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7th Son (7th Son, #1)
Title : 7th Son (7th Son, #1)
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7th Son, Book One: DescentWritten by J.C. Hutchins. Read by the author.For more information, please visit http://www.jchutchins.netThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

7th Son (7th Son, #1) Reviews

  • Jesse Whitehead

    Way back in 2005 J. C. Hutchins tried to sell his book. Nobody wanted it. There were good reasons nobody wanted it. It was almost unmarketable. The book was 1200 pages and had seven protagonists. It also didn't fit into an easy genre label. It was quite definitely science fiction, the protagonists were clones, but it was also a political thriller, and maybe a little bit of a horror novel.Then he heard about podiobooks, a service that allows people to post audio versions of their books as podcast [...]

  • Paul

    Just a quick reminder: I don't give 5 stars (well maybe once or twice a decade). I'm stingy. I'm mean.So, on with the review.7th Son: Descent by J. C. HutchinsNow, I haven't read all of this book. I've only read the first 33 pages. So I can make no comments about the book's overall structure, or character arcs, or sub-plots.What I can comment about is the quality of the writing.It is superb.From a real kick-ass opening, unexpected metaphors and unusual word formations flow with assurance. Charac [...]

  • Kelly

    Interesting idea (seven clones of a 14-year-old old alpha who grow up not knowing they're clones) but clumsy Dan-Brown-esque execution of the plot. Also: so the clones are drawn together and they compare the differences in their lives after age 14 and one of them is gay. Originally I was like, "Oh, huh, that's cool," but as the book progressed, I found it more and more irritating and eventually offensive. Because if the clones are genetically identical and only one of them is gay, you're essenti [...]

  • Nathan Lowell

    This was one of the first podiobooks I ever listened to and JC's work inspired me to give it a try myself. Very nicely produced. I liked the writing style a lot and I thought the trilogy worked very well. I'm looking forward to whatever he writes next[transparency disclaimer: JC and I are both podiobooks authors. Neither podiobooks nor JC asked me to review this work.]

  • Andrew

    It’s actually quite difficult to review a book you absolutely love.Pithy one liners are much easier to come up with when you want to bring out the knives. I’ve been sitting here for the last twenty minutes trying to think of a good one liner to describe 7th Son Descent, but I liked it so much I’ve got nothing pithy for you.So instead let me tell you that 7th Son: Descent is well worth your time, money and evangelical support.J C Hutchins brings the characters to bear on the story quickly, [...]

  • Jesse

    This is a fairly exciting story that does, however, strain credibility a bit too far.A secret government program spent what I can only imagine were billions of dollars to construct a giant underground headquarters and staff that headquarters for three decades. They have access to technology no one else has. They have access to science no one else has. They have something called "phantom level" security which even the president isn't allowed to know about. After all this their greatest accomplish [...]

  • Jon Williams

    I've mixed feelings about this book. I came across it via a PDF that someone produced that contained the first few chapters of several books. After having read the first three chapters, I decided that it sounded good enough to buy.Now that I've read it, I can't decide exactly how I feel. Parts of it were what I was expecting, an action-thriller, not too complex, but interesting enough to be worth the time. Other parts, though, I found quite annoying. In many ways, this book reads as if the autho [...]

  • Tyan

    This is a fun little scifi story about seven different guys who are drawn into a massive conspiracy. They all share the same memories through their teenage years. Turns out after a manufactured accident the seven were cloned from the original, named John Alpha, and were implanted with his memories. They were each raised in different environments, each unaware of his clones. When John Alpha goes rogue the organization that created the seven clones coerces them into helping them stop John Alpha. T [...]

  • Michael

    J.C. Hutchin's "7th Son" starts with one hell of a hook and then never lets go.When a four-year-old boy assisgnates the President of the United States, seven men are drawn together to try and help find the master mind. The twist--they are all clones of the original mastermind, called John Alpha. The seven John Smiths (each are named differently and have led radically different lives since being downloaded with Alpha's memories at age 14) must work together to stop Alpha before he can put the nex [...]

