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Forgotten Places
Title : Forgotten Places
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 304

Van Diemen's Land, Australia. 1833English settler Grace Ashwell flees an abusive lover in Hobart Town, with six-year-old Violet in tow. In her head, escape is easy: find work in the northern settlements and earn enough for passage home to London. But the terrain beyond the settled districts is wilder than Grace could ever have imagined. She and Violet find themselves lostVan Diemen's Land, Australia. 1833English settler Grace Ashwell flees an abusive lover in Hobart Town, with six-year-old Violet in tow. In her head, escape is easy: find work in the northern settlements and earn enough for passage home to London. But the terrain beyond the settled districts is wilder than Grace could ever have imagined. She and Violet find themselves lost in a beautiful but deadly land where rain thunders down the sides of mountains, the earth drops away without warning and night brings impenetrable darkness. Deep in the wilderness, they find a crude hut inhabited by Alexander Dalton, an escaped convict long presumed dead. Hiding from civilisation in an attempt to forget his horrifying past, Alexander struggles to let Grace into his world. When Violet disappears, Grace's fragile trust in Alexander is put to the test. And while she searches for answers, he will do anything to keep his secrets inside. Inspired by the true story of the Macquarie Harbour bolters; one of the most horrifying events from Colonial Australia's bloody history.

Forgotten Places Reviews

  • Kady Monroe

    I listened to the audiobook version of this novel. The story revolves around Grace, an English woman who moves to the new colonies in Australia with her lover and his two young daughters. However, things don't go to plan and Grace finds herself incarcerated in an insane asylum. She escapes, and retrieves one of the man's daughters, thinking she is saving the child from abuse. Grace is devasted that she couldn't rescue both girls and sets out for the next nearest settlement. Unfortunately, she ge [...]

  • Lucinda Clarke

    UNEXPECTEDThe first few pages in the book pulled you into the story, but then it was a little slow, very descriptive, so well written you felt you were there in Van Diemen’s land Tasmania with Alexander and Grace. The flashbacks throughout the tale explained Dalton’s background and it was fascinating to read that his life was based on fact and trial evidence. However, hang on in there the end is explosive and came as a total shock – very clever.

  • Ruby

    *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review*Atmospheric and gripping, based on a fascinating true story.

  • Toad Oliver

    At the end of the story, the author gives the historical facts that this book is based around. Johanna Craven creates a whole cast of fictional character and builds a story around an actual event in history. Amazing! The story takes place in the early 1800s in Australia. The main character, Grace Ashwell, moves to Australia with her lover and his two children to start a new life together. Soon after arriving, her lover has her committed to an insane asylum. Grace escapes and kidnaps one of his d [...]

  • Kate Everward

    Forgotten places truly blew me away. It’s written brilliantly and pulls you in immediately. It’s written so clearly you can see it in your mind and experience the full weight and force of the characters who are carrying so many secrets. The more you read the more you wonder what’s going to happen now. The author does something that isn’t easy to do – she keeps you hooked, because with every turn of the page you just know something is happening and yet you can’t put your finger on it [...]

  • Iva Kenaz

    I was intrigued by the novel and its premise, and it didn’t leave me disappointed. A historical story of a woman with a young girl on the run and a mysterious recluse man collide in a harsh environment where survival is of utmost importance. However, survival not only in a physical sense, but mainly psychological, as both characters are struggling to forget and forgive. They’re both tested regarding their past and future decisions. Although the novel is based on real historical events, the s [...]

  • Bill Ward

    This was a very atmospheric read, set in the days when Australia was a penal colony. The author transports you to a grim place where prisoners live a wretched life. Grace is not a prisoner but has chosen to relocate from London in search of a better life. The book opens with her being discovered in a forest by Dalton, an escaped prisoner who has been hiding in the wilderness for 11 years. They both have stories that are far darker and more complex than at first seems the case. The bleak surround [...]

  • Gordon Bickerstaff

    Good historical psychological thriller.This is a set in and around Australia in 1863. I've read the 5* 'The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' by this author, and this story is equally well written with a superb plot and well-crafted characters. 'Forgotten Places' is inspired by a true story and deals with some horrific events during Australia's Colonial history. Thorough research on the events and characters provides a high quality of descriptive storytelling that pulls you through the pages. In thos [...]

