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How to Trap a Tycoon
Title : How to Trap a Tycoon
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780380810482
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 384

The author of a bestseller on marrying a millionaire, staid sociology professor Dorsey MacGuinness transforms herself into a sultry bombshell to do research on the topic, never expecting to fall in love with one of her subjects.

How to Trap a Tycoon Reviews

  • Romantical Skeptic

    UmmmWHAT THE EFFING EFF??? Here was the main point of the book (as well as the book within this book) summarized in a few lines spoken by the protagonist:"How to Trap a Tycoon is a book that tells women how to go about getting nice things, things that they don't already have because they've been denied them by men."How has this book not ended up on the banned list for this nonsensical premise!!?? Surely this is a more dangerous book than Lolita ever was? It's basically saying that because tradi [...]

  • Caroline

    I lost interest in this book very, very quickly but made a point of struggling to the end, for no other reason than to analyse my negative reactions and compose an informed if not balanced review.The cover of How to Trap a Tycoon screams CHICK-LIT, as do the metatags on most of Ms Bevarly's long backlist of similar novels. The book starts off in character, introducing a cheerful and intelligent heroine who's holding down two jobs: Teaching assistant at a small women's college, and bartender at a [...]

  • Laura

    WOW. Riddled with mispellings and a blatant error on the back coverdid anyone even edit this piece of crap????

  • Jenifer

    A fun read, but with moments that didn't make a lot of sense.I liked the story in this book. It was fun and engaging with moments where I actually was curious about certain characters at times. Dorsey MacGuinness has a secret. She is the highly sought after author of How to Trap a Tycoon, only she would rather be known for her sociology work rather than that novel she wrote, which is why a pen name as Lauren Grable-Monroe is so important. As she is doing research for her sociology dissertation, [...]

  • Kelly

    This book was remommended and lent to me by a friend. It's about a girl who writes a "How To" book about bagging a tycoon. She writes it under a pseudonym and all the profits go to her mother. Unexpectedly, the book becomes a national best-seller, throwing her life into an uproar while she is trying to keep her pseudo-self separate from her work self, separate from her real self. I guess the overall theme of the book is self-discovery/acceptance. I also like the fact that the secondary character [...]

  • Kat McKay

    I only gave this book 2 stars because it had potential, but could have been better. First off, the over abundance of qualifiers, character asides and run on sentences was annoying. I can see how the author was using this as her style, but it was the equivalent of beating me over the head w/said style. Second, there are really two stories going on in this book, the one about Dorsey (the main character) and half way through she gets into Edie's story, which, in my opinion, was far more interesting [...]

  • Maira

    It's not the first time I have read this, but i will read it again and again every couple of years just to put that smile on my face and a little fuzzy romance in my heart. This is a fun book for entertainment value alone but for deep profound truths. The romance is sweet, the love scenes are not explicit, just enough comedy not to be a comedy and each character is developed just enough to keep the storyline moving. Another feel good novel by Elizabeth Bevarly.

  • Diah Didi

    This is my very first of Elizabeth Bevarly. The only reason I decided to read it merely because of the cover.But it turned out that the story was good, too.I always love theme where one of the character had to live a double identity. Guess it because of the adrenaline of being afraid of getting caught up. :)I'd give 4 stars for the story. But I really loved the cover so I gave it 5 stars. ^^

  • Marijayne Stegman

    A nerdy girl uses her flamboyant mother's experiences to write a book on how to trap a millionaire never imagining in a million years the impact it will have on her life. Loved the casual easy relationship the main characters fall into. Much like real relationships that aren't formal and structures.

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

    Dorsey is a struggling TA and bartender that writes a best selling "how to" book on how to trap a tycoon. However, no one knows that she is the one that wrote the book and would like to keep it that way. However, her publisher has other ideas.This is a cute book, fluff and not too in depth or hard to read. very enjoyable

  • Lauri

    I would have liked more with the characters interacting with each other rather than thinking about the other. The subplot was good, but I would have liked it to be faster paced. But it was a mindless read.

  • Sylvia


  • Hannah

    Very funny

  • Siany

    eugh. didnt finish, tried to but didnt like the characters unfortunately

  • Trudy Whatnot Books

    A light entertaining read.florida-houserater/p/11

  • Brittany

    Cute girly book if not totally predictable. Rom/Com.

  • Kim

    A fun flirty read.

  • Kevin Connery

    Another “hidden author” type book, where the author of a bestseller is actually someone else. In this one, the dialog and setup is classic screwball, and done quite well.

  • Amanda

    This is a quick and fun read, and great addition to any bookshelf, Elizabeth Bevarly doesn’t disappoint.

  • SueSchultz8

    I always love a quick go-to beach read. They are simple and fun. This is one of them.