  • Crystal Starr Light

    I honestly think this book gave me a concussion. But first, a plot summaryTE: I received this from the Vine program (and regret every moment of it).Seven men are abducted and find out they are all clones named John Michael Smith. A supersecret government organization (and really, what ones aren't?) has created them toum, we'll I'm still not quite sure about that, and I've finished the book. Anyway, John Michael Smith Alpha, the original source material, has gone mad science experiment, kidnappe [...]

  • Teel

    7th Son: Descent, the novel by J.C. Hutchins, has a whole backstory and life of its own, most of which I won't try to document for you. Go to jchutchins, ask around the Podiobooks scene, see what his fans are saying, and you'll get a better version of it than I can give. Basically, as I recall it (ie: without going back and re-reading stories I've heard dozens of times in the last couple years), he wrote a book that was too long and which he couldn't find a publisher for (both are common problem [...]

  • Cindy

    (This review pertains to the written edition of 7th Son, not the original podcast. I've heard some serious editing and changes were made for publication.)I was so excited by the first half-dozen or so chapters of 7th son. There was so much mystery and intrigue; why are these different men being abducted, who's the torturing maniac, what's up with the clones? It's a really excellent sci-fi/thriller set-up.Unfortunately around the half-way point I got really tired of all the grandiose pronouncemen [...]

  • Jessica

    WOW!! This is going to be one of those series that I can't read here and there - its definitely a read-through-to-the-end kind of series, lots of suspense, thrill, mystery, and action. I am certainly glad that I don't have to wait for the next installment. I basically listened to the second half of the book without stopping, listened at work as much as I could, in the car, and even sitting on the couch at home!! Its definitely a conspiracy theory novel, but the author did an excellent job of kee [...]

  • Ginger

    This book I got off of Podiobooks and it was terrific. I can't wait to get myself into the next one in this serie.The book starts with the President of the U.S being murdered by a 4 year old boy. The suspense builds when 7 men from different areas are kidnapped and held captivewhere they find that the kidnapping is only one of the many things that they have in common. Together, these seven men must stop one man from this evil plan.

  • Trillian1117

    I have followed J.C. Hutchins's journey to getting this book published since early 2007. Very well written, keeps your attention, and hard to put down. I highly recommend this book. For an additional treat, check out the podiobook version as well as a large amount of additional material at jchutchins.

  • Benjamin

    I managed to find this book on a table full of free books at a convention some time ago and tucked it away in my “to read” pile. Now that I’ve finished most of the giveaways I have received, I decided to give it a read. With nothing other than the title (which doesn’t tell me much) and the cover (which gives a little more information), I really didn’t know what to expect from this book. Since it was on a table of free books, I didn’t have much expectation for it, but boy did it ever [...]

  • Margaret

    Compelling but cliche-ridden book version of a B-grade action adventure movie. The sort where you wish they had sacrificed one special effect for a writer. Gaping plot holes and plot leaps that make it impossible for the listener to suspend disbelief. And I'm not referring to the premise of the seven clones and alpha who goes rogue, but the way the clones violently ripped from their normal lives quickly fall in with their abductors plans to work together to capture the alpha, and the way they ar [...]

  • Jean Bauhaus

    I haven't actually read the print version of this book. But back in the day, when J.C. Hutchins was breaking new ground by serializing this novel in podcast form, I became hooked from the first episode. This highly original sci-fi tale about clones and conspiracies kept me enraptured on my daily work commute, and when I saw that it's out in paperback, I immediately marked it as Want to Read. I can't wait to revisit this highly entertaining story in book form.

  • Leann

    Crazy premise that doesn’t seem too far off in the future.

  • Melissa Hayden

    What has caught me is the mental intrigue. It was like a psychological battlefield for these men! What they learn and have to twist to keep people safe by finding John Alpha. The mystery and history behind the 7th Son project. The conspiracy grows, widening, and the feel that we've not even come to the point of knowing all that happens here or why. There are bread crumbs dropped and I'm working at putting the puzzle together. I like this. It's a story to think as I'm listening, digest, and think [...]

