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The Paladin
Title : The Paladin
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780671247041
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 381 pages

In 1940 Winston Churchill recruited a 15 year old schoolboy to become a secret agent who would report to him personally Throughout World War II, this boy who quickly became a man was ordered on many highly dangerous missions conducted in utmost secrecy His code name was Christopher Robin, and he was Churchill s paladin his personal warrior.

The Paladin Reviews

  • Jennifer

    I just finished this absolutely wonderful novel, The Paladin by Brian Garfield I could hardly put it down I read the whole book over the course of two days, just wrenching myself away to work, see friends as I promised, eat and sleep It was originally published in 1979, but its focus on a boy s adventures during WWII make it a timeless tale and one I think would appeal to everyone who likes adventure, intrigue, death defying stunts and initiation into a secret of heads of state The best part I j [...]

  • Machmoed Santoso

    Jika ini memang benar benar kisah nyata, maka ini adalah kisah nyata yang benar benar tidak dapat disangka Bagaimana ternyata beberapa peristiwa besar pada perang dunia ke 2 memang benar benar dimaksudkan untuk terjadi Seperti serangan Jepang ke Pearl Harbor, Inggris bukannya tidak tahu bakal ada serangan kesana, tapi untuk menyeret amerika ke kancah perang dunia.Dengan segala cara inggris berusaha untuk menutupi berita itu bahkan hingga menghancurkan sebuah kapal selam belanda dan membunuh ti J [...]

  • Anne Freya

    Rada kecewa dgn buku inipertama, cover dan sub judulnya menipu krn membuatku beranggapan si mata mata cilik ini berusia di bawah 12 tahun, yg ternyata adalah remaja berusia 15 thn Kedua, mgkn krn aku tdk begitu suka genre historical dan politik, sehingga langsung jemu setiap kali tiba di adegan percakapan Winston Churcill Paman John Owl dan praktis menyerap semua tulisan bagian dialog si Churcill Owl tanpa terlalu memikirkannya, dan hanya bersemangat saat si mata mata cilik Rada kecewa dgn buku [...]

  • Riovogan

    , .

  • John Blackport

    I enjoyed this book a lot It struck me as a true story in the sense that it was probably a cobbling together of things many agents did, updated so that each exploit was attached to some great historical event during World War II I couldn t believe that master spies would send invest the necessary knowledge and training for so many high profile, critical missions into a single agent But I didn t mind that so much What strained me was the premise that all this was done, so flawlessly by a ma I enj [...]

  • Jane Francisca

    Highly Recommended Very stunning and inspiring.Inside this boy there are loyalty and morality But somehow his loyalty is even This novel it just damn great a boy, a little boy but have a big deal to a massive things, WWII And above all, its true storyWaw After the last page, I feel relieved and sad, because the story of Christopher Creighton is end But somehow Im curious what kind of life he lived today.Love this book

  • Heni Mujaa

    anything about WW never stops to amaze me the conspiracy is in a whole different level mindfuck as hell I don t have a heart to imagine how they manipulated an innocent young man to be a cold blooded assassin I keep torn between my understanding that it was a war so almost every variable was abnormal including moral and, oh come on, he s so young what they did to him I m so shattered I need to read a light reading after this

  • Patrick

    I remember being blown away by this Thirty years later I d like to read this again.

  • Ward

    Purportedly based on fact, hence a stranger than fiction WWII espionage thriller of a schoolboy who becomes a spy when 15 years old at the behest of Winston Churchill Chapter 2, dealing with clandestine meetings of the neutral Belgian government and German operatives, could spawn a thesis chalk full of deja vu of Trumpian Russia parallels some 70 years later Polar political stripes are crystalized in dealing with oppressors, from Chamberlin Trump appeasement at one end of the spectrum to Purport [...]

  • Sue

    I read this many years ago, along w other books by Brian Garfield This author wrote a number of unusually good novels in the general spy historical fiction genre This is one of the best, based loosely on the story of a real person who did things was a paladin for for Churchill during WW II Garfield also wrote the novel Hopscotch, on which a wonderful movie starring Walter Matthau Glenda Jackson was based Another Garfield novel was Wild Times, a Wild West story of fictional Col I read this many y [...]

  • James Christensen

    Concern s WW2 British spy for Churchill very interesting.

  • Karen C Jones

    I have read this book at least three times and could easily read it again It is very, very good.

  • Rofiqul

    I am sorry But I was read the Indonesian version only So, All I can say is about the Indonesian version And yups I would like to use my Indonesian, Bahasa Indonesia.Hal yang saya kritik habis habisan kali pertama membaca atau melihat buku ini adalah judulnya Ini buku terjemahan dan mereka menggunakan judul Bahasa Inggris yang bahkan, ironisnya, tidak sama dengan judul aslinya Anda harus terkekeh melihat judul aslinya The Paladin dan versi Indonesianya adalah The Child.Oh Tuhan ampuni ke I am sor [...]

  • an

    seorang anak kecil dan tugas berbahaya tugas kenegaraan tapi tidak diketahui negara pasukan diam diam yang mengorbankan masa kanak kanak dan remaja na untuk tugas seperti itu jangan tertipu dengan cover na cz dia tidak sekecil itu dalam tugas na tapi tetap saja sebuah loyalitas diperlukan untuk berani malaksanakan na bentuk keberanian yang paling langka adalah keberanian untuk menghadapi bahaya sendirian saat kau tahu bahwa tidak ada orang yang mengamati kerjamu hlm 255 begitulah buku ini [...]

