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Snow Angel
Title : Snow Angel
Author :
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ISBN : 9780805445336
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 304

When Noah Wesley heard the faint sound outside the door of his remote Alaskan mountain cabin during a violent nighttime blizzard, it was no less than the voice of God that urged him to take a closer look, soon to discover his snow angel.Unconscious and more than half frozen to death, her name, as Noah would later learn after boldly saving her life, was Elizabeth, a beautifWhen Noah Wesley heard the faint sound outside the door of his remote Alaskan mountain cabin during a violent nighttime blizzard, it was no less than the voice of God that urged him to take a closer look, soon to discover his snow angel.Unconscious and more than half frozen to death, her name, as Noah would later learn after boldly saving her life, was Elizabeth, a beautiful young woman, fragile yet fierce, and intent on discovering gold like so many others in that region during the late 1800s.But why Elizabeth was so drawn to the gold, and why she would chase it even through a pounding storm that no man would dare face, was a secret to be shared with no one else, not even at the inviation of Noah's deep blue trusting eyes.

Snow Angel Reviews

  • kari

    Elizabeth, the main character in this story, is inconsistent and not a character to whom I was ever able to connect. Simply everyone was willing to accept whatever uncaring and unthinking thing she did because she had this terrible history, but no one knew anything about her, so why would they sympathize with her? Her determination to head off into the gold rush of Alaska with a group of men she doesn't know after having been sexually assaulted and then using flirting, etc to get her way just se [...]

  • Katie W

    Elizabeth was given away for adoption as a young girl and had a rough upbringing. When she gets lost in a storm in Alaska years later, Noah rescues her. She is on the run from an abusive investigator, hired by her equally evil adoptive parents.I like how kind her friends, Will and Cara, are. Noah is also a very understanding man and is very patient and forgiving. I like the growth that Elizabeth went through.Content: mention of a rape, no details. Otherwise, clean.

  • Kelly Moran

    Reviewed for BookPleasres. See below:To summarize Snow Angel, by Jamie Carie in one word- intense. This book is Jamie Carie’s debut novel and she has another to be released this April. She resides with her husband and three children in Indianapolis, Indiana.In an Alaskan cabin, during a brutal blizzard, Noah Wesley, believes he hears God Himself urging him to open the door. There he finds Elizabeth, barely clinging to life and half frozen, unconscious on his very doorstep. She keeps her horrid [...]

  • Julie Graves

    Elizabeth’s birth mother was forced to give her up to an orphanage when Elizabeth was two. For almost 20 years her mother has been searching for her.Elizabeth has gold fever. She is on her way to the Yukon to find her fortune. She is also running from a man who has already harmed her. In search of a man she was told would be a good guide Elizabeth gets lost in a snowstorm. She stumbles onto Noah’s doorstep and by some miracle he is able to breathe life back into her.Being chased by her past [...]

  • Karol

    Why on earth did I read this book? I generally don't like Romance as a genre. To be honest, I picked it up for cheap a year or so ago. The wintry weather in my area prompted me to finally pick up "Snow Angel". And although this genre is not my typical thing, I did enjoy this book quite a lot.Elizabeth is a flawed character, although not as guilty as she makes herself out to be. She is small but determined, and hardship has made her strong - yet there is an emotional vulnerability that makes her [...]

  • Diane

    The statement about this book being a can't-put-it-down was true. I started reading the book yesterday evening and finished it tonight. It is a wonderful love story--man and woman, mother and child, friend to friend, etc. There was one particularly poignant part where Noah comes to realize that there is a danger in being so overcome by another person, that you can "forget" God in your life--you place the other person in God's spot and stop being as attentive to Him as you may previously have bee [...]

  • Emilee

    Loved this story! It is about a girl who is broken inside and has struggled all of her life. She grew up as an ophan but got adopted by a wicked couple. She stumbles upon a man who brings her in and takes care of her till she is back on her feet. Noah Wesley is an honorable man who is kind and sweet. I was drawn to the characters pretty quickly and read this book within two days. It was pretty hard to put down. Of course, it is a romance so be sure to read this when the children have gone to bed [...]

  • RondaTutt

    I loved this book. It was a great love story, it made me happy, sad, and cry. When I finished this book, I just hugged the book because it was an emotional happy ending.

  • Amanda

    An easy read, suspenseful novel including a little romance and friendship. Takes place in Alaska and I enjoyed the beautiful landscape descriptions.

  • hannah

    I loved this book and am really disappointed that the other ones are not available in ebooks. It's a beautiful story of believing in go(o)d

  • Amber Stokes

    Re-read for the Contentment Reading Challenge 2013!

  • Courtney

    Based in the late 1800's, Snow Angel is about a young girl named Elizabeth who was given away by her birth mother as an infant. She went through a couple of orphanages and then ended up being adopted by a very horrible set of parents. When the Alaska gold rush came around and Elizabeth had a chance to escape her horrible adopted parents she took it! She was then followed by a man who was paid by her adopted parents to find her, she had to continually be on the run, never trusting anyone or stayi [...]