  • Angela

    I've had quite a bit of fun lately listening to SF audiobooks on my iPhone, and 7th Son is one of the most notable things I've listened to lately. Audio is the form I mostly dealt with it in, although it's critical to mention as well that Book 1 of this story is available in print and ebook form. Once I got far enough into this story that I realized I did in fact want to own a copy, I snatched up the ebook. If you like SF-flavored thrillers, it's definitely worth your time.The story starts off w [...]

  • D.J. Pitsiladis

    From my blog, Casa de Pitsiladis:When I first ran across this story, it was in podcast form and I almost didn't listen to it because of the opening line. "The president of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy" It was around the time when my third son was born and I was a little sensitive about that sort of thing at the time. On a whim, however, I listened to all three parts of the trilogy and enjoyed every minute of the ride.The novel version [...]

  • Chris

    Great to come back to this story years later. My understanding of tech is so different. Much different story and enjoyable in so many more ways. Great back story, good movement of characters and events.

  • Chibineko

    While I'll admit that I'm not the biggest sci-fi reader, the idea of clones & espionage is pretty intriguing. The fact that this book was also touted by Scott Sigler, one of the best sci-fi podcast authors out there, was another bonus. (There's even a nod to Sigler in the book, as Hutchins named a minor character after him.) I do have to admit that I was a little wary- not all podcasts translate well into the written form. Sometimes what works in audio format doesn't work in the written form [...]

  • Geoff Taylor

    I listened to the free audio podcast version, which is described as a beta, or pre-finalised draft version.I enjoyed the author's performance of the book and there are many good things about it. The book has a great premise (human cloning), some great ideas and pretty persuasively presented inventions, including some very interesting mind technologies. It has some interesting and exciting scenes and plot points, some good suspense, and interesting characters. The mysterious character of John Alp [...]

  • Ryan

    I gave this one a lower rating when I first listened to the podcast, but in retrospect I'm not quite sure why - I think maybe I had gone into it thinking it was one kind of story, and then found out it was entirely a different kind, and that affected my rating? Reading it in print, though, revealed an amazingly enjoyable story.7th Son is best described as a technothriller about cloning and memory, although doing so is kind of like describing Battlestar Galactica as "a space opera with robots"; i [...]

  • Andrew Zink

    I normally wouldn't write a bad review based entirely on issues with the audio-book, but in this case it matters considering the audio-book/podcast is what got this story off the ground in the first place.The production is just brutal. There is melodramatic music playing every few minutes as scenes and sequences are abruptly ended with someone saying something melodramatic. Add to that every 20-30 minutes the story comes to a screeching halt as a 2 minute segment tells you what you're listening [...]

  • Erin (Bookish in a Box)

    This is not a typical book for me; I prefer fluffier science fiction when I delve into it at all, but this book blew me away. It reminded me a lot of Michael Crichton's work--well researched and written, very intellectual but disguised as entertainment. The science is explained bit-by-bit, leaving the reader intriguingly as confused as the seven clones and just as interested in figuring out the puzzles presented by the madman. Descent was a nice blend of science fiction and a murder mystery, jus [...]

  • Kyle

    Descent is a free audio book written by J. C. Hutchins. The book revolves around seven unsuspecting clones who are brought together by the organization that created them to stop John Alpha, the evil man from which they were clone. Some of the clones make an assault on John Alpha's base. The book ends there. I don't understand how the book can be so long when so little happens. The Descent should have been shortened to about novella length. Descent is also written pretty terribly. Hutchins leans [...]

  • Stefani

    I have long heard tales of the infamous 7th Son audiobook, and told that if I like thrillers I have to give this a try! I admit, it took awhile for me to agree. I have attempted to listen to this book on several occasions and found that I just could not become engrossed in the story and it was just confusing to me. But I decided to give it one more shot, and am I ever glad that I did. Because I did not have this story in print it was much easier to become lost in the details. There are a lot of [...]