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Return to Zero (Shatterproof Bond, #3)
Title : Return to Zero (Shatterproof Bond, #3)
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 344

The thrilling sequel to "Illuminate the Shadows"Pulled into a world of secrets and lies for the man he loves, Declan Ramsay’s life has changed immeasurably in the eight months since meeting, and falling for his boss’s son, Sam Aiken. Declan journey of personal discovery is about to take a darker turn, and for Sam, the world becomes more treacherous than he could ever haveThe thrilling sequel to "Illuminate the Shadows"Pulled into a world of secrets and lies for the man he loves, Declan Ramsay’s life has changed immeasurably in the eight months since meeting, and falling for his boss’s son, Sam Aiken. Declan journey of personal discovery is about to take a darker turn, and for Sam, the world becomes more treacherous than he could ever have imagined.Two agents are missing -- presumed dead, while on a reconnaissance mission at an outdoor adventure centre in the Scottish Highlands. Sir James Aiken sends his son and Declan to follow the trail, and discover the fate of the agents. As the mission offers his first chance to use the skills he learned on the MI6 training course in Morocco, Declan is keen to get started. However, Sir James sees to it that the seeds of doubt and discord have been sewn between the couple, as they begin their mission.The journey to their Highland location, and the discoveries they make when they reach the G’wan Adventures centre, prove that Sir James Aiken has been less than honest with his son. Events in the Highlands force Sam and Declan to face their greatest fears, and understand what they both really want from life -- and from each other.

Return to Zero (Shatterproof Bond, #3) Reviews

  • Jewel

    3.5 StarsWhile I did enjoy the continuation of Declan's and Sam's story in Return To Zero, I didn't enjoy it quite as much asIlluminate the Shadows. I liked it, and I liked that the story actually went somewhere and resolved things, but the journey there just didn't quite catch me like I hoped it would. As with Illuminate the Shadows, suspend your urge to disbelieve as soon as you start reading. This isn't anywhere close to a realistic spy novel, and I don't think it's meant to be. In Return To [...]

  • Lelyana

    Review soon !

  • Lisa

    The 3rd book in the series sees our boys together and Declan setting out on his first mission with Sam.They end up in Scotland investigating a team building company.The story was good. I was a little surprised at the ending where the bad guy gave himself up too easily but gload that Sam and Declan came through alright.I will certainly be reading more of this series in the future.

  • Elizabeth

    This book continues the story of Declan and Sam. It was longer than the previous books and lost me a bit with the whole spy action, during their first mission together. I enjoyed the beginning of their mission but I struggled through the last 25%. I'll probably continue the series by audio, since I enjoyed the narration at previous books.

  • Vicki

    This book started out a little slowly. At the midpoint, I was feeling disappointed. By 3/4's it was picking up. The last quarter was fabulous.

  • Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsIsobel Starling has written what is fast becoming one of my favorite series. I love Declan and Sam. They’re a sweet and sexy couple. They make me laugh, and they make my heart feel all warm and gushy. A quick rundown here. Declan and Sam met at their mutual siblings’ wedding. Declan had always identified as straight, but was always left feeling unsatisfied. Sam is gay, and he’s also a spy. He’s proficient in many languages, and he’s always on some assign [...]

  • Scarletine

    I'm not allowed to review this as I wrote it. If you read the series, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed Sam and Declan's story. I am planning a short story or novella that will come before the next novel "Powder Burns". I will keep updates on fb and twitter mainly. :-)

  • Jessica

    audiobook review:"Exciting and Suspenseful!!"This is the third book in the Shatterproof Bond series and I believe they just keep getting better! In this volume Sam and Declan get sent on their first mission for A.L.L. to find out what happened to some missing agents but end up in danger themselves. The romance is sweet, the sex is steamy and the mystery is intriguing. The last encounter with the bad guy is heartbreaking and I will admit I shed quite a few tears ( I shall not elaborate so as not [...]

  • joani

    Hard to rateI wanted to take my time in rating this book. Really wanted express exactly why is dropped to 3 Stars. In book number one both Sam and Declan were this fun loving couple who were falling in love. In book 2 came with the catch and the mystery. Again it was well written and they are in love but book three was long and dragged outx was thrown in where it did not belong. I felt more hollow from where we started. We got to lost in the words. Now these two trained, intelligent men both fel [...]

  • Libbsmm

    4.5 stars

  • Christina

    I love it and can't wait for more good book

  • Alexis Woods

    The Shatterproof Bond Series Books 1-3 --These books were provided free from the author in return for an honest review via the Don't Buy My Love program. Reviewer Rant: Book one is available for free via , and I'd actually picked it up and read it (without reviewing) prior to being provided mobi and pdf versions for review. Imagine my surprise when the copies I'm given are ridiculously edited. The lack of punctuation at the end of dialogue was the greatest offense, followed by odd capitalizatio [...]

  • Cat

    ***Four Stars for Return to Zero***Note: This story is part of a serial, and so, while the main plot of this book is resolved, there are continuing storylines that move forward into the next book. This is technically a standalone book, but you will get infinitely more out of it if you read the first two, As You Wish and Illuminate the Shadows, in order to fully understand the story arc and references to previous happenings.Declan is firmly entrenched into the workings of A.L.L but there is defin [...]

