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Tiger Prince
Title : Tiger Prince
Author :
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ISBN : 9781551665313
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 298

Lost in Paradise, they began a fantasy affair.Caren Blakemore was a woman in need of a vacation. Running away from a painful divorce and her high-pressure job in Washington, D.C., she headed south--to sun, sand and relaxation. Derek Allen was a man trying to escape the scandal-hungry press. He found the perfect hideaway--complete with the woman of his dreams. Throughout JaLost in Paradise, they began a fantasy affair.Caren Blakemore was a woman in need of a vacation. Running away from a painful divorce and her high-pressure job in Washington, D.C., she headed south--to sun, sand and relaxation. Derek Allen was a man trying to escape the scandal-hungry press. He found the perfect hideaway--complete with the woman of his dreams. Throughout Jamaica days and nights, they shared half-truths and careless passions...But then it ended, and Caren learned the price she would pay.As the notorious Tiger Prince, Derek's every move created headlines, and his association with Caren had just incited international havoc. Heading for public disgrace, she was left with only one way out...

Tiger Prince Reviews

  • Sandra

    Caren Blakemore (who's 28) heads to Jamaica after experiencing too many pressures at home---her husband of seven years recently left her for another woman, she's making mistakes at her job in Washington, D.C she needs money to support her sister financially through private school, etc Caren's boss insists that she get away for a week and take a break. So she decides to go to Jamaica.In Jamaica, while lying on the beach one day topless in a very secluded area, (not something she usually does), a [...]

  • *TANYA*

    Sandra does it again!! Fun filled cheesiness all around. I loved it!!!! (Insert girly giggle)

  • Mo

    The hero is a bit of a lecherous git actually. He annoyed me quite a bit. Saying that it was a typical 80s cheesy read. I wonder do authors feels embarrassed about some of their earlier work. Although, saying that some established author can write some utter "up to date" shite too! My lack of interest in doing a full review, I think, reveals my feelings for this book.

  • Saly

    I enjoyed the Tiger Prince, it was a good oldie.A playboy hero tired of his tom-catting, Caren battling the effects of the past year, a divorce and having to deal with financing her sister's education.They meet in Jamaica, start an affair but Caren leaves, afraid and in love with him, back in the states she is visited by the FBI and as it turns out Derek is the son of a prince, he offers marriage to save her.Of course we know that there is more to the offer, namely his feelings and thus begins t [...]

  • Lisarenee

    "Either a week's paid vacation or suspension without pay. Which is it going to be?" Caren Blakemore was given an ultimatum by her boss. She'd accidentally put a letter in the wrong mail pouch and it went to the wrong person. Normally this would not be a big deal, but when you work for the US government little mistakes can sometimes have huge consequences. Luckily, this wasn't one of those instances. Caren's life had changed dramatically in the last year after her husband left her for another wom [...]

  • Booklover

    Absolutely enjoyed the book,loved Derek a lot but Caren irritated me some what,enjoyed Derek-Caren's love journey,from the time they met sparks flew and we can actually feel the passion between them,then Caren runs away cause of her fear and insecurities but then she n Derek are in a scandal and to save herself and Kristin her sis she gets married to Derek,from there on their journey towards HEA startsoverall a very good read

  • Geo Marcovici

    Imi era dor de o carte de Sandra, din asta de dragoste! Foarte frumoasa!

  • Sabika

    Last weekend, after a very long time, I sat down to read some good old romance. I had absolutely loved Sandra Brown's "A Whole New Light", so when I chose this book I had high expectations. Maybe it was the high expectations, maybe I'm just over romance (shudder!) or maybe the book was actually bad, but I did NOT enjoy it. OK, I admit the sex scenes were hot. But that aside, it didn't do anything for me. I couldn't relate to the hero or heroine. They actually kinda annoyed me. The story waswelli [...]

  • Kristen

    In Sandra Brown's early and classic romance, Tiger Prince, she took us on a wild ride like no other before. For Caren Blakemore, she needed a vacation and went to Jamaica to escape from her painful divorce and her high-pressure Washington job. When she meets Derek Allen, a mysterious man hiding from the press, when she became the target of tabloid headlines as she finds romance with him. But she later discovered that her affair had painful repercussions of their own.

  • Amor

    2.5 Empiezo diciendo que me gusta como escribe Sandra Brown, y diciendo que es una pena que se edite tan poco suyo en castellano.Este libro no tiene un mal principio, aunque es un poco flojo, perdiéndose casi de inmediato en sesiones amatorias maratonianas (¡y eso que no es "erótico"!) cuando a mitad del libro la cosa cambia vemos más relación e interacción de los protas como pareja, aunque no es que levante mucho el asunto.Prefiero a la Brown en sus novelas de intriga más o menos románt [...]