  • Michael Kelly

    A tremendously readable and more-ish historical novel, the story of a woman who leaves her husband and travels into the wilds of Van Diemen's Land with a small child in tow. Exhausted, starving, and hopelessly lost, they finally discover the camp of a man who has been living alone in the forest for the past several years, a man who either refuses to speak or is unable to do so.Really, to tell more would be to provide spoilers. Suffice to say that the ground shifts beneath both the characters' an [...]

  • Mary Yarde

    Is it possible to come back from Hell and start again?Travelling to Australia was meant to be a grand adventure, but Australia is nothing what Grace Ashwell imagined it to be. Instead of an adventure, it becomes her worst nightmare.Alexander Dalton had no choice about coming to Australia, but when the opportunity arose he escaped his bondage, and for the last eleven years he has hidden in the forest. The last thing he wants is a woman, who is running from an abusive lover, to intrude upon his so [...]

  • E.M. Cooper

    ‘Forgotten Places’ is a story of two broken people trying to survive in a brutal landscape. Inspired by true events, it thrusts the reader into Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in the 1830s where convicts and British settlers have converged to begin a new life in Australia. An English nanny accompanies her employer, Harris and small twin daughters, Violet and Nora there after the death of Harris’ wife. They leave England on the Duchenfield to travel to Hobart Town. Later, Grace flees from he [...]

  • Ellie Midwood

    I loved all of Johanna Craven’s books for her outstanding storytelling skills and her distinctive voice that makes her stories even more riveting. “Forgotten Places” was no exception, taking me back in time to the early nineteenth century in Australia, where getting lost in the wild meant only one thing – a certain death. However, when Grace and her little companion Violette stumble across a man who must have spent years in the deadly Australian bush, she realizes that maybe now she has [...]

  • Angela Lockwood

    This book is set in the 1830’s and inspired by a true story. An escaped convict hides out in the Van Diemen’s land bush (now Tasmania) after 11 years of hiding he has forgotten how to speak. Then into his silent world stumbles a young woman with a little girl in tow.This was a great book that would also work as a stage play as most of the action is between the two main characters Grace Ashwell and Alexander Dalton. It feels quite claustrophobic as the two are enclosed by the unforgiving fore [...]

  • Fiona

    A harrowing yet beautiful story with a great sense of time and place.The story is inspired by the true story of Alexander Dalton. An Irish soldier/crminal sent to the colonies of Australia as his punishment. His temper and sense of justice are his worst enemies and things turn from worse to bad. But nothing prepared him for his "bolt" for freedom with a group of men who became infamous when it is discovered they turned to cannabilism of each other to survive the hostile bush of Australia.Craven [...]

  • Jennifer Young

    Sometimes I just want to thank Heaven for long train journeys. You know how it is when life gets so busy that you don’t have time to read. It;s grim. It’s been like that. But I landed up on a train, with nothing to do but look out of the window (it was raining) or read. It was a no-brainer. I’ve had Johanna Craven’s Forgotten Places on my Kindle for ages an, having loved the previous books of hers I’ve read, was delighted to get started. This one is slightly different to her others — [...]

  • Jennifer Davis

    A powerful and well-written story. Based on other reviews, I was worried because I tend to shy away from "dark" stories, but I didn't find this story too dark. Granted, the characters experience untold sufferings, both physical and emotional. The author has an amazing way with words. Beautifully-crafted sentences and an acute sense of place and description. The first-third of the book had me hooked, and the last third of the book kept me breathless. The middle third was a bit slow for me--I must [...]

  • Erin Riley

    This amazing story will stay with you long after you've turned the final page. Johanna Craven's crisp writing sweeps the reader to the Australian wilderness of the mid-nineteenth century. Dalton is a runaway convict living in the forest and trying to hide from the ghosts of his past, when he encounters Grace, an English nanny who fled into the wilderness with her lover's child, Violet. Slowly, Dalton begins to find his humanity, as Grace learns to trust the wild man enough to open up about her l [...]

  • Lucretia

    Rich. Haunting. Historical fiction done right. I so thoroughly enjoyed this mesmerizing story. From the start I was drawn in and filled with questions. The setting comes to life with such atmospheric detail. The passages make it easy to imagine both the external places and the minds of the two leads Grace and Dalton.The past haunts both characters, though how deeply is part of the unfolding layers that caught me by surprise. I never imagined how things would unfold and was blown away by the endi [...]

