The Untamed (Dan Barry, #1) by Max Brand Online

The Untamed (Dan Barry, #1)
Title : The Untamed (Dan Barry, #1)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780671811143
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 186

The mysterious Whistlin' Dan Barry rides a black stallion named Satan, followed by a wolf dog named Black Bart. Dan has his own problems, but they multiply when he encounters Jim Silent and his outlaw gang.

The Untamed (Dan Barry, #1) Reviews

  • Pop

    This was the LibriVox recording. Love the prose of Brand and the early authors of western fiction "He says, she says, etc". A very good story and entertaining.

  • Susana789

    Westernové paparbacky vydavateľstva Návrat :-) zo zlatých deväťdesiatych.

  • Cindy Winder delong

    I enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure what to think of the main character, Whistlin' Dan. I was never sure what he was going to do but whatever he did always seemed true to his character. Whistlin' Dan was a very likable character but in a way I felt sorry for him and I always worried about him. I started to be concerned about how the book was going to end. If it ended badly, I was sure that I never wanted to read another Max Brand book again. The book did not end how I expected but the ending fit [...]

  • Mike

    Dan Barry is an unusual man, or is he a man? He seems to have other-worldly characteristics that help him protect and avenge those around him. He is the superhero of the old west. He appears to be a mild-mannered, child-like young fellow who is sheltered from the goin's on down in town and the new saloon. His adopted family wants to shelter and protect him. Little do they know he has powers and abilities from which the saloon should be sheltered.I like Max Brand. His old-style writing of 100 yea [...]

  • P.S. Winn

    Dan Barry, along with a black stallion named Satan, and his dog Black Bart,really more of a wolf are headed for trouble with outlaws in this thriller.

  • KB

    First in a series of a Man, a horse and dog. Liked!

  • Scott Pinzon

    Max Brand is the pen name of Frederick Faust, perhaps one of the most prolific authors who ever lived. He penned 500 novels, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. He started out as a pulp hack and found success later in life by inventing Dr. Kildare, which was not only a series character in novels but became a prime time television show, which Faust wrote.I am intrigued by the pulp novelists of the early 20th century, and I love a well-written Western, so I picked this up. To enjoy it, it hel [...]

  • Morris Nelms

    This was my first experience with Max Brand. I don't think I'll read more of his stuff. This was an unique spin on an archetypal story with a well developed hero. I have to give him high marks for that alone. Most heroes are less interesting than the villains. Brand worked as a cowboy early in his life, and that gives this book a more authentic quality, especially when he writes about horses. He and Zane Grey have an excellent gift for describing the landscape. Now, to the problems I have with t [...]

  • Daniel Ghanim

    1. What did you like about the book and what could have been better?In the book the untamed by Max Brand, the classic western novel was an enjoyable read, which kept you going till the end with trouble and mishaps. The description was put in the right spot, and the imagery of the landscape was great, which was better than other westerns, but lacked intensity. The book was no different than an ordinary western, other than both having the dog and horse together, but was not as appealing to me beca [...]

  • Cindy

    This was a typical old fashion Western written in the early 1900's. You have a good guy, Whistling Dan. The good guy has to have a lady love, that was Kate. The Outlaws were the Silence Gang. I don't know if it was intentional but Whistling Dan almost seemed like a super hero. A character you would find in a comic book, not a western. He had a strange past. Someone found him wandering in the mountains. He had a black horse named Satin and a wolf named Black Bart. He had an iron grip and eyes tha [...]

  • Ron

    Max Brand burst on the scene with this striking novel less than two decades after Wister’s The Virginian and just as Zane Grey was topping the bestseller lists. In those three writers one can trace the evolution of western storytelling from history into myth. Wister’s Wyoming and his cowboy characters were drawn from life, while Grey romanticized the desert Southwest and the heroes and villains he put there. Brand stripped away realism and romance in The Untamed and left pure myth—with eve [...]

  • Ed [Redacted]

    The Untamed was Max Brand's first western novel and possibly his first novel of any kind. Originally published in 1919 in "All Story Weekly" as a six part serial. It reads like the script of a cowboy movie serial. The protagonist "Whistlin' Dan Berry" is about as indestructible a superman of a protagonist as you will ever meet. He does everything perfectly and never appears to be in any real danger save for a period of time where he is shot in the shoulder with a rifle and nearly dies, only to p [...]

  • Jeff Miller

    Available on Project Gutenberg and LibrivoxThe hero is kind of a Tarzon in a cowboy hat in that "Whistling Dan" has great rapport with wild animals and keeps a wolf as a companion and has tamed the wildest horse. He is also an expert with a gun naturally without practicing and his origins are a mystery An interesting premise, but a fairly stock story of a good man's run in with outlaws and his quest to kill the leader of them with romance along the way.

  • Breanne

    I ADORE westerns, and Max Brand has a much more believable style than Zane Grey albeit has less "feel good" and more reality. This has great characters and like all westerns, a predictable plot to a poing yet excitement and adventure along the way.

  • Debbie Zapata

    I ended up not reading this one since I read the sequel to ir first without realizing. I knew what would happen eventually in the lives of the main characters and that spoiled this book for me. Quit as soon as I learned who was who.

  • Ramakrishnan M

    good western. I have read very few max brand books and this is certainly one of the bestgood build up of the hero character and usual western super hero stuffsurprising end though

  • David

    the Tittle sums it up.It kind of reminded me of Tarzan

  • Robbie

    WESTERNJim finished this on 5-25-16 and rated it 4.5 stars.

  • Mike Grady

    A classic Western, well told.

  • Adam Azzalino

    Best western writer I have found--this is his masterpiece.

  • Ronald

    read some time in 1992