  • Allyson

    Firsts things first: I really did like this storyline. I have only read one series that took place during the Alaskan gold rush. (Now that I've typed that I realize how irrelevent that is. Anywho)Now: My biggest pet peeve (and a lot of authors do this, and it isn't really a big deal, but it still irritates me) is that they spell "OK" instead of "Okay". Usually I can ignore it, but Ms. Carie seems to have her characters say this constantly. Every other chapter it's "OK" "OK" "OK". I know, I'm rea [...]

  • Barbara ★

    This is a novel about the gold rush in Alaska and a young woman (Elizabeth) who is running from her past. Her mother (Jane) was forced to give her up when she was two years old and has spent the last 20 years searching for her. Elizabeth meets Noah in Alaska and falls in love but with all her baggage she doesn't feel safe with him and flees to the Klondike to mine for gold. Noah follows and what happens next is a really sweet ending to a good story.Great characters and wonderful scenery. A great [...]

  • Leah

    This book was totally amazing!!I loved Elizabeth and Noah together. I loved how they interacted with one another.Elizabeth was running from some pretty frightful people. And, she was on a mission to strike it rich in the Alaskan gold mines.This book does not disappoint.Right from the first page Jamie Carie writes with lots of adventure and mystery.Jamie Carie is one of the best authors I've ever read. Everyone of her books that I've read has been so full of adventure, intrigue and romance.

  • Melissa

    I enjoyed this book. There was history about the gold rush in Alaska that was interesting. There was a Christian element to this book but very little preaching and more about how the character listened to God and some prayers. The characters didn't pull me in like I like, but I found the story enjoyable and it moved very well. It was not predictable and had me wondering where it was going to go. There is a rape scene in this book and I thought it was handled well and not too descriptive and over [...]

  • Leslie

    I really liked this book! I know some of the reviews said Elizabeth was hard to identify with but I think that's because most of us can't imagine what she went through. I did find myself at some places going "Come on lady! Really?!" But I think that was just part of her character! Overall I loved it and wished it was a little longer or had an epilogue so I knew what happened after she came back. I was sad to say goodbye at the end!

  • Loraine

    This is my first Jamie Carie novel and I definitely look forward to reading more by this author. I specially enjoyed the setting of this novel as it takes place in Alaska and the Yukon. Having traveled there it reminded me of a lot that I had seen and the author did a great job of describing the ruggedness and well as life during the time of the gold rush period. I also liked the fact that she portrayed the characters as real live people - warts and all.

  • Marcie

    This is a Christian romance about a woman on the Yukon trail during the Alaskan gold rush. I enjoyed the descriptions of the scenery and the details of life on the trail, but I felt that the characters could have used more depth. They seemed to fall in love and reveal deep secrets too easily to be real people. But the story was interesting, and I learned a lot about that particular time in history.

  • Nanette

    This was a ok story set in Alaska in the late 1800s. It has romance, mild suspense, and mystery. Elizabeth's character didn't draw me in primarily because her main preoccupation in life did not appeal to me whatsoever. Wouldn't catch me standing in a freezing river in freezing Alaska even if there was gold in it!

  • Toniu

    A story about a girl who was taken away from her mother when she was born. This is the story of what her life was like for 18 years while her mother hired a detective to try and find her a fter she was taken away. I loved this book because it had a really good plot and it was written to make you believe that you were actually there while the stroy was happening.

  • Becky

    Two-year-old Elizabeth is taken from her unwed mother by her Grandfather and placed in an orphanage. Fast forward 20 years and Elizabeth is now in Alaska trying to 'strike it rich' in the gold rush. We learn of her past in bits and pieces as she pushes to keep love, trust and friendship out of her life. A heart-warming love story, but with very predictable dialog and outcomes.

  • Casey

    I enjoyed the beginning and the end the best. I grow tired of the "normal" Christian type books. This one was on the verge but it really kept my attention. I really liked how real she made the characters. You could actually relate to the characters and their attitudes were grounded in the real world.

  • Stacy

    Picked up this book at the library, and was surprised at the unoriginal way the author has of telling the story and capturing the reader. Well done and captivating storyline. I'll definitely pick up more of her books in the future!

  • Kellie Shulruff

    Jamie Carie was a new author to me.I really like the style, the plot, the characters. There was even some small twists I didn't expect.This was a perfect summer, relaxing read looking forward to trying more of Jamie Carie's books.

  • Kimberly

    I really enjoyed the story and the characters. However I felt like the last few chapters were rushed like the author was trying to hurry and finish the book.Looking forward to reading more from Jamie Carie.

  • Tracy

    Not a bad read about a young woman "orphaned" at an early age and the turns her life takes to sort itself out. I enjoyed the book, and look forward to reading more by this author, but I do agree that some parts were too glossed over and other places were a little stilted.

  • Emily Ross

    I really enjoyed this book. A very gripping start it drew me right in. I enjoyed learning about the gritty life of the gold hunters in the Yukon, wow! I would have loved for the story to keep going since I liked Elizabeth & Noah so much.

  • Amanda

    This book was really well done. I don't read much Christian fiction, but I thought that the story was exceptional without being "preachy" or "overly religious". It was slightly enticing in places, but not steamy or sexy. I enjoyed this romance very much!

  • Jane

    I enjoyed this book, although it wasn't my favorite by Carie. I am still not sure I have entirely gotten over my disenchantment with stories about the Alaskan gold rush, so that may have influenced in my enjoyment of the story. Overall a good story and memorable characters.