of nightmares to their parents. The fact that Mitch and Frederick hadn’t asked for the battle and that the men had all [...]

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★

    Mitch and Simon ~ A super-cute sweet, slow-burn romance. And I have a love hate thingy' going on with slow burns, thus~ 3 plus starso_OThe Book and what I LovedGAWDI loved Mitch his Alpha-tudehe was perfect! I loved Fredrick, he was a sweetheart, and his wife, Donia is super cool.I loved the diversity in this bookat is always a favorite of mine. I loved the "mate/mine" dynamic's of these wolfs.The ending was super-cute.I look forward to more.Sooooo, what did not work for me.?The romance-storylin [...]

  • Gina

    What can i say but a Cardeno C shifter story, yep i loved it was usual. Looking forward to more from this new series. YAY!

  • ☆ Todd

    I really enjoyed this one, not quite as much as CC's "Mates" series, but it was very entertaining and heart-felt.I loved how Mitch, big, bad, intimidating Alpha that he was, had zero ego when it came to Simon. "I'd crawl for you, pup."And it was a joy to watch Simon's very necessary, snarky, fiery "kick you in the balls" defenses being lowered a bit at a time, as Mitch proved himself to be the safe haven that Simon needed in order to learn to trust again. And he's a ginger, for those of you with [...]

  • Victorialove books

    Overall book cover: 4 Shifter stars Audio book: Narrator - Sean Crisden 4 stars Book Cover: 3.5 StasI LOVE CARDENO C !!!!!! I LOVE WOLF SHIFTERS!!!

  • AliciaJ

    I really enjoyed this little shifter story and would have liked it to be a bit longer. I wanted to know more about Simon and I wanted to see how he interacted with the pack. Hopefully we'll get to know him better in the following books.

  • V

    Like any story when 50% or more focus in 2 charecters stuck in a cabin and not much happended, it bore me. It doesn’t matter if the story is from an author that enjoyed reading.Too much bla bla and not enough acction.

  • JustJen

    A review by The Blogger Girls.I don’t normally read the fluffy stuff, but I admit I do really enjoy reading Cardeno’s stories. This one called to me right away knowing it was going to be a little sweet with some hot shifter romance thrown in.Simon is a super sweet Omega who truly does not realize his worth. He was forced from the original pack at an early age, as they didn’t feel a gay omega had anything to offer the pack either. So, he has learned to live a life without a pack, just him a [...]

  • Caroline Brand

    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsI don’t think there is a Cardeno C shifter book written that I haven’t devoured and enjoyed. Nobody does sexy wolves better! This one is a fast little read but jam packed with everything you could want.Simon Moorehead was banished from his pack as a young teen along with his mother for being an omega and gay. Life ‘after pack’ is not easy for them and they struggle for years moving from one place to the next to avoid trouble. Any trust he had in a [...]

  • ttg

    I'm not rating this because after finishing it, I think it's really a "Me, Not You" (MNY) read.Read this is you want an overall sweet shifter story that is a really drawn-out hurt/comfort story. (past, not-on page hurt and then soothing, trust-building comfort.) Some sex at the end. No real tension, danger, or "climax".Read this if you want a stress-free novella that focuses mostly on how one character wears down/calms down another enough to feel safe, wanted, and comforted.Read this if you like [...]

  • Ann

    Damn if this didn't push some buttons for me. I love when an Omega is no pushover and the Alpha turns out to be a big softy for his love. It's candy to me. Delicious, addictive word candy.Simon's a tough cookie (he'd be a ginger snap I think) and Mitch is rough on the outside and sweet on the inside (snickerdoodle? or do I just like to say snickerdoodle?) either way, they are both delicious and I liked that the story gave me enough pack business to know what's what, but focused mostly on the rel [...]

  • Lilia Ford

    I have a deeply frustrating relationship to the shifter/mate genre in that I can't seem to resist it, but my DNF rate is depressingly high. The upshot is that any book I can finish earns my eternal gratitude for not sucking. This never strayed from the expected formula of big tough Alpha rescues sad, skinny omega, but it was a sweet, low-pressure read that did a nice job tracking Mitch's patient coaxing of his traumatized mate, without the usual annoying implication that dominant Alpha sex someh [...]

  • Amy

    ***Audiobook***Narrated by Sean Crisden***Awww, that was just the sweetest shifter story. Why in the world did I wait so long to read this one?? Loved Simon. And Mitch was the most patient man/wolf in the world. Low angst and super sexy! I'm hit or miss with Sean Crisden's narration. I don't always like the character voices he does, but this one was really good. I loved his growly alpha wolf voice :)