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False Pretenses
Title : False Pretenses
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780451199683
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 400

COULTER ?S first contemporary suspense novel First published in 1988, False Pretenses is the explosive story of how one woman survives the destruction of her perfect life?and the intentions of three mysterious men.

False Pretenses Reviews

  • Nikki Nielsen

    I picked this book up at a yard sale at the recommendation of the woman selling it. Actually, she didn't want to sell her Catherine Coulter books but her husband told her she was going to sell them none the less. They had an argument about it right there in front of everyone at the yard sale. Very entertaining. She was shouting how much she loves 'Mrs. Coulter' and that she had read all the books repeatedly. He rolled his eyes and told her if she had read them that many times she should have the [...]

  • Lewis Weinstein

    This book has flaws BUT it is a terrific read, not too deep, full of action, some surprises. It held my attention, even though I thought the main character was, for the first 50-75 pages, a stupid wimp. She changed, probably too quickly to be totally convincing, but was very interesting from that point on.

  • Natasha

    It reads a lot like a soap opera, with clichés and a very predictable plot line. Not only that, but it has several other issues that irked me considerably while I was reading:1- Character development, in my opinion, is very poor. The characters are themselves cliché, and they have sudden changes in personalities seemingly from night to day with weak explanations for these abrupt enlightenments. Most glaring example of this is the main character who is a pianist with no experience in business; [...]

  • Marti

    After I started reading this book, I thought, I don't really care what happens to rich people, but the heroine was somewhat interesting, so I continued. Elizabeth Carleton was a professional classic pianist married to an older wealthy man, whom she was accused of murdering. Once acquitted, she takes over running the company, but all the family hates her. However, there are several men who seem to love her at first, before their motives are revealed. Will she ever find happiness? Will the real mu [...]

  • Anita

    This is the first romantic-suspense that Catherine Coulter wrote. It is quite good, but the plot reads more like Catherine Coulter channeling Danielle Steel. Not at all my type of read. I'm not into "poor me, whatever shall I do?" heroines. But, it is very good and except for some historical problems (dinner on top of the World Trade Center) the book stands the test of time well.Concert pianist Elizabeth Carleton is on trial for the murder of her insanely wealthy older husband. A stranger comes [...]

  • Pam H

    Wow - not sure where to begin - this was a total mess. The widow goes from concert pianist who knows nothing but music to a savvy CEO with a killer instinct in 10 days. 3 different men want her - there is no chemistry anywhere, she marries a guy she wants to ruin, her step daughter goes from thinking she's a killer to confiding in her just goes on and on.Since it was written a long time ago, I will assume Ms Coulters storytelling skills have improved.

  • Lacy

    I had a hard time getting into this book and had to force myself to keep reading. At first the characters were very one dimensional, I felt nothing, and could care less about what happened. After about 130 pages things started to get good and crazy. From then on the pace was faster, the story was more interesting, and I wanted to see what would happen. There are a lot of crazy characters in this book!

  • Susan

    Good mystery. I had a little bit of a hard time getting started on it - almost put it down several times. It's about the world or rich and elite business people, one that I can't really relate to, but eventually I got hooked. It is well written and entertaining and ends well.

  • Creagh Steins

    Read in 1 day Just what I was looking for. An engaging mystery that I didn't want to put down. Have read entire FBI series as they are released, so decided to check this out.

  • Carolynne

    Elizabeth Carleton was a professional classic pianist married to an older wealthy man, whom she was accused of murdering. A stranger shows up at her trial as a surprise witness, and provides her with an alibi. I had to keep reminding myself how young she was or else I had no patience for her whatsoever. One man screws her over so she finds another man, allows him to completely take over her life until she realizes he screwed her as well, so she moves on to the next man. While this is not *comple [...]

  • Linda

    I have read quite a few of Catherine Coulter's books and this was my favorite so far. A very intense story of suspense and murder intertwined with romance and ruthless backstabbing among the rich. Elizabeth Carleton was on trial for the murder of her husband when a surprise witness takes the stand and gives her an alibi. The jury finds her not guilty but no one really believes she is innocent especially the D.A. This is a story of corporate takeovers and backroom deals that keep you wondering wh [...]

