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Love Means... Courage (Farm, #0.5)
Title : Love Means... Courage (Farm, #0.5)
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ISBN : 9781615810604
Language : English
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 237

Len Parker is laid off during the recession in the early eighties and decides to go back to college at home in rural Michigan, where he reconnects with his best friend from high school, Ruby. He's overjoyed when she marries Cliff Laughton and overcome with sorrow when she dies an untimely death, leaving behind her husband and two-year-old son.Out of work again, Len finds aLen Parker is laid off during the recession in the early eighties and decides to go back to college at home in rural Michigan, where he reconnects with his best friend from high school, Ruby. He's overjoyed when she marries Cliff Laughton and overcome with sorrow when she dies an untimely death, leaving behind her husband and two-year-old son.Out of work again, Len finds a job at Cliff Laughton's sorely neglected farm. Cliff is still mourning his wife, struggling to raise his son, and has little enthusiasm or energy left for work. Len immediately begins to whip the farm—including the two Laughtons—into shape. Working side by side, Len and Cliff grow ever closer, but loving another man takes a lot of courage. They'll have to stand together as they face faltering business, threatening drought, misguided family, and Midwestern prejudices to protect what might be a lifelong love. Prequel to "Love Means No Shame"

Love Means... Courage (Farm, #0.5) Reviews

  • Daisiemae

    Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors. His book are a must buy for me because they make me feel all kinds of emotions when I read them. There is something about the way he connects us with his characters and brings us into their lives that really resonate with me.Love Means Courage is a difficult book to review. I don't want to give much away about it so I've decided to just relate my feelings about this wonderful book without getting too much into the storyline.Love Means Courage is actuall [...]

  • Jenre

    After reading and enjoying Love MeansNo Shame, I was eager to read the next book in the Love Means series. Part of me was also a bit worried because this second book is a prequel to the first book and focuses on the relationship between Len and Cliff, the father of Geoff from the first book. As the first book begins with the death of Cliff, I was concerned that knowing that Len and Cliff only get 20 years of a HEA would spoil my enjoyment of this prequel. I shouldn't have worried though because [...]

  • Denise H.

    *** Andrew Grey is an awesome writer ! *** Cliff, tall, slim, with long shaggy hair, is a farmer/rancher grieving for his wife and father's deaths, is raising a son alone, and in extreme depression. The farm is being neglected. Len, a gay man living a quiet life in their small town, got his degree, but in the 80's jobs are scarce. He ends up working for Cliff, his old friend and long time crush, who had married Len's best friend, Ruby. They all lived in this small town where everyone knew everyo [...]

  • Deeze

    Second time reading and I still love this one. Learning how Len and Cliff get together is wonderful after the heartbreak of book one. A truely charming tale of love and family. Little Geoff is just perfect and I love him to peices, he is so cute and charming, I love that we see him as a child and as a grown man thanks to book one and two lol. As for Janelle, she really is a nasty harpy. I can so see her ending up a lonely bitter old women without even cats to keep her company. A perfect read for [...]

  • Nick

    Knowing what happens to one of the heroes made this book difficult to read. It was a lovely story though. Just bittersweet.

  • Victorialove books

    Overall book rating: 4 sweet stars Audio book: Narrator - Sawyer Allerde 4 Stars Book cover: 3 starsThis was just a feel good book, I really enjoyed it. The bond between Len and Cliff was just so sweet and loving. I liked the plot and the feel of this book. Little Geoff was so sweet with his "horsie" rides.

  • Serena Yates

    I really loved this book. The focus is on the relationship between Len and Cliff (Geoff's father) and since this story takes place 25 years ago they have quite a few external obstacles to overcome. At first Len and Cliff struggle to get up the courage to admit to themselves what they feel for each other but in the end the choice is very clear. The strength of their conviction is amazing and very reassuring. The small farm they live on is described in vivid detail and I felt right at home. Geoff [...]

  • L-D

    About 4.5 stars.I absolutely LOVED this backstory to Len and Cliff's relationship. If you read book #1 first, (view spoiler)[you know that Len and Cliff loved each other for many happy years and raised a wonderful son, Geoff, together, but this story was a great way to get the background behind that epic love.(hide spoiler)]Len had a crush on Cliff in HS and thought at one point that Cliff may have reciprocated his feelings, but the moment slips past them. Years later, Len reconnects with his be [...]

  • J.J. Levesque

    I was a bit worried when I first started reading this book, because I did read Love Means No Shame first, as it is the first book in the series. This one acts as a prequel to it and involves Cliff and Len, Geoff's parents. I thought that the book was make me upset because of what happens in the other book, but I was wrong. Despite knowing what happens, I was able to forget about it and enjoy Len and Cliff's story just as much, if not more than Geoff and Eli's. Geoff as a toddler was adorable and [...]

  • Kikirocks

    DNF. Boy, that writing was/is bad

  • Irina

    AudibleDNF @85%It might have been the wrong timing for me, but I was too bored to carry on.

  • Melanie~~

    This was pretty-much a “meh” for me. It just didn’t hit me like I expected or how it should for a “tearjerker”. Probably a 2.5, but I’m rounding down because, I know I’ve rounded up on other Grey stories, this one just didn’t grab me.

  • Desiree

    Uno de los pocos libros en papel de homoerotica que han llegado al país!Una historia hermosa, dulce y tranquila sobre la amistad, el amor y la familia!