  • Elora

    aq suka cover barunya: Mustafa & Zarifa. ceritanya bisa dibilang dongeng, umumnya cerita fiksi emang jauh dari dunia nyata. romannya bintang 5 utk ukuran terjemahan bahasa indonesia, krn novel romance ya romannya yg ditonjolin. keseluruhan cerita aq suka, asli fiktif, berasa di dunia lain pas baca :)

  • Chanpreet

    I re-read this today. This was the first Sandra Brown novel I remember reading and falling in love with! When I was twelve this book was a flaming give stars! I can certainly see why I loved it so much!

  • Connie

    Now that's something to bring back from vacation!

  • Danielle

    This book is one of my favorite books from Sandra Brown. The story line is excellent!

  • Mathilda

    it's romantic story I've ever read hmmmm

  • Mem

    Lost in paradise, couple meet. Life intrudes with possible scandale.

  • Venus84

    I couldn't like it even though I tried I didn't care for the heroine, couldn't feel connected with her. It felt like the hero was doing all the work in this book while the heroine was just receiving. All the romantic gestures the hero was doing felt a bit over the top, he met her on the beach and started immediately acting like an adoring newlywed husband on his honeymoon with the love of his life!!Even the sex didn't FEEL hot even though it was supposed to be steemingThen the heroine discovers [...]

  • Liz

    Another Sandra Brown book scratched off my list. Unfortunately, it was a romance. Ah, the sacrifices I make to read every book written by my favorite authors. LOL

  • Ray

    Romance overcomes all in this book. Quick beach read.

  • Jeanne

    This is one of Sandra Brown's earlier books. Caren Blakemore goes on vacation to Jamaica. Derek Allan was looking for the perfect hideaway and went to Jamaica. He stumbled over her sunning herself behind a dune on the beach. From then on he was out to capture her. A lot of interesting things happen to them both on their return to Washington DC, and it could lead to a public disgrace for her unless she consented to the only way out. An easy read and a good little romance story.

  • Gramedia Pustaka Utama

    Lagi-lagi BUKU WAJIB BACA nya SB!!!Sejauh ini Tiger prince adalah buku terbaik dan paling berkesan dari SB.Petualangan cinta antara Caren dan Derek di Jamaica ternyata berakhir dengan konflik internasional, karena tanpa diketahui Caren, ternyata Derek adalah putera seorang Sheikh yang ternama.Kisah cintanya sangat romantis, petualangannya menarik, seperti sedang menonton salah satu film james bond >.<Happy End tentunya.

  • Mischelle

    This was a nice quick read just to break up all the books I've been reading of death and destruction.This a good romance story that Ms. Brown wrong ages ago under another name. What I didn't get was how the "Tiger Prince" mother tolerant the situation she has with the father. Derek Allen's parents are divorced but she continue to play wife when the father comes to the USA from the East and he is married. She plays second wife to a sheik! What?!

  • Cj

    Caren Blackmore and Derek Allen meet on vacation. They have a torrid affair and expect to go back to their normal lives afterwards. However, Derek Allen is the son of a wealthy Middle Eastern Prince, so scandal forces them back together when they get home. She's upset that he didn't tell her his full identity. He's upset that she ran away from the vacation without telling him. They get over it and live happily ever after.

  • Julie

    This is one of my favorite Sandra Brown books and I have almost all of them. I love Caren and Derek they have amazing chemistry! I also have a thing for sheiks. I loved how this book started with two stranger who just wanted a weekend of hot fantasy that ends with a forced marriage. I loved this from beginning to end. I did get frustrated through the middle when you want to beat some scenes in these people but it is one of my favorites. Defineately a must read.

  • Beth H

    I liked it at the time (1985). A romance where a young divorcee goes to Jamaica and has an affair with a man she meets on the beach. She works for the State Dept and upon her return she is picked up by the FBI as possibly passing information on to the Arabs. The man is the son of an Arab sheik by an American woman. Derek talks her into marrying him on the pretense of not causing an incident and her losing her job.

  • Nancy

    I haven't read one of these old Sandra Brown's in such a long time, mostly because I think I read nearly all of them before she switched to romantic suspense. It is now a little dated and maybe a little cheesy too but I still kind of love her modern romances. The hero and heroine not wanting to admit their love always gets me.

  • Terri

    Very early Sandra Brownke almost 30 years ago. I'm willing to bet this was pretty risque in its time but now it seems like just a sweet love story :) Made me realize how hardened I've become to the ways things are today. Reading this took me back to a softer and gentler time and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

  • LazyDan

    hmm,.ceritanya menarik,walaupun temanya rada classic cinderella,tentang sang wanita yg biasa2aja ketemu sama laki2 yg super kaya tapi alur ceritanya gak ngebosenin dan ada unsur fun nya jg.terus terang ku ga terlalu bnyak baca buku sandra brown, tapi dari beberapa buku sandra brown yg udah ku baca sejauh ini buku prince tiger ini favourite ku,.

  • Tiffany


  • Janet

    This story is about derek allen and him trying to change his life of been named the tiger prince and what he doesn't expect to meet caren blakemore who has come out of a divorce and a lonely marriage but they bring the things they want out in each others but insecurities come out on caren side and runs home first and then she marries the tiger prince but is it perfect or could it be