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Body Language
Title : Body Language
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781847090034
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 148

What others say is not always what they think or feel. But, people's gestures do give away their true intentions, and, for those who know how to read it, the body speaks volumes. This book is a tool to help you interpret other people's signals correctly, and how to understand what is really being said. It focuses on personal relationships.

Body Language Reviews

  • Gareth Otton

    This book tackles the issue of body language but at no point did I fell as though anything I was reading was conclusive. If anything at the end of reading this book I am firmly under the impression that by and large body language and those who claim to be experts in it have about as much credibility as psychics, mediums and all the other time wasters out there. Lets start with the basics, the fundamentals and the absolutes. Yes, there actually were a few of these in there but you are not going t [...]

  • Soheil

    Very shallow and not particularly well organized book. If you want a skim at body language it may be helpful but you won't learn much unless you have a good memory.

  • Mario Streger

    There are some useful tips in this book, and some practical exercises to help making you see how aware you are of your own body language. But some information is also outdated or not applicable everywhere, but mainly in the UK.

  • Tolu Atkinson

    The Body Language book was informational to the point of breaking down, cultural view points, understand the medium, subdual ques and revealing to spot someone actions over their words.

  • Kayla

    I listened to the audiobook. This is a good book to make yourself aware of and improve your own body language.

  • Craig

    Met my expectations in that the book offered practical advice regarding body language, how to engage it more effectively, and basically be more aware. My "buy in" for this was to present myself better. Points raised here also will also help me to read the language of others better.Rating 3-out-of-5 stars given comments by other reviewers that found the points here to be "common sense."Incidentally, I was reading Barbara McAfee's "Full Voice: The Art And Practice of Vocal Presence" concurrently w [...]

  • Hamza

    I listened to that book as an audio-book.It hasn't given me many informations, because it was short and lacked illustrations.I think the Allan Pease book about body language will remain the best book for that topic.

  • Tauras

    A basic book about body language. Liked it, because it reminded about some things that have been forgotten.

  • Ashutosh


  • Zakaria Bziker

    Very informative. We communicate to an unimaginable degree with our body language.

  • Mazen Alloujami

    Interesting book. It teaches a lot of useful things.

  • Habiba ALAYA

    It was a okay until he started stereotyping Arabs.

  • Eloise Sunshine

    Maybe I would have liked it more when I had read it myself, not listened to it. Otherwise, it didn't seem to provide any new and useful information, I felt rather bored with it.

  • Abdullah Al-Abri

    كتاب جيد يتكلم عن لغة الجسد بشكل مبسط بدون تعمق

  • Mike OwlLove

    not everything is very conclusive but it has some good points.

  • Craig

    An interesting look at meainings hidden in a person's body language which can real who and what they really are. Most of it was common sense or common knowledge.

  • Gokul Rangarajan

    Good Read, essential for all socialites as this book helps you rediscover yourself with lot of scientific insights

  • Dmitri Pavlov

    Some very good examples, and to the point, Thank you for the great book.

  • Jonathan

    This book says, how the people will react raise the eyebrows, approach, different kind of people to move, to achieve the things.