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣

    4.1 Stars

  • Elisa Rolle

    This series is intended for people loving the old country lifestyle with a modern touch. In the first book, Love Means… No Shame, Geoff was a young man who was raised by his two fathers and who happened to be gay as well. Of course reading that book people could wonder how it was possible, if in today society it can happen to have same sex couple, 20 years before it was not so common, above all not in the little small town where Geoff was living. Cliff and Len’s story was for sure a story th [...]

  • Sabrina (Soter) Sally

    “Voglio solo che tu lo sappia, senza esortazioni o drammi, ti amo, Len Parker, con tutto me stesso.”"Amore significa coraggio" è sicuramente uno degli m/m più realistici che abbia letto fin'ora. Non solo è trattato il tema dell'omofobia, ma anche del lutto, della crisi economica triste, dura realtà insomma XD. Il prologo è stato davvero intrigante: conosciamo un Len adolescente, impegnato ad illuminare il teatro con la sua migliore amica Ruby durante la recita scolastica e ad osservare [...]

  • Bookwatcher

    My thoughts about this book are:*Love the easiness of this romance. There are few difficulties to the main characters, none are hard to them or will be long. Everything that happened was perfect to someone searching for a romance, with 100% of love story and 0% of angst*I wish more would be said about Geoff's mother. First of all THIS IS NOT a book that picturect women as biches or any negativeness about women in general. On the contrary, all feminine characters in this book are strong and I lik [...]

  • Gaby Franz

    El primer amor que perdura y trasciende con los años, la paciencia para esperar por el ser amado y el valor para luchar por lo que se ama. Esta es una historia que le ha dado un dulce respiro a mi alma.Dos hombres totalmente opuestos, uno con el coraje para demostrar quién es realmente y el otro que prefirió esconderse la mayor parte de su vida, se reencuentran nuevamente después de sus años de juventud en el instituto donde por un breve instante fueron ellos mismos y se demostraron mutuame [...]

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

    I really liked this one much better than the first in the series. Like a lot of reviewers, I was skeptical on reading this story because I already know what is going to happen to one of the MCs but once I got into the book, I just didn't care that much.Len and Cliff are very lovable characters. In my case, I liked Len back in Love Means No Shame and I just fell more in love with him in this book so I was glad I got to see Len get his own story. Cliff was surprising to me. I would have thought it [...]

  • Jewel

    I loved this book. Especially after reading Love MeansNo Shame, it's such a bittersweet story. Cliff and Len get many happy years, but it's never enough, is it?I'm not marking this next bit as a spoiler because if you've read the books in the intended order, with Love MeansNo Shame first, you know what happens. I don't think that knowing that Cliff and Len only get 20 or so years detracts from the story at all. In fact, it's a good reminder to appreciate the love you have for as long as you've g [...]

  • GymGuy

    I actually do give positive reviews, however this one is not really one of those. Three stars, for me that means 'meh'. On the positive side, it is a sweet story. It's nice to read and you feel good after you finish it. However on the negative, it is a SWEET SWEET SWEET SWEET story, and i HATE baby talk. The kid drove me nuts! Right in the middle of a dialog, I had to stop and decipher baby babble. I felt the characters were totally plastic. I felt this was like 'Ozzy and Harriot' goes Hallmark [...]

  • Shelby P

    I really enjoyed this story and I'm surprised because I really didn't care for Love Means No Shame. There was a simplicity to the story and a realness. I could definitely see two guys living in a small town falling for each other. I liked that Len's mom was supportive. Geoff was such a cute toddler. I will continue on with this series.

  • Lily

    I was a bit leery of reading this one since it's the prequel in the Love Means series and I already knew what the future held for Len and Cliff. However, once I started reading it I was able to put that aside and really enjoyed this heartwarming and engaging romance. I liked both of the guys, it was nice to see Geoff as a toddler and as always I enjoyed the author's ability to deliver sweet and sexy at the same time. A well written and fairly uncomplicated story. Recommended.

  • Karen K

    Another winner in the series - I read them in the wrong order (read Love Means No Boundaries first because I just wanted to continue in the present). I was wary of this book for some reason, maybe because it was the back story and happened 20-some years ago, but it was beautiful. Seeing baby-Geoff is such a treat and getting to know his dad and Len better was such a treat. I love Andrew's writing - he's totally in my top 5 right now. :)

  • Nightcolors

    3.5 stars.It was very sweet and I really enjoyed getting to read about the happy family moments between Len, Cliff and Geoff. Geoff was adorable!I kinda wish I'd read this one before Love Means No Shame, though. I couldn't entirely let go of the thing with Cliff that happens in No Shame.

  • Christy

    I love this 2nd book in Andrew Grey's series, although Love MeansCourage is really the prequel to Love MeansNo Shame. This is the story of Cliff, a widower with a young son in the early 80's and Len, the man who has had a crush on him since high school.It's a beautiful story, very gentle and sweet.

  • FloJ

    I just have a couple of niggles with some of the 'facts' which don't match the 'facts' in Love Means No Shame which is the chronological sequel to this book.

  • Ximena Weber

    Con demora, pero terminé el primer libro del 2017 (y el último del 2016)Amé esta saga, que pena que acá no hayan publicado todos los libros.

  • OkayKim

    "I really like this story and it's main characters. The only problem with reading a prequel though, is knowing what's going to eventually happen to one of the main characters Still a good story."

  • Amparo Torres

    Es el primer libro que leo de este autor. Es un libro muy entretenido y es bastante rápido de leer.