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Madeline at the White House
Title : Madeline at the White House
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ISBN : 9780670012282
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 48 pages

Readers will see Washington, D.C., as never before, when Madeline takes a midnight sightseeing tour on a magic carpet of cherry blossoms Invited to the White House by Candle, the president s lonely only daughter, for the annual Easter Egg hunt and roll, Madeline and the other little girls have a rollicking good time, and introduce Candle to the joys of occasionally breaki Readers will see Washington, D.C., as never before, when Madeline takes a midnight sightseeing tour on a magic carpet of cherry blossoms Invited to the White House by Candle, the president s lonely only daughter, for the annual Easter Egg hunt and roll, Madeline and the other little girls have a rollicking good time, and introduce Candle to the joys of occasionally breaking the rules With a bouncy read aloud text and gorgeous watercolor pictures, Madeline at the White House is in the best tradition of the beloved Madeline books

Madeline at the White House Reviews

  • Lisa Vegan

    Well, I have to first say that I m a Madeline fool I loved the original book and a couple others from the time I was three or four My father had to read them over over over over at my bedtime I loved the rhyming and the girls and especially Madeline As an adult I added Mad About Madeline to my book collection, and gave it and other Madeline books as a gift, so I couldn t resist reading this book.The negative The rhyming doesn t always quite work, although most of the story Well, I have to first [...]

  • Luisa Knight

    I didn t realize that Jacqueline Kennedy had a part in the writing of this book Apparently Marciano was friends with her and used her as a sounding board for a few ideas in the book There s some great illustrations in here Ages 4 8Cleanliness a girl seems a little bitter upset at the beginning of the book There is a magician who takes two girls out to see some sites in D.C Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break do I didn t re [...]

  • Shazzer

    As posted on Outside of a DogIn Madeline at the White House, John Bemelmans Marciano works off an idea his grandfather, the great Lugwig Bemelmans, had about sending the titular heroine to the white house to visit with the First Daughter In this case, Madeline and all of Miss Clavel s girl come to visit Miss Penelope Randall, nicknamed Candle because of a shock of hair that sticks up, who was as lonely a girl as there can be She never gets to see her father, is the only girl at her White As post [...]

  • Sarah Sammis

    Madeline at the White House by John Bemelmans Marciano began as a collaboration between Ludwig Bemelmans and Jacqueline Kennedy Marciano decided to finish the book as he did with Madeline in America.Miss Clavel and the girls are invited to the White House The president has a daughter who is about the girls age and is in need of friends and fun Madeline and the others are sure to come through.The girls arrive for the annual Easter Egg hunt and roll They quickly make friends with Candle, the Madel [...]

  • Aviecayl Uy

    A few months back, I read Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans, and was unable to enjoy it that much Now, I ve read Madeline at the White House by John Bemelmans Marciano, and unfortunately, I was unable to find satisfaction in it Again It s just that I find it hard to enjoy these books despite liking the show However, I would still like to commend the illustrations in this storybook The illustrations were pretty and were worth commendable.

  • Mickayla

    Grade range 2 5Genre Modern FantasyThis book would be super great if you were doing a unit on Washington D.C around Easter time I really enjoyed the content of this book, but it being a Madeline book, it just wasn t the same not having Ludwig Bemelmans illustrate the book But I would definitely use this in my classroom if the opportunity arose.

  • Ryan

    Madeline is always good for a story A lively and spunky girl However I love the background for this book His granddaughter writes it in the end It was a product of the author and Jacqueline Kennedy From start to finish this book is amazing.

  • Emily Kelly

    This was cute, but not as cute as the original Madeline stories

  • Bookworm's Nemesis

    I didn t realize this Madeline story was written by the grandson of the original It was an okay story and followed the same rhyming techniques which my daughter enjoyed.

  • Madeleine (Top Shelf Text)

    Review posted on topshelftextThis is the story of Madeline s trip to the White House, where she meets the President s only daughter, Candle, who most of the time feels lonely and bored Candle is isolated, but finds that she has a true friend in Madeline The girls take a ride on a magic tide of cherry blossom throughout the capital of our country, and readers get to see the sights rendered in perfectly enchanting watercolors Madeline at the White House was gifted to me by my m Review posted on to [...]

  • JaNeal

    I think this book is special for two reasons First, I loved the fact that this story was begun by Ludwig Bemelmans and Jacqueline Kennedy and finished by a grandson of Bemelman, John Bemelmans Marciano The later faithfully studied the life and work of his grandfather and then chose to bring the book out of the files and onto our bookshelves Second, I loved how Marciano filled the book with playful yet reminiscent illustrations of the White House and of the sites of Washington D C one of my I thi [...]

  • Carrie

    I must give praise to the illustrations of this book In Madeline at the White House, written and illustrated by John Bremelmans Marciano, Madeline and her classmates visit the White House with Miss Clavel Awaiting for them is the president s daughter, Penelope Randall, but everyone called her Candle for the curl that sticks out on top of her head Madeline and her classmates got to spend Easter at the White House, and the girls were becoming great friends with Candle When Candle expresses how I m [...]

  • Rosita

    This is a great book to help a child if he she is only child in the family and bring a heartfelt friendship John Bemelman Marciano made a bright and elegant pictures in the book In Washington, D.C Candle needed a friend to talk to and could be able to use her imagination She was bored in the White House school, she had a secret services Agent Downs to protector not to leave the White House Her mother send her letter to Candle, but she can t wait for mother s friend to come for Easter The This is [...]

