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Sound of Thunder (Courtney #2)
Title : Sound of Thunder (Courtney #2)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780333902165
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 600

THE SOUND OF THUNDER continues the Courtney saga where WHEN THE LION FEEDS left off. Sean Courtney is off to fight the burghers in the Boer War -- first in harrowing missions on the front lines for the British Guides, then as the leader of commandos designed to fight the Boers on their own terms -- guerilla combat in the field. The peace that follows find Sean with hopes oTHE SOUND OF THUNDER continues the Courtney saga where WHEN THE LION FEEDS left off. Sean Courtney is off to fight the burghers in the Boer War -- first in harrowing missions on the front lines for the British Guides, then as the leader of commandos designed to fight the Boers on their own terms -- guerilla combat in the field. The peace that follows find Sean with hopes of marriage and settling down to farming. But the hatred borne by his twin brother will not allow a peaceful life. Garry, who has been forced to live in the shadow of his twin's superiority since childhood, has vowed to pay him back for the wrongs done him.

Sound of Thunder (Courtney #2) Reviews

  • Matt

    Continuing the journey through Smith's Courtney series is a highly educational and entertaining undertaking. With the focus still strongly on Sean, the story opens as the lead-up to the Second Boer War is imminent. Sean struggles to raise his son without a wife and, in true late-nineteenth century form, never spared the rod to spoil his young Dirk. As time passes, Sean took up a post for the English and fought the Boers at every turn. Unbeknownst to him, his twin brother, Garrick, is a high-rank [...]

  • Eric

    The Sound of Thunder is a slight departure from the previous book. This book is more of human drama than an expansive African adventure. The book picks up about four years after the ending of the previous book. Sean is a single parent (well sort of) of an infant son while he is out on the veld shooting elephants for their ivory. Sean's son, Dirk, does not go without attention as the Zulu tribesmen accompanying Sean dote on the little tyke. After four years of not seeing another white face, Sean [...]

  • Graham

    The follow-up to Smith's first book, WHEN THE LION FEEDS, is a continuation of the same story following the cliffhanger that the first novel ended upon.We learn more about Sean Courtney's life at Ladyburgh, his experiences in the 2nd Boer War and finally the next Courtney generation, i.e. his children by various mothers.In my mind, the book falls into three sections. The first part flies by as it reintroduces the central characters, throws in some new personalities and sets up the second part, w [...]

  • Jacqie

    I'm reading some books about South Africa or by South African authors in preparation for a trip. So I gave Wilbur Smith a shotYeesh. It's amazing how primitive this book felt. So old-fashioned in the writing style and outlook. The main character is Sean Courtney. In the beginning of the book he's returning from a years-long elephant hunt, loaded down with ivory that he will use for the enrichment of his family. He's also got his young son with him. This book seems firmly in the camp that heroes [...]

  • Bettie☯

    Read By: John Cartwright Duration: 15:13Description: The game was war. The prize was a land. The penalty for defeat was death. A vibrant tale of war; of love and hatred between brothers, friends, father and son, and man and woman. The commanding figure of Sean Courtney, develops from the headstrong adventurer of "When the lion feeds", into a seasoned soldier and leader of men.

  • Chris

    Such a good series, I can't stop reading!

  • Tammi Morgan

    I am really struggling with this book. Feel I should have brushed up on my Boer War History before attempting this. So boring and confusing as to the ranks in the army. I am also finding myself annoyed with Garrick and Sean. The misunderstanding as to what happened between Anna and Sean is wearing thin and I am almost certain that only at the end will it all be resolved. Am still going to plough through, even though I keep falling asleep before I have read a couple of pages.Still didn't enjoy th [...]

  • Matthew

    I could not put this book down. The first book in this series, When the Lion Feeds, was an instant favorite for me. This book made me fall in love with the Courtney's at an entirely new level. Every emotion represented so clearly through a family I became so connected to.

  • Sandi

    While not quite as good as the preceding book, When the Lion Feeds, lots of action, adventure, and larger than life characters made this an entertaining page turner.

  • Swati

    I liked the beginning and I liked the end. The war was stretched out, though. It was difficult to care about.

  • Barry Flanders

    Great old time adventure. I'll be reading more in this series by Wilbur Smith.

  • Larry

    This Courtney Family, #2. Having starting (and enjoying) “Birds of Prey”, #9 , and then a number of the subsequent books in the series order – I think I got up to #11 – I went back to pick up the early ones I missed. To my surprise #1 and now #2 are set in South Africa well after #9!? I was looking for swashbuckling sailing ship or exploratory wilderness reads and instead I got the dropping, centuries later, into the Zulu and Boer Wars. Apparently these Smith works were written and publi [...]