  • Joey Paul

    Having read one of Craven's other books I was glad to pick this one up and sit down to read it. Set back in the 19th century with the colonisation of Australia, the story starts with Grace in the middle of the bush, vying for safety for her and Violet. She's escaped an abusive lover and plans to go back for the other child later. Except then she meets Alexander and the plans change a little. The story was beautifully told, while it took me a while to get into the flow, that did not take away fro [...]

  • Kat Drennan

    A riveting tale of trust, betrayal, and survival in the Australia’s wilderness. The story had special meaning for me as I recently learned my ancestor was born in England, 1758, sentenced to prison and shipped to New South Wales, Australia to serve his sentence, eventually conscripted to America. The hardship described in the book were heartbreaking and made me see that anyone who could survive under those conditions were truly made of iron stock.Once again Johanna Craven took me on an adventu [...]

  • Clayton Graham

    This marvellous story paints a vivid picture of people caught in the maelstrom of convict and early settler life in Tasmania. Haunted by past events Grace and Alexander endeavour to survive the savage bush, one day at a time, like lost souls in a world completely beyond their understanding. Five days walk from Hobart Town may as well be a light year.She shivered. “It’s like you said, ain’t it. Got to stay together or we’ll die.”The story meanders through the Tasmanian bush and lives in [...]

  • Mark Morey

    I picked Forgotten Places because I really enjoyed the author's previous novel: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. This story also had dark characters and a dark story, but ultimately it was a slow-paced mixture of interesting and unsurprising. At times it transversed the world of Marcus Clarke and For the Term of His Natural Life, and I knew the story of the Macquarie Harbour escapees as well. Forgotten Places is quite slow-moving until a fair way into the narrative, and I found it easy to put it [...]

  • Jo Reason

    Audio book sent from the author in exchange for an honest review.An enjoyable historical fiction book about a very dark moment of life in Australia’s history, the descriptions of the harsh life and day to day life of some of the people who lived there. This is quite a powerful story with great descriptions of the wild landscapes. very well researched.The book cover is great, it gives away nothing but adds to the mystery and the danger of the book. The one problem I had was with the narration, [...]

  • Cynthia Morgan

    Brilliantly thought out and spun into a dramatic tale of hope and duplicity set in the riveting landscape of the Australian outback. Historical Fiction always vies for my attention, but one detailing life in a part of the world that typically doesn’t see the light of day on the printed page drew me in from the start. The author skillfully creates entirely likeable characters and then throws them into situations that leaves you desperately rooting for them as the struggle to survive in such an [...]

  • Lynn Cooper

    Forgotten Places is a novel I won’t soon forget. Why? Because it was well-written and riveting. The author’s gift for description and her wonderful turn of phrase had me hooked from page one. The storyline was nothing short of gripping. I mean, what can be more compelling than complex characterization amidst harrowing life-threatening circumstances? I normally indulge in lighthearted reads, but thanks to the talented Ms. Craven, I was drawn to the darkness. I was enthralled by the heart-wren [...]

  • Sam Clarke

    Forgotten Places drew me in from the very beginning. Johanna Craven has a unique gift for storytelling and she is able to adapt her writing style to the mood of the book. I was immediately drawn to Grace and, just like her, I didn't know what to make of Alexander. Each time I thought I knew where the story would take me, the author came up with a completely unexpected twist. Unless you want to pull an all-nighter and wake up with heavy eye-bags, I would advise to start reading it in the morning! [...]

  • Julie Powell

    I came across this book by chance and it was the superb writing that hooked me from the start.It is a brutal yet insightful story of two people - Grace Ashwell and Alexander Dalton. She, a poor young woman from London, he, an escaped prisoner.This tale has historical significance at its root, mainly, the horrific conditions of transportation to Australian prisons and the cruelties therein. However, it is also about the human condition, isolation, insanity, guilt and the extreme measures people w [...]

  • Beth Hale

    This is a beautifully written story, woven with astounding imagery and vivid characters. I found it difficult to put down the book, especially once the secrets started unfolding. Forgotten Places is filled with a gripping plot, wonderful twists and turns, and an ending that left me saying, "Wow". I highly recommend this one.

  • Bridgette

    I wont forget this one!I stumbled across forgotten places by Johanna Craven and dove in without reading any trailers or reviews. I was pulled in from the start. Craven spins a clever psychological thriller with good character development and lots of surprises! Bravo!

  • Davis Galimberti

    A historical fiction novel set in colonial Australia times. A run away convict, murder, cannibalism, and a chance encounter with an English settler, all set amongst the backdrop of the beautiful - yet harsh - Tasmanian wilderness. Fantastic read.