  • Dolly

    This is a fun book for Easter that describes a trip that Miss Clavel, Madeline and the rest of the girls take to Washington DC to visit the daughter of the President The book is a loving tribute by John Bemelmans Marciano to his grandfather, and finishes a story that Ludwig Bemelmans began writing based on correspondence with Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961 and 1962 The illustrations are lovely and so faithful to the original stories and I love the author s note that explains the origin of the tale T [...]

  • Chantee Jordan

    From end paper to end paper a child is sure to learn about the most important House in America and our nation s capital Yet another book with a rhyming pattern, however it does not take away from the story the book tells from the White House Easter egg hunt to taking a ride over the Reflection Pool This is the first Madeline story I ve ever read but I can tell that children love her character She seems a little mischievous I enjoyed the illustrations as well, they seemed to have been d From end [...]

  • Allison

    Madeline is on another adventure and this time it is to visit another little girl who lives at the White House The young girl is very lonely, so when she finally gets to meet Madeline they become fast friends During their sleepover, the two girls get granted one wish by a magic Rabbit They get to fly around the city and visits famous monuments together Some of the many places they visit are the Lincoln Memorial, Dome of the Capital and the Washington Monument This book would be a great read Made [...]

  • Laura Metts

    Madeline at the White HouseI think that children would enjoy the stunning watercolor art The story have playful and energetic way about it The found the rhymes through out the story to be very interesting and I think children will enjoy the rhymes as well This story could be a great way to teach young children about the White House, such as who lives there and what type of business goes on there Some students may have visited the White House.Learning Experience With the teacher s help the ch Mad [...]

  • Christina

    Madeline has another adventure but this time at the White House The characters in this book travel to many places within Washington, D.C so I think I would use this book as a read aloud to show students some of the monumental places there It also shows that being a famous child is not all that it s cracked up to be, meaning that there are not all positives to being in the public eye Penelope does not have any friends in the White House, is not able to leave the house, and does not receive Madeli [...]

  • Sybil

    Madeline and her schoolmates visit the White House on Easter to the great delight of Candle, the President s daughter The illustrations are great following the emotions of the story The story behind the story is wonderful There are references to some of the landmarks of Washington D C The idea was that of the grandfather of John Bemelmans Marciano and his friendship with Jacqueline Kennedy Marciano s grandfather is buried at Arlington, on the endpapers Madeline and her class is seen lookin Madel [...]

  • Devon Henderson

    Madeline gets invited to the White House Easter egg hunt by the presidents daughter Candle, and has a wonderful time with all the other girls The girls introduce Candle to the fun of occasionally breaking the rules They played dress up, cards, had a lark, and told scary stories Madeline was sad when she had to go home but she made a new friend The illustrations are great and the story line is even better

  • Rachel

    Madeline came up in conversation earlier this week, so I grabbed this book off the shelf Perfect choice for a DC school It s been a long time since I read Madeline, and that s a shame The preschoolers fell under the spell of the writing The meter is just so soothing I was a little depressed that almost none of them could correctly name any of the monuments, but they ll learn just by living here, so no worries.

  • Jonathan Barnett

    The title says it all The President s daughter is glad to have Madeline and classmates to The White House The setting is Easter and there is also a nighttime journey through the nation s capital I love the seemingly simple drawings I read this back in 2014 with my daughter Later I read this in May 8th of 2016 on Mother s Day It was way of cheering up my daughter after the death of our cat, Richie.

  • Karen Dransfield

    Madeline and the girls have been writing to the only daughter of the president And she gets lonely so she invites all the girls to visit It s Easter and all sorts of adventures happen Ludwig had been writing with Jacqueline Kennedy and working on a story involving Jacqueline s actual daughter He passed away before finishing the story Another story done by the grandson of Ludwig from notes and ideas left behind.

  • Emkoshka

    Not the best Madeline book It felt a bit contrived but the endnote says that it was actually Ludwig Bemelmans s idea to have Madeline visit the White House and he was corresponding with Jackie Kennedy in the early 1960s to this effect I didn t get the rabbit magician in a fez, but I did enjoy playing spot the Secret Service man

  • Raffaela Infante

    I wasn t a big fan of this book The pictures weren t that colorful and they didn t draw me in They did go well with what each page was about As for the reading part, I thought it was kind of cute but definitely not one of my favorites I enjoyed the imagination of the magic rabbit and I thought that would be good for kids to read considering how big their imaginations are at that age.

  • Li

    I really love the additional detail Marciano gives these books He s doing what every generation should do improve on what he previous ones did Marciano has given new life to the Madeline series Love it My fav part was the first lady s letter saying the infamous lines of Madeline in an old house in paris covered in vines lived 12 little girls in Two straight lines Etc

  • Melissa

    Nice little note at the end I did appreciate that this was rooted in an idea from Ludwig Bemelmans files, but although the illustrations do a pretty good job honoring the original Madeline all that yellow those loose, loose lines , I m not sure I feel the same about the plot or the writing.

  • Jose Juan

    Madeline visits the white house and meets a new friend Her new friend is the presidents daughter It was during Easter Madeline and the presidents daughter had an amazing time There was even a magical moment when Madeline s rabbittook the girls on a wild adventure through D.C.

  • Inger Yoder

    I have always liked Madeline books This one however, probably isn t one of my favorites I do like how the book talks about making new friends and exploring and using your imagination I think Madeline books are great books to have around in a classroom.

  • Karen

    I loved, loved, loved the artwork It s gorgeous, sumptuous, absolutely perfect The story is fine The rhyming text made me want to bang my head against a wall It does not work, and is devoid of any of the charm that was in the original Madeline book.