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Title : Babel
Author :
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ISBN : 9780822958598
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 88

"A wild confluence of words almost inundated by its barely restrained verbal enthusiasms."-Billy Collins Winner of the Donald Hall Prize in Poetry, awarded by the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, these poems feature more of the rhetorical acrobatics that fueled Hamby's earlier work.

Babel Reviews

  • James Murphy

    I love Barbara Hamby's poetry. It's all about language. She writes jubilation and rapture. The mockingbird overlooks the 1st section of Babel, called "The Mockingbird Blues." Appropriate, in terms of language and that the mockingbird itself is here a kind of trickster animating the poems. But bees are frequently mentioned, too, and Hamby's language buzzes with them. These poems are busy with words carrying energy from line to line and from one part of the poem to another. The reader himself beco [...]

  • Gabriel Congdon

    FUCK YEAH! This is some strong, masculine, American poetry right here. It's effusive as a beatnik without sacrificing everything to alter of rhythm alone. If you're a word thief, you'll defiantly get some booty from this trove (not that I'm a word thief, but, that I have engaged in the practice) Updike famously said on every Nabokov paperback that "Nab writes prose the only way one should, ecstatically" Hamby's poems are so energetic they could charge batteries (who knows, maybe the future will [...]

  • Brian Wasserman

    best example of allusion porn

  • William

    Re-read this while at the State Forensics meet.Barbara Hamby launches her poetry with a very rhythmic, slam sort of line where syncopation, alliteration mix with a general stream of consciousness. Add to this a few multi-lingual puns (check the action onSix Sex Sayand stir in generous mixtures of pop and high cultural references. Underneath, however beats the heart of the formalist. He love of the surreal and juxtaposed settings often produces some startling effects.She groups her poems in three [...]

  • Marlee

    I don't often relax and enjoy a full anthology of poetry at one time, and Babel proved to me that I should break this habit more frequently. I found myself drawn in from the first exquisite poem, titled My Translations. (Other favorites include Cinerama, Ode to the Potato, Ode to Hardware Stores, and Ode to Barbecue. This last one is currently vying for the position of my favorite poem ever.) Hamby's work is a tribute to the English language and a treat for the human psyche. This is certainly a [...]

  • Craig

    I never know exactly what to say when I read a book of poetry like this one.It is obvious from the outset that it took such a talent and such a complete command of language (and not only the English language) to create this tome. I have absolutely nothing but respect for the clever use of language throughout.But, for the most part, it just didn't "do it" for me. It just wasn't my kind of poetry, I suppose. (and I give a huge exception to Ode On Satan's Power - wow. That poem alone took it from 2 [...]

  • Ronald Wise

    Some amusing and yet provacative verse, with an interesting weave of real-world observations and metaphoric tangents, classical mythology and modern realities. With some of the poems I enjoyed the literal imagery portrayed, while having a sense that I could find as much symbolic meaning as I desired. I learned of this collection when a the poem "Vex Me" was featured on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac on 03/07/2005.

  • FSU Alumni

    Barbara Hamby (B.A. '78, M.A. '81)

  • Mike

    Another imagery feast of abecedarian verse and rollicking rhythms. These polyglot odes and poems beg to be read aloud and savored.

  • Ellen Johnson


  • Kelly Butler

    magical poet. musical and magical.

  • beck

    Another of Hamby's books--featuring such classics as "Ode to my 1976 Toyota Corolla" and "Ode to my Mother's Handwriting." This book also contains various poems set in Paris.