  • Kimiko-K

    A changed encounter with my first Coulter journey through this audio book, so doubtless the experience is different from reading the hard copy. The splendid performance by the male and female readers made the story twice as entertaining and addictive as a TV drama, and as usual, strong and independent female leads are always welcome. Loved the mystery thrown in that kept me guessing till the very end, ditto for the dark secret Elizabeth was storing from us, totally didn't see that coming. Great [...]

  • lora joint

    Interesting twist!Good story. A lot of different characters. A little too many. It was a good story line but not easy to follow due to switching, thoughts and characters without starting a new chapter. I actually never read one of her stories that didn't flow well, so a little disappointing.

  • Gail Coffey

    This book had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing, for quite a while, "who dunnit?" and then how it would end. It has been probably 20 years since I read a Catherine Coulter book and this one lived up to my memories of her well-written, well-plotted mysteries.

  • Ron

    An engaging mystery that has an interesting (but somewhat predictable) plot.

  • Susan Cliburn

    Excellent Another classic from Mrs. Coulter. Keeps you turning those pages. Cooking and cleaning can wait! The reading MUST go on!

  • ElaineY

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; SEPT 2013: 2 stars for what I managed to readNarrators: Renee Raudmann & Paul ConstanzoI can't even remember what I read/listened to, just that what little I did get through was nowhere as good as a Sandra Brown or Linda Howard. It was actually so boring that even though there are many romantic thrillers from the late 80s and the 90s which are comfort reads, I now realize why Coulter rarely pops up on my radar.I've tried a couple of her FBI books and found them wanting, [...]

  • Beth

    Fairly decent beach read, but I personally couldn't get really deep into reading about insanely rich and powerful people having problems with even more insanely rich and powerful people, and possibly some other insanely rich but not-so-powerful peopleeven the murderer was one of the insanely rich and powerful people! I suppose that for my first Coulter book I should have picked up one of her more recent novels.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    Elizabeth is a classic pianist who is acquitted of killing her wealthy older husband. Is this inspired by news? As a romantic suspense, it did have me turning the pages. It wasn't too much of a surprise ending. Some of the situations required suspending belief - like a professional musician becoming a business person and making it successful. That is totally not believable. I think I prefer Ms. Coulter's romantic suspense books.

  • Diane Wachter

    False Pretenses, Catherine Coulter, PB-B @ 1989, 11/00. A concert pianist is accused of murdering her wealthy husband with an ice pick. When a respected psychiatrist swears under oath that she was with him, she is grateful, but wary, she has never seen him before. Everyone she meets is now suspect, and her life is in danger. Good.

  • Michelle

    Does every quote need to include a name? It got very old, very fast that every single utterance, even in coversations between two people or in lines that were attributed to a character, also contained the name of the person being spoken to. I think seeing the name Elizabeth a trillion times on each page just got to me.Other than that, a fine read. Dated and obvious, but interesting.

  • Maura

    It was good as far as suspense books go I wouldn't read it again. Much like Judith McNaught's books, I don't care for reading about the rich, famous and pretentious. So because of the setting and characters, I was pretty much already not going to like the book that much. But for plot, entertainment value, etc. I'd say it was pretty good.

  • Uwe

    way off everything, marriage with a guy who is 37 years older, a will where she gets an imperium etc. etc. etc. and than she starts to take over with help of the lawyer friend oh man, tooo much and I stopped reading in the first quarter !

  • Pr Latta

    I believe this was Coulter's first "contemporary" romance. You have to be able to buy in to the premise that a musician "off the street" could quickly take control of a multinational conglomerate -- then drift away I wasn't as bothered by "datedness" as the Publisher's Weekly reviewer.

  • Anna Mcfadden

    after a suprise witness trail Elizabeth Carleton was founded not guilty of killing her wealthy husband. 3 men shows up in her life and she finds out the hard way about business, men, and trust. when someone trys to kill her she dont know who to trust

  • Dpic


  • Sandy Menke

    Really good who-dunnit!

  • Alexis

    free bookshelf beach read pretty much soap opera nonsense

  • Tiffany

    kept me guessing for a lot of the book. Didnt totally love the characters, but well written

  • Sheila McCaffrey

    Picked up at tag sale for easy beach read - met my expectations.