  • The Novel Approach Reviews

    Return To Zero pits Sam against his worst nightmare. An abusive double agent, long thought dead at Sam’s hand, has returned to get his revenge. Little do Sam or Declan understand just how thoughtless and ruthless Sir James can be–until they realize that Sam is to be used as bait to track down the rogue agent. To make matters worse, much as Sam predicted, Declan’s memories of his interrogation at the hands of Sir James have come roaring back, and he makes the horrible assumption that Sam kn [...]

  • Lily

    Return to Zero is the third book in the series and definitely my favourite so far. The story is gripping and the connection between Sam and Declan is lovely now that the two have got to know each other. I’ve grown to like these two sexy men over the course of the stories. Sam is less of a mystery to me now and I can relate to his character more. I enjoyed their banter and fun times as well as the more serious thrashing out of issues. Yes, the sex is still hot, but their loving has a special ed [...]

  • Carra

    Oh my goodness… *sigh* and *swoon*Well, I was hoping for some more action and suspense and I definitely got it here in Return to Zero. This story sees Declan learning more about A.L.L.’s inner workings, and eventually he and Sam get to work together on a mission. Before that comes up, we get more background into the agency as well as more about Sam before he met Declan. Most of the first half of the book moves at a relatively sedate pace (or at least what I would consider sedate), and it’s [...]

  • Jenn C

    I really like these two. Yes there is a bit of childishness but for Declan he is still trying to figure out how to live life and definitely figuring how to be in a relationship. And FINALLY there is a mission. Granted this is not a super high quality spy storey it is suspenseful and enjoyable. Declan and Sam and their interaction are the best. Can't wait for the next one!

  • K.

    Book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review. In Return to Zero we meet again with Declan and Sam. After the events from last book they are enjoying peaceful domestic bliss. Or are they? So of course they will get pulled right into action. The blurb says nicely what's going to happen. Anyway best way to see what the book is about to read it. :) This is not a standalone books, so first two books should be read before it. If you are looking for a book that is realisti [...]

  • Leisha

    An Audible copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions that follow are my own.Writing: ★★★★Story: ★★★★★Characters: ★★★★Overall: ★★★★ (4.33)~~~This was a thrilling episode in this series which I very much enjoyed. Unfortunately, I started listening to this right at the start of a massive reading/erotica slump and it took me a month to get through and another to review - in other words, I cannot really provide much detail he [...]

  • Mari Cardenas ~ Bayou Book Junkie

    *** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. *** This book is the second in a series and it needs to be read in order for maximum enjoyment and understanding of the story. You can find my review for the first book and its prequel here.Sam and Declan's lives have changed a lot from the moment they got together, now that Declan is a full agent and while it's not been all smooth sailing, they'd made do. However, when he finds out he's been kept in the dark about [...]

  • Bella'sBlog

    Return To Zero is book#2 of the ( Shatterproof Bond Series ) By Isobel Starling , and it's another lovable story. Ms Starling has continued to delight me thoroughly throughout this whole series ,with her writing ability and her style. This story just got stronger has this story evolved ,and the characters just got more lovable ,and their development was quite believable throughout this series . I was so happy that Sam and Declan 's relationship is stronger as ever, it's intense ,sexy, and really [...]

  • Pam Kay

    I was given this novel in exchange for an honest review so here it is. Another beautifully written story in the Shatterproof Bond Series. Isobel Starling continues to amaze me in her writing style. The story line is strong, evolving from the first, and the characters are well developed and believable. Declan and Sam's relationship is strong as ever. Hot, Sexy, and Intense. As Sam's father continues to take them into a dangerous mission that could destroy them, their bond is strong and they know [...]

  • Wax

    I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.This is the third book in a series and should not be read as a standalone. Return to Zero has Sam and Declan continuing their relationship with the added stress of their first mission. In addition, details of Sam’s past come out. When they are sent to investigate a remote Scottish retreat after two previous agents disappeared, the fragility of their new relationship is tested. I did enjoy seeing more of Sam a [...]

  • Bo

    Exciting & EroticFabulously mismatched lovers Sam the Brit (blond on the left) and Declan the Scot (on the right) are back and their tumultuous and fierce relationship gets tested to the bloody core in this weirdly plotted and excruciatingly exciting sequel. Though it's a bit hard to imagine how quickly formerly and obviously not totally straight Declan has become entwined in this love affair with the openly gay Sam, their banter, and sometimes terribly heart wrenching dialogue, and the circ [...]

  • Dana

    There were some slow going moments in this book, but it was also contained important scenes for the series. There were questions I had at the end of book 2 that I hoped would be answered in this book. While one was partially answered there are more mysteries to be uncovered. I really can't wait for book 4 to be released on audiobook. Gary Furlong is an amazing narrator.

  • Mary S

    This series just gets better and betterWith each book in the Shatterproof Bond series I love Declan and Sam more and more. Isobel Starling once again delivers the suspense, laughs, tears, and love in Return to Zero. And I loved every minute of it. I'll be anxiously waiting for the next book and of course more Declan and Sam.

  • Sabrina

    **A copy was received in exchange for an honest review**Declan and Sam are back and the mystery surrounding Sam's father and his band of spies deepens! A suspensful read that draws you into both the relationship and the mystery. I can't wait to see what happens next to our intrepid heroes!

  • Cornelia

    This is the third book in the series and doesn't disappoint. Declan and Sam go through so many trials as a couple, you wonder when it will stop but loved every moment of it It seems there will be another book, I hope.

  • Karen

    Absolutely love it! The proofreading could have been a bit better--previous books were better proofread, but it's still a definite winner! Can't wait for the next one!

  • Ilona

    Series review here