  • Mida

    I actually could finished this book only in a couple of days, but alas I was having a cold and it extended to 8 days reading This book is. I think it will be interesting if I can read the original version, as in, English language rather than Bahasa Indonesia There were some glitches in the translation and I know, I can do better in vividly imagining the scenery if I read the English version.The story itself, well it never ceases to amaze me that a loyalty can go that far And in the same I actual [...]

  • Simon

    There are fairly explicit hints dropped by Garfield that this story is true In this case, it has to be the sort of truth concealed in a myth, i.e Churchill led a plucky underdog nation during World War II But the reality of British resistance to the Nazis is exciting enough without embellishing it so that a teenager is present as a causal agent for several major operations Dunkirk, the assassination of Darlan, the run up to D Day, you name it, Christopher Robin was killing people on th There are [...]

  • Rospiyarni Rosa

    Heheaku baru baca nih semalam, langsung sampai bab 6,hmmtelah berbulan bulan selera membacaku hilanggara gara ni buku semangat membacaku menggebu lagi Seru, mendebarkan n benar2 keren Ntar sambung lagi yaYup, akhirnya tadi malam petualangan dengan christoper berakhir Akhir yang benar benar indah, perang telah membuat segalanya jungkir balik tak tentu arah, tapi selalu ada cinta yang tulus antara Perdana Mentri dan Paladin nya, cinta seorang ayah kepada anak Menderu dari Heheaku baru baca nih sem [...]

  • Rospiyarni Rosa

    Wihiiiikoq covernya beda ya Heheaku baru baca nih semalam, langsung sampai bab 6,hmmtelah berbulan bulan selera membacaku hilanggara gara ni buku semangat membacaku menggebu lagi Seru, mendebarkan n benar2 keren Ntar sambung lagi yaYup, akhirnya tadi malam petualangan dengan christoper berakhir Akhir yang benar benar indah, perang telah membuat segalanya jungkir balik tak tentu arah, tapi selalu ada cinta yang tulus antara Perdana Mentri dan Paladin nya, cinta seorang Wihiiiikoq covernya beda ya [...]

  • Andinandyn

    well, buat saya yang suka novel perang atau sejarah dsb ini cukup menambah wawasan fakta fakta yang ada cukup mengejutkan dan iya, tertipu spoiler bocah cilik ternyata umurnya 14 tahun tapi entah karena saya baca terjemahan atau memang jalan ceritanya begitu, di beberapa part saya skip karena cukup membosankan dan jelas saya suka christoper beserta sandi sandi winnie the poohnya, gimana tangguhnya dia dan dimanfaatkan oleh penguasa, dan betapa perang itu memang hanya bermanfaat untuk orang well, [...]

  • Jonathan

    A Social Studies History teacher of mine back in Texas high school recommended this book to me an ex Nazi Prussian officer who survived 2 concentration camps after Prussian plots to kill Hitler failed post WWII, he hunted down Nazi war criminals before being forced to retire in backwater redneck Texas

  • Annisa Nurbayanti

    sangat disarankan novel ini bagi anda para pecinta sejarah, membuat anda tercengang dengan kisahnya saya sangat menyukai novel ini dan kenyataan kenyataan yang diungkapnya kalau memang ini benar kisah nyata walaupun bahasanya memang ada yang sulit dimengerti karena pemilihan katanya yang terlalu tinggi sehingga sulit dimengerti masyarakat awam.

  • Faysal Subhani

    A boring book peppered with some interesting missions with a very underwhelming ending If what s within is based on truth, then it s incredible, and fact becomes stranger than fiction especially the whole Britain having ample warning of Pearl Harbour episode However, after having looked it up, I still don t know if this book is based on reality.

  • Angela

    Great WWII book if somewhat scary depressing as you realize that while this book is listed as fiction, it is true story with only a few updates that make it fiction It is scary what humans do to each other even our so called friends At least with enemies you know where you stand, and what to expect.

  • Anton

    Hingga halaman 266 dan tetap saja tak menemukan cerita menarik dari novel berdasarkan kisah nyata ini Padahal kemarin lanjut baca buku biar ada selingan yang menyenangkan Tapi ya begitah Tak usah dilanjut bacanya Ganti saja dengan buku lain.

  • Jim

    this book was just bullshit if this is a true story then my ass is a banjo i was able to suspend my disbelief that he could outrun gun fire early on for the sake of the story then he kills a soldier a 12 year old kills a trained soldier with his own rifle bullshit

  • Bunga Mawar

    Baca buku ini kayak nonton film Film perang, dan ada Winnie the Pooh nya Tapi walau agak tidak cocok kalau sontrek yang mengiringi membaca buku ini adalah Return to Pooh Corner dari Kenny Loggins, bolehlah diputar untuk mengurangi kesan muram dari sebuah Perang Besar.

  • Melinda

    Don t read this if your stomach isn t strong It s about WWII and it s psychologically painful, particularly if you have a son the age of the protagonist 15 17 years old I found it uplifting in the it s a noble, vital cause, therefore we can and will persevere vein.

  • Nnit4 aja

    buku baru datang hari ini m

  • Brett Milne

    This is an amazing story of courage and honour despite the evils of war

  • Megan

    I remember reading this in high school and loving it Even now, I find myself wanting to re read it.