  • Marie-Antoinette

    Die Suid-Afrikaanse Oorlog, of Anglo-Boereoorlog, van 1899–1902 vorm ‘n groot deel van die aksie. Die hoofkarakter Sean Courtney, ‘n amperse karikatuur van die alfa-man-held wat oral waar hy kom die natuur, vyande en beeldskone vroue ewe gemaklik oorwin, oorleef en ‘n vreemde stryd met sy broer, die skynheilige, haatdraende Garry, voortsit. Soos die verhaal ontplooi, kom allerhande vriende en vyande na vore, want Sean is geen diplomaat nie en mense hou van hom of haat hom; skynbaar is da [...]

  • Ale Rivero

    Un especialista en dramas este hombre, Wilbur Smith, confirmadísimo. Esta segunda entrega de la saga de los Courtney comienza en el punto que quedó la anterior, y vemos cómo Sean se enfrenta a todo lo que le depara el destino, encargándose del cuidado de Dirk, huyendo en cierta forma al medio de la nada, y luego luchando por defender su lugar. Y sinceramente, el destino no para de darle trompadas directas, ja. El contexto de la guerra anglo-bóer es perfecto para desarrollar los aspectos má [...]

  • Jennifer

    After reading the first book in this series, I wasn't sure I would read the second book. But book #1 ended on a cliffhanger, and I had to keep reading. I'm glad I did! I devoured this book in one afternoon and couldn't put it down!This book moves at a quick pace and continues the saga of the Courtney family. Dripping with emotion, it made me cry, cheer and feel angry - the ability to invoke emotions is a true sign of a good book, in my opinion. It also inspired me to research more about South Af [...]

  • MR Quinn

    Hot of the back of reading When the Lion feeds I don't think I have read a book as fast as this one.After my first taste of Wilbur Smith I decided I would continue on with the books having absolutely loved the first one.This book builds and moves in different tones from the first one and is very much a dedicated continuation of the first one. Fantastic second entry into the series and highly recommended.

  • spike marlin

    This is a good romp through a period of South Africa’s history. Most of the story revolves around Sean Courtney’s participation in the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). Of course as the hero of the story he always wins the battles, the girl, the money and everything else. Always with panache, daring, courage, and a little self reflection. A good read.

  • Michele Beltrame

    In questo libro c'è ricerca, e una quasi maniacale precisione storica che, mescolata agli eventi del romanzo, crea una storia interessante, coinvolgente e anche alquanto interessante per sapere un po' di più sul periodo della guerra anglo-boera in Sudafrica.Alcune descrizioni delle battaglie sono probabilmente un po' troppo lunghe e dettagliate, ma è perdonabile.

  • Andrea Casarotto

    Continuano le avventure del grande Sean.Un po' lento nella prima metà, ma nella seconda lo si legge tutto d'un fiato.Ottimo romanzo, intrecci mozzafiato e colpi di scena del tutto inaspettati.Wilbur non delude.

  • François Carrière

    Easy to read and a regular sine wave of ups and downs.

  • Danny Traub


  • Patricia Morrison

    GreatAttention to detail is great and it's never predicatable. I couldn't put it down. Great writer. Can't wait to start next one.

  • Jeremy Hopkins

    Approximate dates

  • IlBrutto

    The stakes are high in the second book about the Courtneys, really high.

  • Sushell

    Master story teller, but for me too much of male bravado, too much fighting and too many death.

  • Stephen Lee

    A decent read. Lots of action and easy enough to get through.

  • Wes F

    This book is Vol. 2 in Smith's Courtney Novels. Good read; Smith does a good job fleshing out characters and keeping a good pace for the conflicts & action of the story.

  • Marty Lainz


  • Donna Dieckmann

    Smith makes Africa come alive for me.A storyat is able to transport you thru time and eventsThat's a STORY.Thanks Wilbur

  • Pablos

    Załóżmy, że potrafię się zmusić do wysiłku, którego efektem będzie maksimum obiektywizmu z mojej strony. To raczej niemożliwe, ale załóżmy, że się udało. Wtedy podstawową myślą, jaka towarzyszyła by mi podczas lektury ciągu dalszego genialnej powieści powinna brzmieć mniej więcej tak: nie powinno się tomowi drugiemu wystawiać maksymalnych ocen, albowiem autor zgarnął już chwałę i szacunek przy tomie pierwszym. A teraz zwyczajnie kontynuuje doskonałą historię, w [...]